NameFuneral HomeBurial DateTime of Arrival
Daniels, Joel D.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home1/29/20242:00 PM
Coardes, Mary L.William H. Clark Funeral Home1/22/2024
Bennett, Patricia W.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home1/22/2024
Williams, JanitCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home1/22/2024
Hicks, RonaldFamily Ronald Hicks1/20/2024
Hicks, RaymondFamily Raymond Hicks1/20/2024
Witcher, Lois D.Unity Funeral Chapels1/20/2024
Freeman, DorothyMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home1/19/2024
Jeter-Taylor, LindaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home1/19/2024
Richardson, JamesMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home1/18/2024
Parker, Asa L.Bullock Funeral Services1/17/2024
Aiken, DorothyBenta's Funeral Home1/13/2024
De Sosa, Maria E.Family Maria E. De Sosa1/12/2024
Ryan, ColleenVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home1/12/2024
Kelley, RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home1/5/2024
Parham Jr, Samuel R.Granby's Funeral Service1/5/2024
Rhodes, DarleneBenta's Funeral Home1/5/2024
Cona, FethiyeMichigan Memorial1/4/2024
Lvova, MayyaFamily Mayya Lvova1/4/2024
Hunte, JacquelineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/29/20231:30 PM
Marquez, IgnacioAlvarez Funeral Home 12/27/202311:30 AM
Nieves, AlcidesAlvarez Funeral Home 12/23/202310:30 AM
Williams, LindaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home12/22/202311:00 AM
Cabarcas, IsabelLouis Suburban Funeral Chapels12/22/202310:00 AM
Cheng, RockyFamily Rocky Cheng12/21/20238:00 AM
Stackhouse, RonaldVolk Leeber Funeral Home12/21/202312:30 PM
White, ClareenMadonna Funeral HOme12/21/20231:30 PM
Schouten, DavidBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/20/2023
Adams, JohnnyBullock Funeral Services LLc.12/19/20231:00 PM
Beckett, ChiffonGranby's Funeral Service12/16/202312.30 PM
Aultmon, VilethaLouis Suburban Chapels12/16/202310:30 AM
Jackson, ConradCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/16/202310:00 AM
Harrison, OctaviaOwens Funeral Home12/15/20231:30 PM
Lehaman, JantjeVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home12/15/20231:00 PM
Davis, FrederickVander Plaat Colonial Home12/15/202312:30 PM
Bautista, Jose G.Browning Forshay Funeral Home12/15/202311:30 AM
Lusane, JuanitaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home12/13/2023
Stewart, Demar L.Family Demar L. Stewart12/13/2023
Brewington, John L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/11/2023
Nelson, JacquelineRaymond L. Frost Funeral Home12/11/2023
Thomas, ReneeJohn B. Houston Funeral Home12/9/2023
Fisher, ReynellCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/9/202310:30 AM
Bermudez, RobertoFamily Roberto Bermudez12/8/202310:00 AM
Tabor, Garaline S.John B. Houston Funeral Home12/7/2023
Gray, Minnie L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/7/2023
Iler, Helen M.Vander Plaat Colonial Hoe 12/6/2023
Dennis, LillianBenta's Funeral Home11/30/2023
Rodriguez, JosephBizub-Quilan Funeral Home11/28/2023
Patterson, NormaGranby's Funeral Service11/27/2023
Jeffries, Vicky L.Hellenic Funerla Home11/21/2023
Blue-Gray, CameronRobert A. Waters Funeral Home11/21/2023
Walton, VincentJohn B. Houston Funeral Home11/20/2023
Bethune Jr, Mitchell A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/20/2023
Zelaya, ElidaLouis Suburban Chapel11/18/2023
Eaton, Talisha R.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/18/2023
Henderson, IrmaBenta's Funeral Home11/17/2023
Taylor, Billy Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/17/2023
Sampson, NancyCastle Hill Funeral Directors Inc.11/15/2023
Davenport, RobertCobbs Funeral Home11/15/2023
Myles, Laura Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home11/13/2023
Ortiz, Pedro A.Martinez Memorial11/11/2023
De Mancilla, Elvira C.Louis Suburban Chapel11/11/2023
Forbes, DorisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/11/2023
James, Mary J.John B. Houston Funeral Home11/10/2023
Garcia, Jose G.Browning Forshay Funeral Home11/8/2023
Hoitsma, Ernest J.Family Ernest J. Hoitsma11/7/2023
Van Tol, Rose P.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home11/4/2023
Watkins, Mary R.John B. Houston Funeral Home11/4/2023
Samiel, DannyVan Tassel Funeral Home11/4/2023
White, Lewis A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/3/2023
Staton, Sherman J.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/2/2023
Lopez, EthanMartinez Memorial10/30/2023
Dykstra, LenoreBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/30/2023
Timmons, ChristopherOwens Funeral Home10/30/2023
Parra, CarmenFamily Carmen Parra10/28/2023
Hutchins-Harris, Margaret D.Scillier Arnold Funeral Home10/28/2023
Meneve, Elaine A.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home10/27/2023
Prol, Beth A.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home10/27/2023
Rodriguez, CarmenScillieri Arnold Funreal Home10/26/2023
Pugh, Glenn E.John B. Houston Funeral Home10/21/2023
Van Dam, Margaret E.Browning Forshay Funeral Home10/21/2023
Valdez, Gustavo A.Madonna Funeral Home10/19/2023
Demarest, Ruth L.John B. Houston Funeral Home10/18/2023
Washington, IsadoraNesbitt Funeral Home10/17/2023
Curry, Sylvia N.John B. Houston Funeral Home10/16/2023
Taylor, Minnie L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/13/2023
Borgia, Phyllis E.Vander Plaat Colonial Home10/13/2023
Ames, EdwardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/10/2023
Carney, ViolaOwens Funeral Home10/9/2023
Robinson, J'son K.Unity Funeral Chapels10/9/2023
Ramirez, AidaLouis Suburban Chapel10/7/2023
Harris, Cranston N.Vander Plaat Colonial Home10/7/2023
Rauls, BarbaraFamily Barbara Rauls10/6/2023
Zhang, PeideFamily Peide Zhang10/4/2023
Gatling, MelvinJohn B. Houston Funeral Home09/30/202311:30 AM
Borduin, HelenVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/29/20231:00 PM
Kellum, JosephCamelot Funeral Home09/28/20231:00 PM
Southway, CorneliusVander May Funeral Home09/28/202311:30 AM
Pesapio, FlorenceFamily Pesapio09/26/20238:30 AM
Espinoza, DomitilaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/23/202311:00 AM
Ramseur, LesleighUnity Funeral Chapels09/23/202310:30 AM
Kanellis, ArgereVander Plaat Colonial Home09/23/20239:00 AM
Day-Boyd, RamonaUnity Funeral Chapels09/22/20231:00 PM
Manzaloui, SebastienFrank Patti Funeral Home09/19/202312:45 PM
Anderson, RuthannBizub-Quinlan Funeral Home09/18/202311:00 AM
Anderson, AlthiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/16/202310:00 AM
Gilabert, GaleFamily Gilabert09/16/20239:30 AM
Newton, CalebFamily Newton09/16/20238:45 AM
Aguilar, ReinaldoKugler Community Funeral Home09/16/202310:45 AM
Daniels, ChristineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/14/202311:45 AM
Martinez, GladysMartinez Memorial09/11/20231:00 PM
Hall, EricaMeadowrest Memorial09/11/202312:00 PM
Reid, MildredCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/08/202312:30 PM
Barber, Anthony J.Family Barber09/07/202311:30 AM
Willis III, John F.Feeney Funeral Home09/06/202311:30 AM
Willis, Elizabeth A.Feeney Funeral Home09/06/202311:30 AM
Wheeler, GloriaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/05/20231:00 PM
King, AlphonsoGranby's Funeral Service09/01/20231:00 PM
Thompson, JohnGranby's Funeral Service08/28/2023
Coles, TerryScillieri Arnold Funeral Home08/28/2023
Ferretti, Carmen G.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home08/25/2023
Prieto, AlbertoMartinez Memorial08/24/2023
Williams, Joseph H.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home08/24/2023
Jenkins, KyleBullock Funeral Services08/18/2023
Dumas, Joe L.Cotton Funeral Service08/17/2023
Rodriguez, Cono A.Santangelo Funeral Home08/17/2023
Hinds, Evelyn G.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/14/2023
Moore, Thomas D.M. John Scanlan Funeral Home08/14/2023
Smith Jr., JamesFamily Smith08/12/20239:00 AM
Jones, Dorothy M.John B. Houston Funeral Home08/11/2023
Vasquez, Joyce T.McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home08/11/2023
Chappell Jr., James E.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home08/10/2023
Vicente, JamesFamily Vicente08/09/20239:00 AM
Williams, Lewis B.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home08/09/2023
Lee, Hazel J.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/07/2023
Gonzalez, Gianpaul J.Santangelo Funeral Home08/07/2023
Hood, RubyUnity Funeral Chapels08/04/2023
Davis, Deonna L.Madonna Funeral Home07/31/2023
Albacete, AnaVander Plaat Funeral Home07/31/2023
Polito, MaryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/28/2023
Moreno, Antonio D.Family Moreno07/27/2023
MKinney, FrankCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/26/2023
Mullings, VinMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home07/26/2023
Mullings, LorettaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home07/26/2023
Savage, Jennie V.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/25/2023
Evans, GertrudeUnity Funeral Chapels07/24/2023
Mol, JacobaVander May Funeral Home07/22/2023
Cortes, AdamShook Funeral Home07/19/2023
Roman, CesarMartinez Memorial07/18/2023
Forbes, Don N.Family Forbes07/14/202310:00 AM
Cowie-Waithe, Kathleen R.Barney T. McClanahan Funeral07/07/20231:00 PM
Smith, StephanieOwens Funeral Home07/07/20231:00 PM
Hargrove, Willie B.Riverview Funeral Home07/07/202312:30 PM
Manning, MarieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/30/20231:00 PM
Wispelway, Helena J.Allwood Funeral Home06/29/20231:15 PM
Addison, RodneyJohn B. Houston Funeral Home06/28/202311:00 AM
Smith, Jennifer A.First Avenue Funeral Service06/26/202312:30 PM
Blakely, MattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/23/20231:30 PM
Berrios, NoeliaMartinez Memorial06/19/20231:30 PM
Koch, NancyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/17/202310:30 AM
McMillan, BrendaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/17/20239:00 AM
Parks, GladysR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home06/15/202310:45 AM
Zapata, Hugo A.Family06/13/202310:15 AM
Mallory, ArgentinaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/12/20232:00 PM
Oats, FrancesOwens Funeral Home06/09/20231:15 PM
Zambrana, ManuelFamily06/03/20239:00 AM
White, MaryBenta's Funeral Home06/02/202312:45 PM
White, MaryBenta's Funeral Home06/02/202312:45 PM
Gerald, AdaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home06/02/20231:30 PM
Yunker, JeanetteVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial06/02/202312:15 PM
Marshall, MargaretCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/01/20231:00 PM
Rivera, RosendoAlvarez Funeral Home05/31/202311:15 AM
Waer, Anna B.Family05/17/202310:00 AM
Hoffman, Ruth E.Family05/17/202310:00 AM
Faasse, Ralph E.Vander Plaat Funeral Home05/12/202311:45 AM
Garcia, MayraAlvarez Funeral Home05/10/202311:30 AM
Schotanus, MayFamily05/09/202311:00 AM
Roca, EngraciaConte Funeral Home05/08/202311:30 AM
McCray, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/06/202310:30 AM
Pressey, LearJohn B. Houston Funeral Home05/06/202310:00 AM
Daley-Sparks, AmirJohn B. Houston Funeral Home05/06/20239:00 AM
Eaddy, LindaBenta's Funeral Home05/05/202312:00 PM
Shearn, EllisScillieri Arnold Funeral Home05/01/202312:30 PM
Vigil, Raul G.Family04/29/20239:30 AM
Person, RodneyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/28/20231:30 PM
Guzman, JuanMartinez Memorial04/28/202310:30 AM
Hamada, AmaliaAlvarez Funeral Home04/25/202311:30 AM
Price, EugeneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/24/202310:00 AM
Pearson, MildredEarl I. Jones Funeral Home04/24/20239:00 AM
Roman, WagnerBenta's Funeral Home04/22/202311:00 AM
Griffiths, LindelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/22/202310:30 AM
Daniels, CharlesUnity Funeral Chapels04/21/202312:00 PM
Payelo, EvaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home04/20/2023
Funchess, Nettie A.Brooks Memorial Home04/19/2023
Perry, RaymalleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/18/2023
Sullivan, AnitaUnity Funeral Chapels04/13/2023
Mirrer, Doris L.Browning Forshay Funeral Home04/12/2023
Kardan, NuhaMichigan Memorial04/12/2023
Craig, MattieFamily04/10/2023
Baker, Leanora A.Granby's Funeral Service04/10/2023
Gardenier, Roger C.Vander Plaat Funeral Home04/10/2023
Diaz, MiriamConte Funeral Home04/08/2023
Richter, AdeleFamily04/08/2023
Navarro, Lucus E.Martinez Memorial04/07/2023
Greco, VittoriaVan Emburgh Funeral Home04/04/2023
Crocker, RobertFamily04/03/2023
Milliner, Majorie D.Owens Funeral Home04/03/2023
Shannon, JonathanFamily03/31/2023
Denizac, JospehFamily03/25/2023
Reade, Donald G.Browning Forshay Funeral Home03/24/2023
Benton, Pattie D.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/24/2023
Jones, Mae E.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/24/2023
McQueen, Robin D.Eternity Funeral Home03/24/2023
Hauser, David T.Family03/18/2023
Scott, Nathaniel W.Thomas C. Montera Funeral Home03/18/2023
Benjamin, Fred W.Vander Plaat Funeral Home03/18/2023
Hughes, ThomasR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home03/17/2023
Greendyk, EdwardVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial03/14/2023
Barbanell, CaroleFeeney Funeral Home03/11/2023
Marshall, PearlineKugler Community Funeral Home03/11/2023
Strauss, Eric A.Van Emburgh Funeral Home03/11/2023
Hatzel, BarbaraConte Funeral Home03/07/2023
McKinney, Donnell E.John B. Houston Funeral Home03/03/2023
McKoy, Cynthia A.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home03/02/2023
Wilder, BettyFamily02/25/2023
Rogers, JanetDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home02/24/2023
DeSantis, Rose A.Festa Funeral Home02/24/2023
Griggs, Clifford L.Lisa S. Dozier Funeral Service02/24/2023
Serra Jr., Alexander J.M. John Scanlan Funeral Home02/23/2023
Orozco, MariaMartinez Memorial02/23/2023
Koch, Harry H.Browning Forshay Funeral Home02/21/2023
Terry, ShirleyUnity Funeral Chapels02/21/2023
Tanis, BellaHolcombe-Fisher Funeral Home02/20/2023
Guastini, RosariaVander Plaat Memorial Home02/17/2023
Murphy, Rita R.Vander Plaat Colonial Home02/15/2023
Brown Jr., Mack W.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/13/2023
Bigica Sr., Anthony J.Shook Funeral Home02/13/2023
Lazo, Claudio F.Vander Plaat Colonial Home02/13/2023
Pais, JosephineScillieri Arnold Funeral Home02/06/2023
Hardy, Edward E.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home02/03/2023
Hardy, Betty W.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home02/03/2023
Trelles, JaidevMartinez Memorial02/01/2023
Quinn, Linda C.Petrik Funeral Home01/30/2023
Verracchia, Angelo J.Di Chiara Funeral Home01/27/2023
Richardson, Ida M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/26/2023
Wilson, IanR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home01/24/2023
Harris, Patricia H.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/21/2023
Bermudez, AniajhStephen J. Priola Parsipanny01/20/2023
Murray, Vonda A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/19/2023
Otero, ZoraidaMartinez Memorial01/18/2023
Suriel, Natalia B.Vander Plaat Memorial Home01/16/2023
Simon Jr., JohnBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/14/2023
Evans, EugeneFamily01/14/2023
Frazier, Chandra Y.John B. Houston Funeral Home01/14/2023
Washington, Julia M.Madonna Funeral Home01/14/2023
Almonte, Madelyn R.Martinez Memorial01/13/2023
Pooler, Karen C.Unity Funeral Chapels01/13/2023
Mondelli, LeonDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home01/12/2023
Nunez, VAlentina S.Martinez Memorial01/10/2023
Brown, MildredCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/09/2023
Brett, George A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/07/2023
Colclough, Nancy D.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/07/2023
Gleason, Dana L.May Funeral Home01/07/2023
Tsukuda, DanteBenta's Funeral Home01/06/2023
Dock, MargaretCarl C. Burnett Funeral Home01/06/2023
McBryde Jr., FrenchCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/06/2023
Brito, VidalinaVander Plaat Funeral Home01/05/2023
Rodriguez, FranciscoMartinez Memorial01/04/2023
Bushoven, Ann M.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial01/04/2023
Shearn, Betty A.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home12/31/2022
Benjamin, Ethel L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/30/2022
Bowman, Dorothy M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/30/2022
Vander Weide, FrankBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/28/2022
Alexander, Chauncey E.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/28/2022
Diaz, Raul M.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home12/28/2022
Williams, Jeffrey T.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/23/2022
Simpson, Neil H.Eternity Funeral Services12/23/2022
Bragg, DonnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/21/2022
Van Weiren, PatriciaTrader Funeral Home12/21/2022
Osterman, Zorka M.Family12/20/2022
Osterman, BarryFamily12/20/2022
Hicks, Lillie M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/19/2022
Brown, Donnie M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/19/2022
Magan, Justina N.Alvarez Funeral Home12/17/2022
Sisco, Roy R.Family12/17/2022
Sisco, Helen M.Family12/17/2022
La Rossa, GerardoFamily12/17/2022
Tuck, ZolaUnity Funeral Chapels12/15/2022
Todman, Gavin W.Cobbs Funeral Home12/14/2022
Flete, Julian E.Vander Plaat Colonial Home12/13/2022
Smith, Emma J.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/12/2022
Vander Wende, GertrudeVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial12/09/2022
Boulware, Janet D.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/06/2022
Carter, CarolEternity Funeral Services12/05/2022
Hilbert, Barbara A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/03/2022
Cook, IsabellCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/03/2022
Cruz, George L.Allwood Funeral Home11/30/2022
Cropper, CleveFamily11/29/2022
Pagan, Melania S.Santangelo Funeral Home11/29/2022
Harris, Edward N.Family11/26/2022
Trinadad, Maria E.Festa Funeral Home11/26/2022
Nieuwenhuis, Edward R.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial11/26/2022
Rivera, RamonMartinez Memorial11/25/2022
Ten Hoeve Jr., FrankVander Plaat Funeral Home11/25/2022
Thiessen, LucretiaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial11/22/2022
McCombs, Dawn A.Whigham Funeral Home11/22/2022
Mena, MariamFamily11/21/2022
Barbe, Mark D.Costa Memorial Home11/18/2022
Roberts, Joshua I.McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home11/18/2022
Mayo Sr., John W.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/17/2022
Green, EarlFamily11/15/2022
Stroughn Jr., HermanTrumbo Funeral Chapel11/14/2022
Washington, Ella V.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home11/12/2022
Lentz, MitchellScillieri Arnold Funeral Home11/12/2022
Blake, WilliamBenta's Funeral Home11/09/2022
Urena, RafaelScillieri Arnold Feneral Home11/09/2022
Pappacena, Frances A.Aloia Funeral Home11/08/2022
Flete, Ahlian L.Vander Plaat Colonial Home11/07/2022
Lombardo Jr., JamesVander Plaat Funeral Home11/05/2022
Gordon, Sharon R.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial11/02/2022
Meyer , Doris M.Vander Plaat Funeral Home11/01/2022
Shucai, AdnanMichigan Memorial10/31/2022
Taylor, Mavis R.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/29/2022
Murray, Karen Y.Unity Funeral Chapels10/28/2022
Bussie, LeslieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/27/2022
Maldonado, Isabel R.Alvarez Funeral Home10/25/2022
Fields, Diana M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/24/2022
Glover, Carol I.Unity Funeral Chapels10/18/2022
De Candelario, AdelaAlvarez Funeral Home10/17/2022
Batista, CatalinaRiverdale Funeral Home10/17/2022
Gonzales Jr., FelipeFamily10/15/2022
Nieves, Nereida R.Alvarez Funeral Home10/14/2022
Gonzalez, Cristina M.Alvarez Funeral Home10/12/2022
De Witte, TheresaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/11/2022
Sumter, RethaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/10/2022
Rhodes, EdwinBenta's Funeral Home10/08/2022
Pelligrini, Shirley B.Family10/07/2022
Pelligrini, Robert A.Family10/07/2022
Tsay, AdnanMichigan Memorial10/07/2022
Brewington, KeithFamily10/06/2022
Brewington, AnthonyFamily10/06/2022
Bates, GaitherBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/05/2022
Gay, Gary A.McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home10/05/2022
Spittler, Jane J.Vander Plaat Funeral Home10/04/2022
Bugg, Eliza J.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/01/2022
Quinones, Patrick J.Martinez Memorial09/30/2022
Hand, Robert W.Family09/29/2022
Africano, Lillian T.Buckley Funeral Home09/28/2022
Moses, EthelUnity Funeral Chapels09/28/2022
Drzymala, Mary A.Family09/27/2022
Fontalvo, Julia E.Alvarez Funeral Home09/20/2022
Okma, DebraVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/20/2022
Walls, Steven T.Browning Forshay Funeral Home09/19/2022
Franklin, Ruth O.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/17/2022
Rivera, Luz L.Family09/17/2022
Plant, CollyMickey's Sunset Funeral Services09/16/2022
Madison, RosalieOwens Funeral Home09/16/2022
Galway, James M.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/15/2022
Plumstead, Jake W.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/15/2022
Norman, VallieOwens Funeral Home09/14/2022
Phinn, Pearline E.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/10/2022
Presta, Carlos M.Family09/09/2022
Prommel, JeanettBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/08/2022
Lodder, Dorothy R.Browning Forshay Funeral Home09/07/2022
Giovanetti, YolaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/07/2022
Drzymala, Walter J.Family09/07/2022
Page, JasonFamily09/07/2022
White, Rosa M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/03/2022
Talsma, CatherineVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/03/2022
Harrison, Margaret N.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/01/2022
Coleman Sr., MingoCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/01/2022
Biggs, Mabel N.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/01/2022
Goldsmith, JacobG. Thomas Gentile Funeral Service08/26/2022
Crezzo, Charlotte A.Vander Plaat Colonial Home08/25/2022
Van Wyk, GladysVander May Funeral Home08/20/2022
Brown, EloiseH.T. McCall's Funeral Home08/19/2022
Howard, Clara B.Manke Memorial08/19/2022
Spencer, Betty A.Owens Funeral Home08/19/2022
Cordero, CodyScillieri Arnold Funeral Home08/16/2022
Dupree, Isa B.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/13/2022
Dupree, Isa B.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/13/2022
Serrano, Leo A.Family08/13/2022
Hinton, DeloresCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/12/2022
Wellington, StanleyMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home08/11/2022
McGill, BeatriceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/10/2022
Lopez, CarmenAlvarez Funeral Home08/08/2022
Orbegozo, Carlos A.Family08/05/2022
De Vries, Justus P.Vander Plaat Funeral Home08/04/2022
Stout, FrancesVander Plaat Funeral Home08/02/2022
Garrison, CristinaAmsterdam Memorial Chapel08/01/2022
Berrian, AnnetteBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/23/2022
Tinsley, Carrie M.Family07/23/2022
Abarca, JosephineMartinez Memorial07/22/2022
Hughes, EdwardBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/21/2022
Troast, Robert C.Vander Plaat Funeral Home07/20/2022
Goins Jr., ArthurNesbitt Funeral Home07/18/2022
Henry W., Vander Plaat Jr.Vander Plaat Memorial Home07/18/2022
Praileu, BarbaraMichael J. Grant Funeral Home07/16/2022
Hyatt, LouiseSmith Funeral Home07/16/2022
Gilbert, JuanitaBenta's Funeral Home07/15/2022
Kincholaya, InnaVander Plaat Colonial Home07/15/2022
Wilson, JoyceUnity Funeral Chapels07/14/2022
Ayscue, Georgia M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/11/2022
Gitters, LloydCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/09/2022
Agureyeva, ValentinaFamily07/09/2022
Flechsig, JamesGower Funeral Home07/08/2022
Morgan, BrendaInternational Funeral Service07/08/2022
Curatolo, Marcelle E.Trink-Faustine Funeral Home07/08/2022
Lee, Patricia A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/30/2022
Reed, JamesBenta's Funeral Home06/29/2022
Reed, ChristineBenta's Funeral Home06/29/2022
DeHaas, IreneFamily06/29/2022
King Jr., WilburtCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/28/2022
Pagan, AmarisShook Cedar Grove Funeral06/27/2022
Gonzalez, RubyVander Plaat Memorial Home06/27/2022
Davis, Cameron I.Eternity Funeral Home06/24/2022
Evans, Terence M.Boulevard Funeral Home06/23/2022
Dingwall, Alphonso L.Unity Funeral Chapels06/23/2022
Rogers, AliceJohn B. Houston Funeral Home06/21/2022
James, DaisyUnity Funeral Chapels06/21/2022
Jackson, Hazel L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/18/2022
Garcia, EduardoScillieri Arnold Funeral Home06/18/2022
Akisanya, OlayinkaMuslim Funeral Services06/15/2022
Cullins, Robert H.Owens Funeral Home06/15/2022
O'Neill, Maureen B.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home06/14/2022
Huntley, Phyllis ClaudetteCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/13/2022
Meachem, KennethGranby's Funeral Service06/11/2022
Thompkins, Julian C.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/10/2022
Davis, YvonneFamily06/10/2022
Pannell, ShirleyBailey's Funeral Home06/09/2022
Polo, TilciaiMartinez Memorial06/08/2022
Greenidge, REginaldBRC Funeral Services06/04/2022
Rodriguez, Maria H.Family06/02/2022
Lewis, FrederickGrace Funeral Chapels06/02/2022
Ayers, Brenston E.R.G. Ortiz Funeral Home06/02/2022
Lebro, Willdriel P.Martinez Memorial05/27/2022
DeMaria, SamuelM. John Scanlan Funeral Home05/25/2022
Ward Sr., WarrenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/24/2022
Negrini, Lorena L.Festa Funeral Home05/23/2022
Byrd, Monique L.John B. Houston Funeral Home05/23/2022
Loines, Alicia V.Browning Forshay Funeral Home05/21/2022
Matthews, Alice J.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/21/2022
Watts, BenedictFamily05/20/2022
Lopez, CarmenScillieri Arnold Funeral Home05/20/2022
Lopez, CarmenScillieri Arnold Funeral Home05/20/2022
Figueroa, Roman V.Alvarez Funeral Home05/19/2022
Watts, BenedictFamily05/19/2022
Riley, Constance M.Benta's Funeral Home05/17/2022
Gentile, MarioBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/17/2022
Coke, Alma B.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/14/2022
Lescheck, RichardFamily05/13/2022
Wallace, BlancheLevy and Delany Funeral Home05/13/2022
Schell, Anna G.Family05/12/2022
Trobunella, Helen D.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial05/07/2022
Weise, ElsieVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial05/07/2022
Lescheck- Gaza-, Eileen P.Browning Forshay Funeral Home05/06/2022
Murphy Sr., James W.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/06/2022
Onur, EgemenDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home05/06/2022
Geredino, PauloMoore's Home for Funerals05/05/2022
Harris, MaybellEarl I. Jones Funeral Home05/02/2022
Bleeker, John Y.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/30/2022
Benson, Mae E.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/29/2022
Goodwin, Wayne J.Unity Funeral Chapels04/29/2022
Vermeulen, BruceVander Plaat Memorial Home04/29/2022
O'Hagan, MargaretFamily04/27/2022
Veal, Sharon D.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/25/2022
Herriott, WillieJ. Foster Phillips Funeral Home04/23/2022
Randolph, CarlCaggiano Memorial Home04/20/2022
Conklin, AnnaVander Plaat Funeral Home04/20/2022
Collado, RoseVander Plaat Funeral Home04/20/2022
Pierce, Joyce M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/19/2022
George, KuruvillaG. Thomas Gentile Funeral04/18/2022
Thomas, Reginald R.John B. Houston Funeral Home04/16/2022
Irby, Gay G.Family04/15/2022
Irby, JohnFamily04/15/2022
Cotto, HarrietM. Jones Funeral Services04/11/2022
Kamper, Robin D.Moore's Funeral Home04/09/2022
Lee, FrancesJudkins Colonial Home04/08/2022
McClear, HartleyScillieri Arnold Funeral Home04/08/2022
Burns, Sally v.Madonna Funeral Home04/06/2022
Knighton, TrequanJohn B. Houston Funeral Home04/05/2022
Wiley, Marjorie M.Advantage Funeral & Cremation04/04/2022
Jefferson, Thomas A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/04/2022
Van Houten, Robert L.Family04/04/2022
Pitts Sr., Jimmie L.John B. Houston Funeral Home04/01/2022
Van Vliet, Getrude A.Fagan-Quinn Funeral Home03/31/2022
Bostic, ErnestSniffen Sagala Funeral Home03/30/2022
Cline Jr., JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/28/2022
Sommer, AnneloreVander Plaat Colonial Home03/23/2022
Baines, MattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/22/2022
Bacote, JosephBullock Funeral Services03/15/2022
Sneed, Melita M.Family03/12/2022
Stevenson, Catherine L.Family03/12/2022
McCullen, CoryUnity Funeral Chapels03/08/2022
Strachn, TressieGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home03/07/2022
Riche, MaryJohn B. Houston Funeral Home03/07/2022
Castro, PatriciaMichigan Memorial03/07/2022
Qasim, JihadUnity Funeral Chapels03/07/2022
Dixon, StanleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/05/2022
Salters, PearlGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home03/05/2022
Hook, JoyceRichards Funeral Home02/28/2022
Van Saun, JoanneVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home02/26/2022
Schlachman, EdwinLouis Suburban Chapel02/24/2022
Smith, Brittany J.Family02/23/2022
Valezquez, MariaMartinez Memorial02/22/2022
Colon, OlgaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home02/22/2022
Mack, Curtise J.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/19/2022
Bennett , Doris E.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/18/2022
Dreistadt, Wilma M.Keri Memorial Funeral Home02/18/2022
Clark II, Gregory V.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/17/2022
Fisher, Addelaide V.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/17/2022
Rinck, Anita N.Raymer-Kepner Funeral Home02/17/2022
Wade, MabelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/16/2022
Zungu, YelledthFamily02/16/2022
Almonte , Iris S.Festa Funeral Home02/14/2022
Sumpter, KevinOwens Funeral Home02/11/2022
Robinson, EllnoraPaul Lane Funeral Home02/11/2022
Davis, MildredUnity Funeral Chapels02/11/2022
Cona, HasanMichigan Memorial02/10/2022
Henry, LorrianePatricia A. Morris Funeral02/10/2022
Kohn, JoanneBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/09/2022
Williams, Marshall J.Unity Funeral Chapels02/09/2022
Battle , Jean D.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/08/2022
Borak, ArefMichigan Memorial02/08/2022
Diaz, RenaldoGutterman and Musicant Jewish02/07/2022
Roman, Sonia M.Louis Suburban Chapel02/05/2022
Cabello, AnitaMcCall's Bronxwood Home02/05/2022
Pitts, Judy A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/04/2022
Cornelius, Betty F.Joseph Duffy Funeral Home02/01/2022
Valle, Andrea P.Martinez Memorial02/01/2022
Faison Sr., William M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/31/2022
Rosser, BobbieUnity Funeral Chapels01/27/2022
Jones, MelvinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/25/2022
Brown, LinellBenta's Funeral Home01/24/2022
McGee, Elizabeth A.Vander Plaat Colonial Home01/24/2022
Petegrew, Edley G.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/22/2022
Massey, LouiseBenta's Funeral Home01/21/2022
Jimenez, ChristianBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/21/2022
Craig Jr., Tommy S.Eternity Funeral Home01/21/2022
Robinson, Lynda G.Caggiano Memorial01/20/2022
Berkley III, SamuelFamily01/20/2022
Rienstra, JeanBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/19/2022
Tranes, WilmaConte Funeral Home01/18/2022
Mitchell, RobertCushnie-Houston Funeral Home01/18/2022
Decker, Emily J.Vander Plaat Colonial Home01/17/2022
Reid Sr., JerryEarl I. Jones Funeral Home01/15/2022
Desruisseau, GardnettaBenta's Funeral Home01/14/2022
Ashmeade Jr., Colin J.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/14/2022
Hines, DanielEarl I. Jones Funeral Home01/14/2022
Shalakho, Adeeb R.Michigan Memorial01/14/2022
Halma, Barbara A.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/14/2022
Suarez, Jose L.Alvarez Funeral Home01/13/2022
De Jesus, Jose L.Martinez Memorial01/12/2022
Collado, Maria L.Vander Plaat Funeral Home01/12/2022
Winborne, Noris L.Pelham Funeral Home01/11/2022
Bugg, Mary F.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/07/2022
Wilson, AnnieGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home01/07/2022
Jerez, Jasmine F.Family01/04/2022
Moran, ManuelBizub-Quinlan Funeral Home01/03/2022
Johnson, OpheliaEarl I. Jones Funeral Home01/03/2022
Fisher, Addelaide V.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/01/2022
Ellgren, Betty J.Stephen J. Priola Parsipanny12/31/2021
Tolsma, Betty F.Vander Plaat Funeral Home12/31/2021
Percarpio, MargaretVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial12/30/2021
Kelley, Barbara J.Thomas C. Montera Inc.12/27/2021
Glover, CherylCobbs Funeral Home12/22/2021
Mayes, Robert L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/21/2021
Bukowski, EmmaChase Parkway Memorial12/21/2021
Blackman, Rachel E.Granby's Funeral Service12/17/2021
Tierney, RonaldVander May Funeral Home12/17/2021
Webber, Alfred R.Garden Hill Funeral Service12/16/2021
Stelpstra, AnnaRichards Funeral Home12/16/2021
Cabarcas, CarlosLouis Suburban Chapel12/14/2021
Borst, TrinaVander Plaat Funeral Home12/14/2021
Bozzeta, RosaFesta Funeral Home12/13/2021
Douglas, KennethJohn B. Houston Funeral Home12/13/2021
Mansfield, Willie L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/11/2021
Downswell, Rosaline V.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/10/2021
Smith, EllondriaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/10/2021
Stead, Walter L.Vander Plaat Colonial Home12/10/2021
Humphrey, Donald R.Jaqui-Kuhn Funeral Home12/09/2021
Jadeid, NimatMichigan Memorial12/08/2021
Brown, Terrilyn P.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/07/2021
Vailes Jr., Carlton D.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/06/2021
McNair Jr., Edker L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/04/2021
Barnes, Charquese D.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/04/2021
Sims, MarilynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/03/2021
Alvarado, SarahDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home12/02/2021
Coley, Douglas L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/01/2021
Blackmon, Alice M.John B. Houston Funeral Home11/30/2021
Vander Plaat, JonathanVander Plaat Memorial Home11/27/2021
Sciorra, MarieVander Plaat Colonial Home11/23/2021
Wiseman, AnneBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/22/2021
Loustan, Hanifa M.Michigan Memorial11/22/2021
Bermudez, Jose A.Martinez Memorial11/20/2021
Rizzo, Ruth D.Conte Funeral Home11/18/2021
Griggs, LorettaFrank R. Bell Funeral Home11/18/2021
Harrison, SallieOwens Funeral Home11/18/2021
Jimenez, Angel A.Browning Forshay Funeral Home11/17/2021
Gonzalez, RosaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home11/17/2021
Tinsley, BabaraApplebee-McPhillips Funeral Home11/12/2021
Johnson, JonathonMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home11/11/2021
Jackson, MaedellAna's Circle of Life Funeral Home11/10/2021
Kimble, MichelleUnity Funeral Chapels11/08/2021
Arallo, Marie A.Vander Plaat Colonial Home11/08/2021
Gambino, Russell C.Browning Forshay Funeral Home11/02/2021
Alston, DorothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/30/2021
Wright, BerniceBailey's Funeral Home10/29/2021
Mulett, YvonneRaymond L. Frost Funeral10/27/2021
Outlaw, Annette E.Unity Funeral Chapels10/26/2021
Gayle, Neville A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/22/2021
Reyes, MoisesScillieri Arnold Funeral Home10/22/2021
Moses Sr., Leonard C.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/21/2021
Butler-Patterson, Deborah L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/20/2021
Gordon, Eatha L.Andre F. Baker Funeral Home10/14/2021
Martin, Kathleen F.Browning Forshay Funeral Home10/14/2021
Vargas, Aracelis A.Alvarez Funeral Home10/13/2021
Walker, Barbara A.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial10/13/2021
Powell, Donald E.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/09/2021
Jackson, Howard E.Unity Funeral Chapels10/09/2021
Lotts, Howard E.Unity Funeral Chapels10/09/2021
Brown, Dennis T.Family10/08/2021
Johnson, Vanessa F.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/04/2021
Bell, NonnaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home10/04/2021
Ferrer, John A.Unity Funeral Chapels10/04/2021
Sumter Sr., RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/01/2021
Ahern, AferditaFamily09/29/2021
Howard, CynthiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/25/2021
Jones, Eric L.John B. Houston Funeral Home09/25/2021
Smith, Kent B.McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home09/25/2021
Johnson, Loreen A.McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home09/21/2021
Seabrook II, BruceRalston, Lippincott Funeral Home09/21/2021
Ver Duin, Janet A.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/21/2021
Crawford, TyroneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/20/2021
Campbell, Doxie I.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/18/2021
Reid, Shirley J.Madonna Funeral Home09/17/2021
Phifer, Robert J.Riverdale on the Hudson Funeral09/17/2021
Martinez-Rodriguez, EduvigesAlvarez Funeral Home09/16/2021
Moore, Nathan A.Benta's Funeral Home09/14/2021
Best, JenelleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/13/2021
Touw, AliceVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/13/2021
Robinson, RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/11/2021
Hernandez, MagdaConte Funeral Home09/09/2021
Majagah, NartMichigan Memorial09/08/2021
Notorgiacomo, JudithBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/30/2021
Felice, Nicholas R.Vander Plaat-Caggiano Home08/27/2021
Onik, Sergey A.Gutterman and Musicant Jewish Funeral08/26/2021
Deas, JeromeScillieri Arnold Funeral Home08/26/2021
Johnson, MercedesUnity Funeral Chapels08/26/2021
Shavis, JamesFamily08/24/2021
Davis, CarolynUnity Funeral Chapels08/24/2021
Scott, Marilyn S.Volk Leber Funeral Home08/24/2021
Hamersma, MarthaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial08/21/2021
Hamersma, JessieVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial08/21/2021
Lawrence, MelvinBullock Funeral Services08/20/2021
Plavier, Robert J.Vander May Funeral Home08/20/2021
Plavier, Robert J.Vander May Funeral Home08/20/2021
Vargas, NoahMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home08/19/2021
Santana-Marte, Francisco D.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home08/18/2021
Rulka, Thomas M.Silverton Memorial Funeral Home08/17/2021
Graham, PearlUnity Funeral Chapels08/17/2021
Forrest, Ruth H.Cochran Funeral Home08/16/2021
Clark, LottieMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home08/16/2021
Zalazar, Justa E.Family08/13/2021
Perry, James E.Nesbitt Funeral Home08/13/2021
Katherine, BranchUnity Funeral Chapels08/09/2021
Lampkins, LarniseBailey's Funeral Home08/06/2021
Steele, RosinaShook Funeral Home08/06/2021
Jones, MeredithCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/05/2021
McKenna, KathrynVander Plaat-Caggiano Home08/05/2021
Madrid, Pedro J.Vander Plaat-Caggiano Home08/04/2021
Villareal, MariaFamily08/03/2021
Hernandez, Francisco M.Martinez Memorial07/31/2021
Van Tol, CorinneMartinez Memorial07/31/2021
Vermeulen, Jerry M.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial07/30/2021
Greendyk, RuthVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial07/30/2021
Dominguez, Maria E.Martinez Memorial07/29/2021
Hutsebaut, Joan H.Vander Plaat Funeral Home07/26/2021
Casone, RandolphJohn B. Houston Funeral Home07/24/2021
Gadson, BenjaminCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/23/2021
Lennon, Antoinette R.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/23/2021
Boyd, Gilbert L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/20/2021
Cooper, HenryVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial07/20/2021
Nero, JennileCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/19/2021
Brown, Robert A.Unity Funeral Chapels07/19/2021
Meyer, John C.Vander May Funeral Home07/19/2021
Slater, Nathan G.Family07/17/2021
Hyatt, Judge L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/16/2021
Mack, SulfoniaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/15/2021
Rosa Jr., SalvadorFamily07/15/2021
Richardson, LucretiaBailey's Funeral Home07/13/2021
Williams, AnnaEdward D. Lynch Funeral Home07/13/2021
Mayo, MichaelGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home07/13/2021
Martinez, MartaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home07/13/2021
Williams, AngeloH.T. McCall's Funeral Home07/12/2021
Growney, JennieConte Funeral Home07/06/2021
Ashmeade , Michael A.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/03/2021
Chu, FlorenceFamily07/03/2021
Bracey, AddieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/29/2021
Bolding, WalaceMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home06/28/2021
Asnis, LiliyaFamily06/26/2021
Loprieno, CharlesFamily06/25/2021
Caraballo, Juan B.Vander Plaat-Caggiano Home06/21/2021
DeKorte, John H.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial06/21/2021
Cordreo , Jean C.Martinez Memorial06/20/2021
Shapiama, Maria L.Browning Forshay Funeral Home06/19/2021
Thompson Jr., JimmieFamily06/19/2021
Greenwood , EulaleeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/18/2021
Bonhag, Wayne T.Family06/18/2021
Mansillo, Fernando A.Family06/18/2021
Bolden, BarryGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home06/18/2021
Jenkins, James W.McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home06/17/2021
Castillo, LuisMartinez Memorial06/15/2021
Bowman Sr., RolandCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/14/2021
Mercado, Matilde R.Martinez Memorial06/14/2021
Van Wyckhouse Jr., JamesVander Plaat Funeral Home06/14/2021
Jimenez, AngelicaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/12/2021
Ashmeade, RosianCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/12/2021
Hargrove, JoeBenta's Funeral Home06/11/2021
Moore Sr., Alfonzie L.Eternity Funeral Home06/11/2021
Benbow III, Julius B.Family06/11/2021
Mamkej, SubhiaMichigan Memorial06/11/2021
Brown, HelenUnity Funeral Chapels06/10/2021
Ogando, Wilkin O.Family06/09/2021
Bowen, JacquelineMickey's Sunset Funeral Services06/09/2021
Gayle, Lorna V.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/08/2021
Ballard, Yvonne M.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/07/2021
Stokes, CatherineGranby's Funeral Service06/07/2021
Mcbride, GloriaUnity Funeral Chapels06/07/2021
Tatuck, AidaFamily06/05/2021
Benites, LuisMartinez Memorial06/02/2021
Mirrer, HelenBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/01/2021
Padilla, DiegoBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/28/2021
Pichardo, Leoncio A.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home05/28/2021
Nelson, VivianUnity Funeral Chapels05/27/2021
Bailey, Bobby E.Scillieri Arnold Funeral Home05/26/2021
Roberts, SarahUnity Funeral Chapels05/24/2021
Abrams, SusanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/22/2021
De Hass, GeorgetteFamily05/22/2021
Bezares, NoemiMartinez Memorial05/21/2021
Vasquez, EdgardoFamily05/20/2021
Sullivan, LouiseFamily05/18/2021
Williams, DeloresCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/17/2021
Mason, Icy B.John B. Houston Funeral Home05/17/2021
Van Der Wall Jr., HaroldVander Plaat Funeral Home05/17/2021
King, Levon T.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/15/2021
James, AllenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/15/2021
Traas, Leonard J.Vander Plaat-Caggiano Home05/15/2021
Williams Jr., CascoUnity Funeral Chapels05/14/2021
Adams, RaaseonJohn B. Houston Funeral Home05/10/2021
Diaz, HildaMartinez Memorial05/06/2021
Holmes, SharonUnity Funeral Chapels05/05/2021
Kasht, KhalilMichigan Memorial05/04/2021
Murphy, ColumbusCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/01/2021
Smith, MosesMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home05/01/2021
Jones, DwayneForever Funeral Home04/30/2021
Hewitt, AngelJohn B. Houston Funeral Home04/30/2021
Irizarry, BolivarMartinez Memorial04/30/2021
Peterson, CeciliaUnity Funeral Chapels04/28/2021
Wedderbourne, MichaelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/24/2021
Colon, WandyFamily04/24/2021
Brown, RuthNesbitt Funeral Home04/23/2021
Berrios, CarmenAlvarez Funeral Home04/22/2021
Greer, LorleneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/21/2021
Taylor, GertrudeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/19/2021
Cano, FernandoFamily04/17/2021
Urtega, JorgeFamily04/17/2021
Hamm, JacquelineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/15/2021
Goines, IreneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/14/2021
Cruz, PaulaAlvarez Funeral Home04/13/2021
Schofield, RichardFamily04/11/2021
Gonzalez, BetzaidaMartinez Memorial04/10/2021
Contes, MariaMartinez Memorial04/09/2021
Scullark, HoustonUnity Funeral Chapels04/09/2021
Benbow, JayneFamily04/08/2021
Bryan, LurlineScillieri Arnold Funeral Home04/08/2021
Allsbrooks, JohnUnity Funeral Chapels04/07/2021
Popjes, FlorenceBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/06/2021
Montoya, CarlosFamily04/06/2021
Soto, CarlosMartinez Memorial04/02/2021
Rhodella, WrightUnity Funeral Chapels04/02/2021
Monroe, GloriaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home04/01/2021
Jennings, SadieMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/31/2021
Rosado, JuanaAlvarez Funeral Home03/29/2021
Humphrey, ValerieFesta Funeral Home03/27/2021
Rink, ElaVander May Funeral Home03/27/2021
Olano, MariaAlvarez Funeral Home03/26/2021
Russell, MildredMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/25/2021
Bailey, TranieScillieri Arnold Funeral Home03/25/2021
Pryor, ClaiborneBenta's Funeral Home03/24/2021
Hughes, TonyUnity Funeral Chapels03/23/2021
Cardenas, DollyAlvarez Funeral Home03/22/2021
Lara, RosaMartinez Memorial03/22/2021
Jelahej, MohamedMichigan Memorial03/22/2021
Samuels, MarquiseCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/20/2021
Boyd, MarianCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/20/2021
Rose, StewartBenta's Funeral Home03/19/2021
Brittany, PowellFamily03/19/2021
Battle , LamontFamily03/18/2021
Thompson, EdithH.T. McCall's Funeral Home03/18/2021
Michos, HarryDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home03/17/2021
Harrison, JaquanJohn B. Houston Funeral Home03/17/2021
Rink, GladysVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial03/17/2021
Cobourne, ReneldaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/12/2021
Jenkins, RegeniaBullock Funeral Services03/11/2021
Gordon, GregoryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/11/2021
Yough, DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/09/2021
Alston, TyroneJohn B. Houston Funeral Home03/09/2021
Myers, MaryUnity Funeral Chapels03/08/2021
Nathaniel, McCrayCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/06/2021
Jenkins, LorettaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/05/2021
Banton, AliceGranby's Funeral Service03/05/2021
Page, BernadetteR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home03/05/2021
Deykers, JacobaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial03/04/2021
Anderson, BessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/02/2021
Lopez, CarlosR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home02/27/2021
Avenoso, ShirleyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/26/2021
Carmelita, FreetGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home02/26/2021
Botto Jr., WilliamBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/24/2021
Garnett, EwonJohn B. Houston Funeral Home02/20/2021
Rosa, ValentinVander May Funeral Home02/20/2021
Milliner, RoyOwens Funeral Home02/16/2021
Jonker, JohnD'Agostino Funeral Home02/15/2021
Brown, MaudeVolk Leber Funeral Home02/15/2021
Delgado, WilsonAlvarez Funeral Home02/12/2021
Onik, ZimanFamily02/12/2021
Matulewicz, ShirleyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/11/2021
Renato, FoschiniBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/11/2021
Brown Jr., BernardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/11/2021
Donald, ThomasFeeney Funeral Home02/10/2021
Floyd, WilliamMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home02/10/2021
Hobbs, ArthurBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/09/2021
Scarlett, LelekaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/08/2021
Dudley, DorothyJohn B. Houston Funeral Home02/06/2021
Coteron, DionisioBarquin Funeral Home02/04/2021
Young, OraOwens Funeral Home02/03/2021
Dekker, DonaldVander Plaat-Caggiano Home02/03/2021
Valdez, EduardoBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/30/2021
Alvarez, MiguelFamily01/30/2021
Donaldson, RubyGranby's Funeral Service01/30/2021
Connelly, JosephBlackley Funeral Home01/29/2021
Zeralli, MildredBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/29/2021
Morrell, YasminCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/29/2021
Adams, JoelTrinity Funeral Serivce01/29/2021
Bobby, Oden Jr.Family01/28/2021
Hayer-Hutchinson, TashondaPerry Funeral Home01/28/2021
McCrae, GeorgiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/25/2021
Brusnell, JosefinaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home01/25/2021
Boykin , CynthiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/23/2021
Hansen, ColleenFamily01/23/2021
Bolles, LillieLawrence H. Woodward Home01/23/2021
Javier , JaslinMartinez01/22/2021
Salcedo, RicardinaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home01/21/2021
Saulter, LeroyEternity Funeral Home01/18/2021
David, DorothyGaita Funeral Home01/18/2021
Brown, MorrisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/15/2021
Cervera, SylviaGranby's Funeral Service01/15/2021
Andrew, ElzingaVander May Funeral Home01/15/2021
Bennett, MosesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/14/2021
Bailey, SidGranby's Funeral Service01/14/2021
Velez, DavidBenta's Funeral Home01/13/2021
Taylor-Bascoe, KenyaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/13/2021
Perez, MariaConte Funeral Home01/13/2021
Friesema, IreneVander Plaat Funeral Home01/13/2021
Brown, KathleenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/12/2021
Piro, YolandaBrowning Forshay Funeral HOme01/11/2021
Castillo, SamuelMartinez Memorial01/11/2021
Castillo, SantiagoMartinez Memorial01/11/2021
West, BarbaraJohn B. Houston Funeral Home01/09/2021
De Bruin, DonaldVander Plaat Funeral Home01/09/2021
Carey, LauraBenta's Funeral Home01/08/2021
Young, JohnFesta Funeral Home01/08/2021
Rosario, LuisMartinez Memorial01/08/2021
Medianero, HaroldMartinez Memorial01/07/2021
Rodriguez, RosaAlvarez Funeral Home01/06/2021
McDaniel, HoustonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/06/2021
Velasquez, VirginiaConte Funeral Home01/06/2021
Donald, KuikenVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial01/06/2021
Lowery, RodneyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/05/2021
Sheila, HopkinsJohn B. Houston Funeral Home01/05/2021
Simon, MathewM. John Scanlan Funeral Home01/04/2021
Intorrella, ThomasineFesta Funeral Home03/23/202011:00 AM
Thomas, GeorgeUnity Funeral Chapels03/21/202010:00 AM
Middleton, NormanT. Carrillo Funeral Home03/20/202012:00 PM
Hoorebeke, MarionBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/19/20201:45 PM
Melendez, GloriaMartinez Memorial03/19/202010:30 AM
Solorzano, FernandoFamily03/18/20208:30 AM
Dekker, LoisVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/17/20201:45 PM
Fields, LoganCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/13/20201:00 PM
Wyche, ElizabethEarl I. Jones Funeral Home03/13/202010:30 AM
Leak, MaryEternity Funeral Home03/13/20201:00 PM
Tung, PercyFamily03/13/20201:00 PM
Thissen, HenryFamily03/11/202010:30 AM
Griffin, EvelynBenta's Funeral Home03/10/20201:30 PM
Pursley, JuliaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/09/202011:00 AM
Sharif, RizwanaMuslim Funeral Services of NY03/07/202010:30 AM
Bush, HelenVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/07/202010:00 AM
Pettiford Sr, FranklinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/02/202011:00 AM
O'Hagan, MargaretBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/27/202011:00 AM
Vodolagchenko, OlgaGutterman and Musicant Jewish02/25/202011:30 AM
Bazemore, DaisyUnity Funeral Home02/25/202012:45 PM
Knights, PatriciaBenta's Funeral Home02/21/202012:00 PM
Garcia, FelipeAlvarez Funeral Home02/19/202010:30 AM
Dixon, EldridgeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/18/202010:00 AM
Jacobs, DonaldCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/15/202010:00 AM
Donado, ElizabethMartinez Memorial02/14/202011:30 AM
Sutton, NormaWalter B. Cooke Funeral Home02/14/202011:30 AM
Geissler, MaryMoore's Home for Funerals02/13/20201:00 PM
Breen, DorothyAnderson and Campbell Home02/11/202011:30 AM
Baratta, JamesBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/11/202011:45 AM
Burns, HenryMadonna Funeral Home02/11/20201:30 PM
Wilkins, GradyMickey's Sunset Funeral Services02/11/202011:00 AM
Contes, JuanMartinez Memorial02/10/20202:30 PM
Talsma, RaymondVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home02/10/20202:00 PM
Moezelaar, HelenVander Plaat Funeral Home02/08/202010:30 AM
Gaschler, JosephGaita Funeral Home02/07/202011:30 AM
Otero, AntoniaLouis Suburban Chapel02/07/202011:30 AM
Colon, MaximoNesbitt Funeral Home02/07/202010:00 AM
Lopez, AlfonsoMartinez Memorial02/04/202011:30 AM
Tucker, FrankieFamily02/03/202010:30 AM
Botbyl, PeterVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home02/03/202010:00 AM
Perez, RosarioBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/01/202010:45 AM
Gordon, PatriciaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/31/20201:30 PM
Dawson, RachelBenta's Funeral Home01/30/202012:00 PM
Brackett, MargaretCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/30/202010:00 AM
Garcia, JacoboAlvarez Funeral Home01/27/202010:30 AM
Walker, RaymondCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/27/20201:45 PM
Nieves, JacobaAlvarez Funeral Home01/22/202010:30 AM
Camacho, LeonardoMartinez Memorial01/22/202011:30 AM
Chao, JoseMartinez Memorial01/20/202010:30 AM
Martinez, RonnyeFamily01/18/202011:00 AM
Vasquez, HeribertoFamily01/18/202010:00 AM
Bryan, CharmaineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/16/202010:30 AM
Frazier, JacquelineBenta's Funeral Home01/15/202012:30 PM
Seay, TiffanyGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home01/15/202011:45 AM
Session, EugeneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/13/202010:00 AM
Hinojosa, LourdesConte Funeral Home01/11/202010:45 AM
Gale, DorisJohn B. Houston Funeral Home01/10/20201:00 PM
Polulak, KevinVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/10/202010:00 AM
Gadea, SalomonBradley Stow Funeral Home01/08/202012:00 PM
McLean, ValrieManke Memorial01/07/202010:45 AM
Lewis, RussellFirst Avenue Funeral Service01/04/202010:30 AM
Onderline, JoanneD'Agostino Funeral Home01/03/202011:15 AM
Haro, FranciscoVander Plaat Funeral Home01/03/202011:30 AM
Muratore, FrankBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/02/202011:15 AM
Van Buiten, JohnVander Plaat Memorial Home12/29/2019
Walton, DorothyUnity Funeral Home12/28/2019
Williams, GaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/27/2019
Di Pasquale Jr., BennyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/21/2019
Anderson, TawannaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/20/2019
Hall, JustinaOwens Funeral Home12/20/2019
Staal Jr, EdwardVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/20/2019
Caban, DenzelCotton Funeral Home12/18/2019
Palacios, MariaSantangelo Funeral Home12/17/2019
Hendricks, BrendaJohn B. Houston Funeral Home12/16/2019
Kuipers, GordonVander May Funeral Home12/14/201910:45 AM
Dinardo, RoseVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/14/2019
Elam, GeraldineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/13/201912:00 PM
Baker, JamesFamily12/13/20199:00 AM
Josten, TheresaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/13/201911:00 AM
Lee, TaronaJohn B. Houston Funeral Home12/12/20192:30 PM
Brinson, LillieSantangelo Funeral Home12/12/201911:30 AM
Carter, DawnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/11/20191:00 PM
Williams, VeraBenta's Funeral Home12/10/201912:30 PM
Hendricks, BrendaJohn B. Houston Funeral Home12/10/201910:00 AM
Miller, ConnieBenta's Funeral Home12/09/20192:00 PM
McNair, IdaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/09/201910:00 AM
Wrice, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/07/201910:30 AM
Alvarez, JaimeFamily12/07/20199:00 AM
Nehrings, VirginiaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/30/201910:45 AM
Mc Coy, LindaFamily11/30/201912:30 PM
Santiago, GabrielScarponi-Bright Funeral Home11/30/201910:00 AM
Roney, MarieScillieri Arnold Funeal Home11/30/201911:30 AM
Piccinno, RitaVander May Funeral Home11/30/201911:00 AM
Kapotis, MichaelFamily11/29/20199:30 AM
Stokes, HazelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/23/201910:15 AM
Jerez, CarlyMartinez Memorial11/23/201910:30 AM
Davis, JushawnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/22/20192:30 PM
Smith, JohnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/22/20192:15 PM
Santana, IrisMartinez Memorial11/18/201910:30 AM
Siddon, EvaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/16/201910:45 AM
Scott, RubenFamily11/13/201911:30 AM
Van Sickell, EnricoBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/11/201911:30 AM
Tedeschi, MarieConte Funeral Home11/11/20199:00 AM
Nieves, SantiagoMartinez Memorial11/09/201910:45 AM
Ortiz, MargaritaShook Funeral Home11/09/201910:15 AM
Hilbert Jr, IrvingCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/08/201910:00 AM
Hummel, HendrikFesta Funeral Home11/08/20192:15 PM
Alston, LeonMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home11/08/20192:30 PM
Kearney, Mary JoVander Plaat-Caggiano Home11/06/201911:45 AM
Page, ThomasCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/04/201910:00 AM
Perricelli, NicholasVander Plaat Funeral Home11/04/2019TBA
Goodwill, MinnieEternity Funeral Home11/01/20191:00 PM
Seabrook, MaryOwens Funeral Home10/30/20191:15 PM
Jones, MaryNesbitt Funeral Home10/29/20191:45 PM
Gross, BeatriceBenta's Funeral Home10/28/20191:30 PM
Brooks, JuanitaVolk Leber Funeral Home10/28/201912:30 PM
Cooper, JozinaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/26/201912:00 PM
Wimberly, IdaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/19/201910:15 AM
McLean, OmarCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/19/201910:45 AM
Kirk, PaulineOwens Funeral Home10/19/201910:30 AM
Rhoden, PetraEternity Funeral Home10/18/201912:00 PM
De Vitus, FrankVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/12/201910:00 AM
Prado, OlgaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/11/201911:30 AM
Gass, BettyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/10/201912:45 PM
Smith, BarbaraOwens Funeral Home10/08/20191:45 PM
Bruins, RenaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/08/201911:15 AM
Adams, PattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/07/201910:00 AM
Lee Jr, AndreHills Funeral Services10/04/20191:30 PM
Clark, RoyEarl I. Jones Funeral Home10/01/201910:00 AM
Davis, NildaBongarzone Funeral Home09/30/201911:00 AM
Milewski, DorothyVander Plaat-Caggiano Home09/30/201911:45 AM
Cruzado, RosaFamily09/28/201910:00 AM
David, DarleneOwens Funeral Home09/28/201910:45 AM
Langer, LindaKamienski Funeral Home09/27/201910:30 AM
Foster, DeniseRoss-Roden Funeral Home09/26/201912:45 PM
Greene, IdaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home09/24/20191:00 PM
Evans, RahsaanGranby's Funeral Service09/23/201910:30 AM
Pitts, HerbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/14/201910:30 AM
Moore, ThelmaBenta's Funeral Home09/13/20192:00 PM
McBride, MaryBenta's Funeral Home09/09/20191:00 PM
McCray, XavierCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/07/201910:00 AM
Goins, MaryNesbitt Funeral Home08/29/201910:30 AM
Bresina, DonnaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/24/201910:00 AM
Hall, KevinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/24/201910:30 AM
Bulls, MauriceMacagna Diffly Onorato Home08/24/201910:00 AM
Rowe, CharleneMcCall's Bronxwood Home08/24/201910:30 AM
Kuzviwanza, JohnSmith Funeral Home08/23/201910:00 AM
Malloy, GeraldineThomas C. Montera Funeral Home08/20/201911:30 AM
Branch Jr, FloydUnity Funeral Chapels08/17/20192:00 PM
Ryke, RitaPetrik Funeral Home08/16/201911:30 AM
McIntyre, HenryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/12/201911:00 AM
Harutyunyan, ArtyomVander Plaat-Caggiano Home08/10/201910:30 AM
Clay, ClaraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/09/20192:00 PM
Jackson, RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/09/20191:45 PM
Dykstra, GarryCremation Society of NJ08/09/20198:30 AM
Lewis, JosephFamily08/09/201912:00 PM
Lopez, CesarMartinez Memorial08/08/201910:30 AM
Craig, MargaretVander Plaat Funeral Home08/08/201911:00 AM
Van Der Eems Jr, CharlesBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/07/201911:30 AM
Burke, ShirleyBenta's Funeral Home08/03/201910:30 AM
Joe, EddieBenta's Funeral Home08/03/201910:30 AM
Burke, ShirleyBenta's Funeral Home08/03/201910:30 AM
Zelaya, MarlowR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home08/02/201911:00 AM
Goudsward, GilbertVander May Funeral Home08/01/201912:15 PM
De Jong, RandallLombardi Funeral Home07/31/201911:45 AM
Jacobs, DoreathaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/19/201912:45 PM
Milisenda, RoseFamily07/18/201912:00 PM
Poehler, RichardBecker Funeral Home07/13/201910:30 AM
Williams Jr., StanleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/13/201910:00 AM
DeVries, LambertVander Plaat Funeral Home07/13/201910:00 AM
Barbieri, TeresaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home07/13/201910:45 AM
Barber, GeorgeBenta's Funeral Home07/11/201912:30 PM
Drakeford, OliverCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/11/20192:00 PM
Munk Jr., WalterMadonna Funeral Home07/08/201912:45 PM
Vandenberg, StanleyVander Plaat Funeral Home07/08/20199:30 AM
Dronette, AlbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/06/201910:45 AM
Weise, EdwardVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home07/06/201912:00 PM
Battle, MargoFamily07/05/201912:00 PM
Stamps, LisaFerguson-Rayam Funeral Home07/05/20192:00 PM
Gordon, CecyliaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/03/201911:15 AM
DeBarbieri, LoetitiaFamily07/02/201911:00 AM
Rosa, AristidesAlvarez Funeral Home06/29/201910:00 AM
Swails, KyR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home06/28/20191:00 PM
Moore, EllaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home06/28/20191:15 PM
Hoogmoed, EvelynVander May Funeral Home06/28/201912:45 PM
George, KevaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/22/201912:00 PM
Hollar, JoyVander Plaat-Caggiano Home06/22/201910:45 AM
Kimball Jr., EdwardVander Plaat-Caggiano Home06/21/201911:45 AM
Bolling, MyrtleGranby's Funeral Service06/19/201911:00 AM
Artsma, EileenBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/15/201910:45 AM
Taylor, ToussaintCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/15/201910:30 AM
Moses, PauletteCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/12/20191:30 PM
Campbell, ReginaldCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/10/201910:00 AM
Helder, TheodoreVander Plaat-Caggiano Home06/04/201911:15 AM
Flowers, BeverlyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/03/201910:00 AM
Kline, CorinneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/03/201912:45 PM
, Annual FUN WALKAnnual FUN WALK05/29/20198:30 AM
Berkley, DorothyClarence B. Wright Funeral Home05/29/20191:00 PM
Makhlin, KathrynFamily05/29/20192:45 PM
Galicia, EvanMartinez Memorial05/29/20192:30 PM
McDuffie, NeomiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/24/20191:30 PM
McCrae, TatianaFamily05/22/201912:30 PM
Moharita, LaszloFamily05/21/20199:30 AM
Williams, WillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/20/20199:00 AM
Brown, ClaraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/16/20191:15 PM
Gray, CraigFamily05/11/201910:30 AM
Fernandez, MariaFamily05/11/201910:00 AM
Robinson, FrederickGranby's Funeral Service05/11/20191:00 PM
Dillard, BookerUnity Funeral Chapels05/09/201911:00 AM
Gist Jr, HenryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/08/20192:15 PM
Tippett, RosemaryVander May Funeral Home05/08/201912:15 PM
King, EmmaFrank R. Bell Funeral Home05/07/201911:30 AM
White, KennethFrank R. Bell Funeral Home05/07/201911:30 AM
Wilson, LindaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/06/201910:45 AM
Jackson, PearlCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/06/201911:30 AM
Shearn, JoyceScillieri Arnold Funeral Home05/04/201911:45 AM
Botto, AliceBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/03/201911:00 AM
Snyder, ErnestWright Ford Family Funeral Home05/03/20191:00 PM
Maldonado, CarmenMartinez Memorial05/02/20192:00 PM
Montero, JustinMartinez Memorial05/02/201910:30 AM
Arnold, AudreyBenta's Funeral Home05/01/20191:30 PM
Leak, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/27/201910:30 AM
Hogan, MarvelMickey's Sunset Funeral Home04/27/201910:45 AM
Williams, LorettaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/26/20191:45 PM
Toribio, CamilaMartinez Memorial04/22/20192:00 PM
Kingwood, LoedithCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/20/201910:45 AM
Parker, HoraceEarl I. Jones Funeral Home04/20/201912:30 PM
Gaffney III, WilliamVander Plaat-Caggiano Home04/20/201910:30 AM
Jett, RalphLewis Funeral Home04/19/20192:00 PM
Mims Sr, WillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/18/20192:00 PM
Ackerman, ClaudiaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/17/201912:00 PM
Johnson, JaneUnity Funeral Chapels04/16/201911:30 AM
Molendyk, BerthaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/15/201911:15 AM
Watson, AdalineOwens Funeral Home04/15/20191:15 PM
Mabin, TommieR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home04/15/20192:00 PM
Islam, SameerahUnity Funeral Chapels04/09/201912:00 PM
McDaniel, WillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/06/201910:00 AM
Byfield, DevonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/06/201911:45 AM
Kuiken, KathrynVander May Funeral Home04/02/201910:45 AM
Dixon, NoraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/01/20199:00 AM
Manning, PetronellaMajestic Funeral Home04/01/2019TBA
Floyd, RhodaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/30/20191:00 PM
Adderley, JosephRiverside Memorial Chapels03/29/201911:45 AM
Otte, RichardFamily03/28/20199:00 AM
Boniecki, StanleyFamily03/28/20199:00 AM
Boniecki, WandaFamily03/28/20199:00 AM
Bryant, LuveniaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/27/201912:30 PM
Phillips Jr, ElijahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/26/201911:00 AM
Irizarry, EdwinRiverdale Funeral Home03/23/201910:45 AM
Dursema, ElsieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/20/201912:45 PM
Youssef, HilmiMichigan Memorial03/19/20191:15 PM
Warner, GregoryVolk Leber Funeral Home03/19/201911:00 AM
Perez, GuillermoMartinez Memorial03/18/201911:30 AM
Manley, CoraleeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/16/201910:30 AM
Fields, MinnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/16/201910:45 AM
Brown Jr, HerbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/16/20199:30 AM
Perez, AnaMartinez Memorial03/16/201910:30 AM
Velasquez, ChristineR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home03/16/201910:45 AM
Clarence, McKayOwens Funeral Home03/15/20192:00 PM
Bailey, RodneyOwens Funeral Home03/15/20191:30 PM
Anderson, JohnPorta Coeli San German Home03/15/201911:00 AM
Johnson, KierraUnity Funeral Chapels03/15/201910:30 AM
Williams, BarbaraBenta's Funeral Home03/14/20192:30 PM
DeMartini, KarenVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/12/201912:00 PM
Malave, CarlosAlvarez Funeral Home03/09/201910:30 AM
Gersimenko, LeonidDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home03/06/201911:45 AM
Figueroa, CarmenAlvarez Funeral Home03/05/201910:30 AM
Jefferson, CatherineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/05/20192:30 PM
Burwell, GeorgeGranby's Funeral Service03/05/201911:00 AM
Ashley, CynthiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/02/201910:00 AM
Buie, GenneaneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/02/20199:30 AM
Gonzalez, WilfredoAlvarez Funeral Home03/01/201911:00 AM
Holbrook, LueveniaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/01/20191:45 PM
Crews, MargaretNesbitt Funeral Home03/01/201911:00 AM
Baruth, CarolineThe Morrison Funeral Home02/28/201911:30 AM
Baruth, MichaelThe Morrison Funeral Home02/28/201911:30 AM
Van Rensalier, CarolCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/26/201912:45 PM
March, ElaineScillieri Arnold Funeral Home02/26/20192:00 PM
Van Slooten, RuthBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/25/201910:30 AM
Barrow, UmbertoEternity Funeral Home02/25/20191:00 PM
Burnside, LindaBullock Funeral Services02/23/201910:30 AM
Mays, SheilaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/23/201910:00 AM
Reed, ThelmaH.T. McCall's Funeral Home02/23/201910:00 AM
Heringslack, IreneFamily02/22/20192:00 PM
Correa, CarmenMartinez Memorial02/22/201910:30 AM
Williams, CharlotteScillieri Arnold Funeral Home02/21/201910:00 AM
Vargas Sr., LuisVolk Leber Funeral Home02/14/20191:15 PM
Jones, DeborahRiverdale Funeral Home02/13/201910:30 AM
Black, EdnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/09/201911:30 AM
Guevara, CelinaFesta Funeral Home02/09/201910:45 AM
Marmol, DoloresScillieri Arnold Funeral Home02/09/20199:00 AM
Spradley, WalterT. Carrillo Funeral Home02/09/201912:00 PM
Sayor, JeanetteVander Plaat-Caggiano Home02/08/201912:30 PM
Sakal, ClaraVander May Funeral Home02/06/201911:00 AM
Debenedictis, RobertVander Plaat Memorial Home02/06/201912:45 PM
Willoughby, JamesFamily02/04/20191:00 PM
Van Dyk, MargrettaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home02/04/20199:00 AM
Koster, MaryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/02/201910:00 AM
Vilca, MariaFamily02/01/20191:00 PM
Ash, JuanitaUnity Funeral Chapels02/01/20192:00 PM
Solomon, SydneyOwens Funeral Home01/30/20191:00 PM
Baker, CatherineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/29/20191:45 PM
Dunn, DanielGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home01/29/201911:30 AM
Bryant, BarbaraUnity Funeral Chapels01/29/201912:45 PM
Fulton, DeniseCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/28/20192:00 PM
Mynders, JohannaDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home01/28/20192:30 PM
Holloway, CynthiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/26/20199:00 AM
Shedrick, ThelmaUnity Funeral Chapels01/26/201910:30 AM
Holifield, JosephUnity Funeral Chapels01/25/20192:00 PM
Bell, MabelH.T. McCall's Funeral Home01/23/20191:30 PM
Samuels Jr., PatrickCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/22/20191:30 PM
Basta, JeannetteBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/21/201910:45 AM
Serrano, JuanAlvarez Funeral Home01/19/201910:30 AM
Sanders, BettyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/19/201910:45 AM
Torres, ElizabethFamily01/19/20199:45 AM
Best, MildredBenta's Funeral Home01/18/20191:30 PM
Wilkerson, SidneyBenta's Funeral Home01/18/20191:30 PM
Mobley, EvelynFamily01/18/201910:00 AM
Castella, JoseVolk Leber Funeral Home01/18/20191:45 PM
Tourse, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/14/20199:00 AM
Ossman, NourMichigan Memorial01/14/201912:30 PM
Williams, MoniqueCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/12/201910:30 AM
Martinez, SusanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/12/201912:30 PM
Adams, RafaelaConte Funeral Home01/12/201911:00 AM
Dello Russo, FloraBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/10/201910:45 AM
Boyd, SylvesterUnity Funeral Chapels01/09/20191:00 PM
Vogel, RichardM. John Scanlan Funeral Home01/08/20191:00 PM
Nieves, IsabelMartinez Memorial01/08/201911:30 AM
Allsbrooks, BerthaUnity Funeral Chapels01/08/201910:30 AM
Wilson, FannieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/07/20191:45 PM
Van Oudenaren, ClaraBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/05/201910:45 AM
McClam Jr., WilburCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/05/20199:00 AM
Rosado, AnaMartinez Memorial01/05/201910:45 AM
Hoilett, AvianaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home01/05/201910:30 AM
Hernandez, JoseBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/03/201911:30 AM
McClurkin, HerbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/03/201912:00 PM
Faber, DorothyVander May Funeral Home01/03/201911:20 AM
Febres, VictorCotton Funeral Home01/02/20191:45 PM
Shamael, DotiMichigan Memorial01/02/201912:45 PM
Matthews, CecilCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/29/20189:00 AM
Thompson, LoisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/29/201810:45 AM
Jenkins, GraceMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home12/28/20182:00 PM
Gayle, GregoryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/21/201811:30 AM
Gibbs, PerryScillieri Arnold Funeral Home12/21/201810:00 AM
Moreno, SamaraDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home12/20/201811:45 AM
Pacos, LouiseVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/13/201810:45 AM
Balfour, EllenVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/13/201812:15 PM
Plavier, BarbaraFamily12/11/201810:30 AM
Thompson, DanielleBenta's Funeral Home12/10/20181:30 PM
George, DorothyMay Funeral Home12/10/201811:00 AM
Freckleton, SetiraVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/08/2018TBA
Debreaux, LashawnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/03/20182:00 PM
Simone, JohannaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/01/201810:45 AM
Flowers, JuliaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/01/201810:00 AM
WIlliams, AkeanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/01/20189:00 AM
Ortiz , MiriamMartinez Memorial12/01/201810:00 AM
Knight Sr., EllisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/30/20181:45 PM
Cafuli, MirjanDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home11/30/201810:00 AM
Logan, JeanFrank R. Bell Funeral Home11/30/20181:30 PM
Dykstra, CarmellaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/29/201812:15 PM
Santana, IsabelScillieri Arnold Funeral Home11/29/201811:15 AM
Godwin Sr., TimothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/27/201812:45 PM
Drakeford, GeorgianaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/24/201810:30 AM
Montanez, FranciscoDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home11/24/201810:45 AM
Gill, YounesBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/23/201811:30 AM
Jennings, McKenzieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/21/201811:15 AM
Gipson, LucilleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/20/20181:00 PM
Williams, LillieEternity Funeral Home11/19/20181:00 PM
Gordon, CorrineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/17/20189:00 AM
McKinney, AlberthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/17/201811:20 AM
Carter, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/16/20182:00 PM
Massie, BeatriceOwens Funeral Home11/16/20181:45 PM
Kreil, DonaldVander Plaat Funeral Home11/16/201810:00 AM
Jones, SeconiaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home11/15/201811:45 AM
Breen, JohnVander Plaat Memorial Home11/14/20181:30 PM
Ortiz, CarmenDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home11/10/201811:15 AM
Brown, PatrickScillieri Arnold Funeral Home11/10/201811:45 AM
Frierson, MarkCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/09/20182:00 PM
Densley, GeorgeGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home11/08/201811:00 AM
McDaniel, RemillaUnity Funeral Chapels11/08/20181:00 PM
Brandes Jr., RichardBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/01/201810:45 AM
Robles, YgnacioAlvarez Funeral Home10/31/201810:30 AM
Shannon, ChristineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/27/201810:30 AM
Roosma, GerardaM. John Scanlan Funeral Home10/26/201811:00 AM
Domine, AdrianBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/23/201811:45 AM
Harley, WandaNesbitt Funeral Home10/22/201810:45 AM
Van Wyckhouse, DorisBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/20/201810:30 AM
Maldonado Jr., AlfredoLouis Suburban Chapel10/20/201811:30 AM
Minimi, AnnaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home10/20/201811:00 AM
Monsma, GeraldineVander Plaat Funeral Home10/20/201810:00 AM
Garcia, WendyFamily10/19/20181:00 PM
Jones, OthaleeGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home10/19/20182:00 PM
Stibely, MariaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/17/20181:00 PM
Conley, JanetDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home10/13/201811:00 AM
Marchant, JeanVander May Funeral Home10/13/201811:15 AM
Jakubek, AnthonyConte Funeral Home10/12/201811:30 AM
Priven, IgorFamily10/10/201811:00 AM
Robinson, VeraPatricia A. Morris Funeral Chapels10/09/20181:30 PM
Goar, LeroyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/06/20189:00 AM
Weber, NormaFamily10/06/20189:00 AM
Gribbin, GretchenBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/05/201811:00 AM
Cifuentes, GuillermoDangler Funeral Home10/04/201811:45 AM
Wiltshire, SadieGuarino Funeral Home10/02/201812:00 PM
Crawley, BarryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/29/201812:30 PM
Wilson, KeithUnity Funeral Chapels09/29/201810:00 AM
Wilkerson, RichardBenta's Funeral Home09/28/20182:45 PM
Polek, ZoeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/28/20182:30 PM
Polek, ChloeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/28/20182:30 PM
Orr, LucilleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/28/20182:00 PM
Saylor, DorothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/28/201811:30 AM
Croskey, RaymondOwens Funeral Home09/28/20181:45 PM
Bentley, ChristopherFamily09/26/20182:00 PM
Farrar, JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/22/20188:45 AM
Lopez, DanielBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/21/201812:15 PM
Prommel, GregoryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/20/20181:30 PM
Pitts, FrancesJohn B. Houston Funeral Home09/20/20181:00 PM
Rowe, DeborahFamily09/18/201812:00 PM
Rowe, AngelusFamily09/18/201812:00 PM
Robinson, LillianGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home09/18/20181:00 PM
O'Neal, LelaEternity Funeral Home09/17/20182:00 PM
Howe, PaulaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/15/201810:30 AM
Collins, ClarenceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/15/201810:30 AM
Rogers, HaroldFamily09/15/201810:00 AM
Viera, NelsonMartinez Memorial09/15/201810:30 AM
Phillips, AntoniaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/11/201811:15 AM
Bell, AlbertVander Plaat-Caggiano Home09/11/201811:15 AM
Milfort-Sanchez, KevinMartinez Memorial09/10/201811:15 AM
Addison, JamesEternity Funeral Home09/07/20181:30 PM
Ward, LisaOwens Funeral Home09/07/20181:15 PM
Zalazar, RafaelAlvarez Funeral Home09/06/201811:30 AM
Randolph, PaulineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/05/20181:45 PM
Fidelina, CeballosMartinez09/01/201810:30 AM
Black, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/31/20182:00 PM
Michos, PaulineDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home08/28/201810:30 AM
Hubschmitt, PhilipVander Plaat Funeral Home08/28/20181:30 PM
Valdivia, DaisyVander Plaat-Caggiano Home08/28/201811:45 AM
Pantoja, JoseFesta Funeral Home08/23/201811:15 AM
Brown, AnnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/22/20182:00 PM
Holloway, ArthurCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/22/20189:00 AM
Jackson, RachelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/21/20181:45 PM
Peccini Jr., JosephBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/18/201810:45 AM
Peccini, NancyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/18/201810:45 AM
Peccini Sr., JosephBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/18/201810:45 AM
Le Roux, RobertBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/16/20181:30 PM
Chirnykchuk, NancyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/16/201811:15 AM
Hanenberg, DaleVander May Funeral Home08/16/201812:30 PM
Troast, GertrudeVander Plaat Funeral Home08/16/201811:15 AM
Gemma, CatelloFamily08/15/201812:00 PM
Gemma, EleanorFamily08/15/201812:00 PM
Freed, NathanFamily08/14/201810:00 AM
Vargas, LydiaMartinez Memorial08/14/201811:30 AM
Peavy, MaryMadonna Funeral Home08/13/20182:00 PM
DeVries, RuthVander Plaat Funeral Home08/13/201811:15 AM
Bolton, NicholasCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/11/201811:30 AM
Rodriguez, ZaidaAlvarez Funeral Home08/09/201810:30 AM
Martinez, AnaRivera Funeral Home08/08/201811:00 AM
Montanez, VictorLouis Suburban Chapel08/07/201811:15 AM
Meier, NellieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/06/201811:15 AM
Schatmeyer, JackVan Emburgh-Sneider-Pernice08/06/20181:00 PM
Maharaj, MichaelArmstrong Funeral Home08/03/20182:00 PM
Phillip, KaidenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/03/201812:30 PM
Talley, LenaOwens Funeral Home08/03/201811:00 AM
Bosloper, JosephineVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/03/201811:00 AM
Serrano, AlfredoMartinez Memorial08/02/201811:30 AM
Santiago, EdiltrudisJorge Rivera Funeral Home08/01/201812:45 PM
Childs, JewellBailey's Funeral Home07/30/201812:00 PM
Hartog, CarolinaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/30/201811:30 AM
Woodson Sr, RoyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/30/20181:45 PM
Sanchez, MilagrosAlvarez Funeral Home07/23/201810:30 AM
Venema, KathleenVander Plaat Funeral Home07/23/201811:15 AM
Tindal, TywanaH.T. McCall's Funeral Home07/19/20181:00 PM
Vermeulen , KandyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home07/17/20189:45 AM
Hewitt, MarylouiseMelvin J. Sliwinski Funeral Home07/16/20181:00 PM
Sanchez, ClaraFamily07/12/201810:30 AM
Zebulun, AlmazOwens Funeral Home07/12/201812:45 PM
Pendlebury, MildredBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/10/201811:15 AM
Acosta, MercedesDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home07/09/201811:15 AM
Anthony, AndrewEternity Funeral Home07/07/201811:30 AM
Carbone, JohnVander Plaat-Caggiano Home07/07/201810:45 AM
Loney, CarolynBarrett Funeral Home07/06/20182:00 PM
Gomez, XiomaraFamily07/06/20181:00 PM
Hill, PatriciaMickey's Sunset Funeral Home07/06/20181:00 PM
Martinez, JuanScillieri Arnold Funeral Home07/03/201810:15 AM
Dipini, AngelBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/02/201811:15 AM
Lee, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/30/201810:30 AM
Mercer, MatthewCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/29/201812:45 PM
Mercer, SadieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/29/201812:45 PM
Rivadeneyra, OlgaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/28/201811:00 AM
Kamp, WilliamVander May Funeral Home06/23/201810:30 AM
Hoogstra, ElaineFamily06/21/201811:30 AM
Ross, MyrnaLee's Funeral Home06/21/20181:00 PM
Kinlow, JerryUnity Funeral Chapels06/20/201812:45 PM
Phillips, JacobFamily06/13/20189:00 AM
Phillips, AngelicaFamily06/13/20189:00 AM
Dykstra, WilliamFesta Funeral Home06/11/201811:45 AM
Freeman, DennisJohn B. Houston Funeral Home06/09/201811:30 AM
Cayas, VictorLouis Suburban Chapel06/09/201810:00 AM
Borduin, AliceVander Plaat Funeral Home06/09/201810:30 AM
Spillers, HenryFamily06/05/20181:30 PM
Garcia, MariaMartinez Memorial06/05/20182:00 PM
Lilly, RobertOwens Funeral Home06/02/20182:00 PM
Denman, NaomiVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home06/02/201810:45 AM
Johnson, HyacinthCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/01/201811:45 AM
White, PreattyGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home05/30/201812:45 PM
Hartog, JohnFamily05/26/201810:30 AM
Harper, JeanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/25/20182:00 PM
Caraballo, RamonMartinez Memorial05/24/201811:45 AM
Fox, HedwigD'Agostino Funeral Home05/21/201812:00 PM
Shortway, RichardBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/19/201810:45 AM
McRae, HowardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/19/201810:30 AM
Smith, LouiseCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/19/20188:30 AM
Cureton, ShirleyOwens Funeral Home05/18/201812:15 PM
Wilson, RohanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/14/201810:00 AM
Kwasniewska, Stepha-Kerry Memorial Funeral Home05/14/201812:30 PM
Galasso, SteveVan Emburgh Funeral Home05/14/201812:00 PM
Elliott, NellaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/12/201810:30 AM
Reyes, DomitilaMartinez Memorial05/11/201811:15 AM
Patterson, ThelmaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/10/20182:00 PM
Cone, JamesBenta's Funeral Home05/07/20182:15 PM
Hayes, CliffordUnity Funeral Chapels05/05/201810:45 AM
Senter, OliviaEternity Funeral Home05/04/20182:00 PM
Matos, NoemiFamily05/04/201811:00 AM
Parrott, BerniceGranby's Funeral Service05/04/20181:15 PM
Rivera, DaniloFamily05/03/201810:00 AM
Figueroa, EstevanMichigan Memorial05/02/201812:00 PM
Gilchrist, RuthRichards Funeral Home04/30/201811:30 AM
Walker, AnnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/28/201810:30 AM
Hynes, EileenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/28/201810:30 AM
Curtis, MargueriteFamily04/28/201810:30 AM
Velez, JoseMartinez Memorial04/28/201810:30 AM
Randolph, LuanaMiller Funeral Home04/28/201810:00 AM
Weinmann, AlbertVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/28/201811:30 AM
Ver Hage Jr, AnthonyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/28/201810:30 AM
Quintana, DamasoSantangelo Funeral Home04/26/20182:00 PM
Moore, RobertMoore's Home for Funerals04/21/201810:30 AM
Samuels, JamesEternal Light Funeral Directors NY04/20/20182:00 PM
Brown, BettyUnity Funeral Chapels04/20/20181:45 PM
Quezada, MilagrosDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home04/18/201811:00 AM
Cunningham, PatriciaUnity Funeral Chapels04/17/20181:45 PM
Graham, EllaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home04/16/20181:30 PM
Gillispie Jr, EarnestCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/14/201810:45 AM
Hawk, DorisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/14/201810:30 AM
O'Neal Sr, TimothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/12/20181:30 PM
Gibbs, PerryDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home04/11/201811:00 AM
Hughes, HelenGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home04/09/20181:00 PM
Quinones, MargaritaShook Funeral Home04/09/201811:30 AM
Welch, JaphethCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/07/201810:45 AM
Stone, SaniyahDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home04/07/201810:15 AM
West, RafonJohn B. Houston Funeral Home04/07/201812:00 PM
Casanova, CarlosAlvarez Funeral Home04/05/201810:30 AM
Jones, RaymondBullock Funeral Home04/05/201811:00 AM
Latimore, ArdelFrank R. Bell Funeral Home04/05/20182:00 PM
Vasquez, JaydenScillieri Arnold Funeral Home04/05/201811:00 AM
Bullock, ArnitaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/04/20181:45 PM
Richardson, BeulahMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home04/03/201812:30 PM
Crespo, ElviraAlvarez Funeral Home03/31/201810:30 AM
Harris, AnthonyMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/31/201812:30 PM
Bailey, PatriciaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/30/201810:15 AM
Valdes, AdelaideScillieri Arnold Funeral Home03/29/201811:00 AM
Johnson, VeraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/26/201810:00 AM
Silva, CarlosFamily03/26/20189:00 AM
Bolling, DionneGranby's Funeral Service03/26/201810:30 AM
Ramos, DanielMartinez Memorial03/26/201810:45 AM
Clemons, LizzieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/24/20189:00 AM
Moore, AgnesDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home03/24/201810:45 AM
Boone, PaulineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/23/20182:00 PM
Rivers, BarbaraR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home03/22/201811:00 AM
Holloway, EllaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/21/201810:00 AM
Johnson, EllenFamily03/19/201812:00 PM
Wilks, UnaHouse of Hills Funeral Home03/19/201811:00 AM
Garofalo, CarmineConte Funeral Home03/17/201810:45 AM
Vance, MarieVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/17/201810:45 AM
Grimes Sr., DavidDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home03/15/201812:15 PM
Fonseca, GeorgeFamily03/08/201810:00 AM
Jongsma, ElizabethVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home03/06/201811:30 AM
Petronzio, AnnaFesta Funeral Home03/05/201811:00 AM
Rodriguez, CarlosFesta Funeral Home03/05/201811:15 AM
Orsi, AlohaStellato Funeral Home03/05/201811:30 AM
Alexander, RogerCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/03/201812:30 PM
Davis, BrendaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/03/201810:45 AM
Stelpstra, WilliamRichards Funeral Home03/02/201811:30 AM
Butler, HattieUnity Funeral Home03/02/201810:00 AM
Thiede, NeilWarren Hills Memorial Home03/01/201812:00 PM
Perry, BobbieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/27/20181:30 PM
Pak, ChongFamily02/26/201811:30 AM
O'Neal, EloiseCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/24/201810:00 AM
Fields, CherylMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home02/22/20182:00 PM
Coles, NaomiBenta's Funeral Home02/21/201812:30 PM
Ozoria, AgapitaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home02/20/201811:00 AM
Rodgers, ColemanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/19/201812:45 PM
Altenkirch, LoisMoore's Home for Funerals02/19/201811:00 AM
Harrison, FlemingOwens Funeral Home02/19/20181:15 PM
Bidgood, MargaretBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/17/201810:45 AM
Thomas, DelorisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/17/20189:00 AM
Cox, MarieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/17/201810:45 AM
Coman, AnnaStephen J. Priola Funeral Home02/16/201810:00 AM
Moon, ByungchoCentral Funeral Home02/13/201811:30 AM
Feliciano, RichieBizub Parker Funeral Home02/12/201811:30 AM
Footman, CharlesWilliams Funeral Home02/10/201810:30 AM
Hager, SarinaDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home02/09/201811:15 AM
Barriga, PedroAlvarez Funeral Home02/08/201810:30 AM
Brown, MelaninCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/07/201812:00 PM
Riley, EverlenaDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home02/07/201811:30 AM
Borst, JanetVander Plaat Funeral Home02/07/201812:15 PM
Belito, DoraAlvarez Funeral Home02/02/201812:30 PM
Simmons, StarendaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/02/201810:00 AM
Flores, AbelardoMadonna Funeral Home02/02/2018TBA
Kitchings, GloriaVolk Leber Funeral Home02/01/201812:30 PM
Royal, AdrianBullock Funeral Home01/31/201811:15 AM
Brown, MaeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/25/20182:00 PM
Tarrant, MarvaOwens Funeral Home01/24/20181:45 PM
Dykhouse, WilmaGray Memorial01/23/201810:00 AM
Carter, WilliamCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/22/201812:00 PM
Van Lenten, JohannaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/20/201810:30 AM
Wright, AnetteDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home01/19/2018TBA
Sapp, CharlotteUnity Funeral Chapels01/19/2018TBA
Rodriguez, RaulBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/17/201811:30 AM
Stackhouse, BarbaraVolk Leber Funeral Home01/16/201812:30 PM
Van Buiten, AlanBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/13/201810:30 AM
Harrison, MarkBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/13/201810:00 AM
McCartha, SerenityCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/13/201810:00 AM
Carrington, JerryFuneraria Juan-Johns's Funeral01/12/20181:00 PM
White, DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/11/20182:15 PM
Bryant, EvelynMickey's Sunset Funeral Services01/09/201812:30 PM
Herbert, SylviaDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home01/08/201810:00 AM
Hewlett, RuthNesbitt Funeral Home01/08/201812:45 PM
Frazier, MaggieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/06/201810:00 AM
Lopez, ManuelFamily01/06/201810:00 AM
Hodges, DevonEast End Funeral Home01/05/201812:00 PM
Stewart, GertrudeBailey's Funeral Home01/04/20181:00 PM
Vander Groef, Lawre-Browning Forshay Funeral Home01/02/201811:00 AM
Tolsma, BernardVander Plaat Funeral Home12/30/20179:30 AM
Rivera, FloraAlvarez Funeral Home12/29/201710:30 AM
Fields Sr., CyresCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/29/20172:00 PM
Palomino, GracielaFlower Funeral Home12/29/201711:00 AM
Emmetts, JackBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/28/20171:30 PM
Owen Sr., ClydeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/26/20172:00 PM
Moses, JaunitaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/23/201710:00 AM
Camacho, NeidaAlvarez Funeral Home12/20/201710:30 AM
Zuidema, JacquelineVander Plaat Funeral Home12/20/201711:45 AM
Graue, JudithVander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home12/19/20171:45 PM
Gomez, DerrellBenta's Funeral Home12/18/201712:00 PM
Fitzpatrick, ClaraBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/18/201710:30 AM
Dykstra, GertrudeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/18/201710:00 AM
Shannon, HattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/18/201710:00 AM
Brecevic, EzioScillieri Arnold Funeral Home12/16/201710:45 AM
Leggett, MinnieMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home12/15/20172:00 PM
Jones Jr., HampCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/14/20171:45 PM
Cockfield, TylerMartinez Memoiral12/12/201710:00 AM
Quann, FernAckerman's Funeral Chapel12/11/20171:00 PM
Jessie, LauraLevy and Delany Funeral Home12/09/201710:30 AM
Karaf, DenaMichigan Memorial12/09/201712:45 PM
Feggins, LeilaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/04/201711:00 AM
Pappacena, GaspareAloia Funeral Home12/02/201710:30 AM
Pressey, DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/02/20171:00 PM
Randolph III, LesterCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/01/20172:00 PM
Capers, EleanorCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/01/20172:00 PM
Pugh Jr., WalterCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/25/201710:45 AM
Seymour, MabelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/25/201710:45 AM
Supple, JamesVander Plaat-Caggiano Home11/25/201710:00 AM
Sims, MarionCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/24/20172:00 PM
Vandenberg, AlbertaVander Plaat Funeral Home11/22/20179:30 AM
Jones, CathrynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/21/201712:30 PM
Howe, ChanellCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/18/20179:00 AM
Wilson, JacquelineGriffin-Peters Funeral Home11/18/201710:45 AM
Douglas, FloraFamily11/11/20179:30 AM
Goudsward, EdwardVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/11/201711:00 AM
Coleman, AgnesUnity Funeral Chapels11/10/201710:30 AM
Malgosh, MuhammadMichigan Memorial11/09/201712:30 PM
Smith, RuthCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/07/20172:00 PM
Lewis, MarthaUnity Funeral Chapels11/07/20171:45 PM
Mamkegh, NagiaMichigan Memorial11/06/201712:30 PM
Boyce Jr, HenryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/04/20179:00 AM
Watson, LauraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/03/20171:45 PM
Frierson, JimmieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/03/20172:00 PM
Martinez, ManuelMartinez Memorial11/03/201711:30 AM
Simpson, CarnellEarl I Jones Funeral Home11/02/20171:30 PM
Sapp, StevenH.T. McCall's Funeral Home11/02/20171:30 PM
Jellema, JeanVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/02/201711:30 AM
Mapp, CraigCotton Funeral Service10/28/20171:30 PM
Casteline, EdwardVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/28/201710:45 AM
Callwood, LeanderAmsterdam Memorial Chapel10/23/201711:00 AM
Mercardo, MariaMartinez Memorial10/23/201711:30 AM
Felice, VivianVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/23/201711:00 AM
Arias, RobertoAlvarez Funeral Home10/21/201710:30 AM
Singh, ChandrowtiFamily10/21/20178:30 AM
Breeman, JeanVander May Funeral Home10/21/201710:55 AM
Mattsson, JackVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/21/201710:45 AM
Douse, JaneAssumma-Shankey Funeral Home10/20/201711:45 AM
Brown, SelenaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/20/20171:00 PM
Alvarez, PedroFamily10/13/201712:30 PM
Mateo, MaryMoore's Home for Funerals10/12/20171:30 PM
Alfonso, MansillaKugler Community Funeral Home10/10/201711:30 AM
Jalahej, NajatiMichigan Memorial10/10/20172:00 PM
Flores, GabrielGaita Funeral Home10/09/201710:45 AM
Reyes, TeresaFamily10/07/201710:00 AM
Gonzalez, RooseveltMartinez Memorial10/07/201710:45 AM
Davis , EstherR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home10/07/201711:00 AM
McCall, MaryDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home10/06/20171:45 PM
Ramsay, DulcieVander Plaat Memorial Home10/04/20171:00 PM
Payne, RaymondNesbitt Funeral Home10/02/201711:30 AM
Edie, ViolaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/30/201710:30 AM
Bryan, MargieFamily09/30/201710:00 AM
Samuel, MadelineOwens Funeral Home09/29/20171:45 PM
Vasquez, NeptaliScillieri Arnold Funeral Home09/29/201712:15 PM
Williams, ClintonDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home09/25/201711:30 AM
Alston, ElaineEternity Funeral Home09/25/201710:00 AM
DeWitte, FrankBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/23/201710:45 AM
Van Leeuwen, NellieGaita Funeral Home09/22/201711:00 AM
Doornbos, BernardSilverton Memorial Funeral Home09/21/201712:15 PM
Clark, WillieDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home09/18/201712:30 PM
Alcalde, CarmenFamily09/18/201712:00 PM
Hamm, BertieR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home09/16/201712:00 PM
McDuffie, EdwardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/13/20171:30 PM
Cabarcas, SaraMartinez Memorial09/13/201711:30 AM
Tognetti, ElizabethBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/11/201711:00 AM
Leon, RogelioVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home09/08/201710:00 AM
Hughes, LeotisUnity Funeral Chapels09/07/20171:00 PM
De Young, CorneliaVander Plaat Funeral Home09/07/20171:15 PM
Voss, ErnestFamily09/06/201711:00 AM
Rogers, HarmonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/05/20171:45 PM
Suchit, SarahCosta Memorial Home09/02/201711:30 AM
Lourdes, MarasiganVander Plaat-Caggiano Home09/02/201710:45 AM
Henderson, LouiseBenta's Funeral Home09/01/20171:00 PM
Santana, DihoranaFamily09/01/20171:00 PM
Davis, JuliusOwens Funeral Home09/01/20171:30 PM
Barnett, TheresaUnity Funeral Chapels08/31/201712:00 PM
Pena, PhyllistinaArmstrong Funeral Home08/30/20172:30 PM
Rollins, ElizaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/30/20172:00 PM
Clark, MarvaleneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/29/20171:15 PM
Verhulst, CecyliaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/28/201711:45 AM
Cruz, AlexanderMartinez Memorial08/28/20171:00 PM
Fields, HenryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/26/20179:00 AM
Valentin, AdaminaMartinez Memorial08/26/201710:30 AM
Matthews, AnthonyOwens Funeral Home08/25/201712:45 PM
Barry, BrianBenta's Funeral Home08/24/20171:30 PM
Grandison-Jo, BarbaraYannantuono Burr Davis Sharpe08/24/20171:15 PM
Parks, MettieBenta's Funeral Home08/19/201710:30 AM
Savage, HerbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/17/201712:30 PM
Bysterbusch, AlbertusVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/17/201711:45 AM
Hanna, SandraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/16/20172:00 PM
McCaskill Jr., DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/16/20171:30 PM
Hollerback, JohnFamily08/14/20172:00 PM
Nichols, SallieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/12/201711:45 AM
Bolt, RupertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/12/201710:30 AM
Reid Sr., GladstoneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/12/201710:30 AM
Brown, DudleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/12/20179:00 AM
Penn, PetronilaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home08/12/201710:30 AM
Alcalde, TeodoroAlvarez Funeral Home08/02/201710:30 AM
Urretta, BenjaminR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home08/02/201711:00 AM
Farrar, TomCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/31/201710:00 AM
Fazzolari, MarqaritaFamily07/31/20171:00 PM
Patmalnee, RoseVander Plaat Funeral Home07/31/201711:30 AM
Brown, AliciaBenta's Funeral Home07/29/2017TBA
Howell, ReynaldoCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/29/20171:00 PM
Savage II, WitchellOwens Funeral Home07/28/20171:15 PM
Connolly, AliceVander Plaat Funeral Home07/27/20172:30 PM
Scherer, AngelinaFamily07/19/20172:00 PM
McGrotty, BarryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/18/201711:00 AM
Arocha, EsperanzaFamily07/18/201710:00 AM
Smith, KhadijaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home07/17/20171:00 PM
Bowie, AnnieMickey's Sunset Funeral Services07/17/201711:00 AM
Murray, MildredCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/15/20179:00 AM
Boer, BertCosta Memorial Home07/14/20171:15 PM
Castrianni, PeterVander Plaat-Caggiano Home07/14/201712:00 PM
Suber, JuliaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/13/201711:00 AM
Hakeem, AbdulCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/13/201711:00 AM
London, PauletteConte Funeral Home07/12/20179:30 AM
Ruitenberg, JamesVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home07/12/201711:30 AM
Vazquez, SaraiAlvarez Funeral Home07/10/201710:30 AM
Van Der Eems, Kath-Browning Forshay Funeral Home07/05/201712:15 PM
Sullivan, KeithLouis Suburban Chapel07/05/201712:30 PM
Hicks, MargaretCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/30/20172:00 PM
Threm, RuthFamily06/30/201712:00 PM
Threm, HaroldFamily06/30/201712:00 PM
Orange, RichardBenta's Funeral Home06/29/201710:00 AM
Smaw, BessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/27/201712:45 PM
Cheshuk, KatherineFamily06/26/201710:45 AM
Finney, LarryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/17/201711:30 AM
Andrade, FranciscoFamily06/17/201710:30 AM
Miller, PaulinaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/16/201712:00 PM
Shannon Sr, RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/16/20172:00 PM
Edmonds, LouiseUnity Funeral Chapels06/16/20171:00 PM
Elvin, DorotheaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home06/12/201711:45 AM
Freeman, BerniceFamily06/10/20179:00 AM
Scott, GeraldMay Funeral Home06/10/201710:30 AM
McNeil, KenneakeWanamaker & Carlough Home06/10/201710:45 AM
Murray, DanielUnity Funeral Chapels06/09/201712:30 PM
Saller, WilliamWilliam A. Bradley Funeral Home06/05/201712:00 PM
Roehr, CharlotteAllwood Funeral Home06/03/201711:30 AM
Rodgers, TruetchiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/03/201710:45 AM
Bailey, EmmaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home06/03/201710:30 AM
Witherspoon, MrytleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/01/20171:45 PM
Boyd, LeslieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/27/201710:45 AM
Jamison, LouiseBenta's Funeral Home05/25/20171:30 PM
Roberts, AnnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/25/20172:15 PM
D'Angelo Sr, ThomasVander Plaat Funeral Home05/23/201710:00 AM
Dennett, EgerthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/22/201710:00 AM
Barbee, WinifredFirdous Funeral Chapel05/20/201710:00 AM
Aguilar, ReynaldoKugler05/20/201710:30 AM
Diaz, LuisMartinez Memorial05/19/201711:30 AM
Reed, PricillaUnity Funeral Chapels05/19/201710:30 AM
Ruit, GarretVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home05/18/20179:30 AM
Iofan, BorisFamily05/17/201711:00 AM
Lewis, GeorgeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/15/20171:00 PM
Vicente, JosephManke Memorial05/13/201710:30 AM
Prommel, JanetBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/12/201711:45 AM
McQueen, DonnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/12/201710:00 AM
Marcalus, NormaVander Plaat Funeral Home05/12/201712:00 PM
Marcalus, RobertVander Plaat Funeral Home05/12/201712:00 PM
Kay, MaryVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home05/05/20179:00 AM
Foster, FrankVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home05/04/201711:15 AM
Beckford, NehemiahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/29/20179:00 AM
Aponte, JoseFamily04/29/20178:00 AM
Notthingham, MabelUnity Funeral Chapels04/29/201710:30 AM
Jacobs, BerthaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/28/201711:30 AM
Buis, WinifredBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/25/201710:15 AM
Valdez, DashalaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/24/201712:45 PM
Schofield, RichardFamily04/24/20171:00 PM
Vogel, ArlineBurroughs Kohr & Dangler Homes04/22/201710:00 AM
Williams, CharlesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/22/201710:30 AM
Morgan, DaleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/22/201710:30 AM
Hazen, DorothyVander Plaat Funeral Home04/21/201712:00 PM
Brown , DethiniaOwens Funeral Home04/20/20171:45 PM
Dixon, DelroyGranby's Funeral Service04/19/20172:00 PM
Stura, EleanorBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/18/201711:15 AM
Hailstock, AdaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/18/20171:30 PM
Smirnov, GalinaFamily04/18/201711:00 AM
Galindo, JustinaScillieri Arnold Funeral Home04/18/201710:00 AM
Van Tilburg, BarbaraFamily04/15/20179:30 AM
Miller, GeorgeVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/13/201711:00 AM
Foat, BettyUnity Funeral Chapels04/10/201712:15 PM
Morgan Jr., RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/08/201710:30 AM
Cribbin, MichaelVander Plaat-Caggiano Home04/08/201710:45 AM
Parmelli, CharlesBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/07/201711:15 AM
Cappa, GiuseppeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/07/201710:45 AM
Vidal, OscarFamily04/01/20179:00 AM
Martinez, ManuelManke Memorial04/01/201710:30 AM
Harris, ElaineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/31/20172:00 PM
Vereen, VeraFamily03/30/201711:00 AM
Leon, GregoryFamily03/30/20171:00 PM
Lamar, EvieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/29/20179:30 AM
Veale, DaisyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/29/20179:00 AM
Cruz, AntoniaJohn F. Herron Funeral Home03/29/201711:00 AM
Lloyd, JessieR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home03/25/201711:15 AM
Murray, RobertH.T. McCall's Funeral Home03/23/20171:30 PM
Laauwe, JessieAnderson and Campbell Home03/20/201711:15 AM
Steffe, LionelloBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/20/201711:00 AM
Jones, LorenzoTrumbo Funeral Home03/20/20171:00 PM
Brown, AndreaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/17/201712:45 PM
Myers, DesandraUnity Funeral Chapels03/17/201712:30 PM
Olthius, JanetVander Plaat Funeral Home03/17/20171:00 PM
O'Dell, ReginaDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home03/16/20179:30 AM
Solorzano, CarmenFamily03/13/20177:30 PM
DeGroot, BarbaraBizub Parker Funeral Home03/11/201710:30 AM
Lytle, ChristinaGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home03/11/20171:00 PM
Hinds, NatashaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/10/20171:30 PM
Mason, EarlRiverside Memorial Chapel03/10/20171:00 PM
Lilly, AnthonyUnity Funeral Chapels03/08/201710:30 AM
Zuidema, RobertFamily03/07/201711:30 AM
Zuidema, JoanFamily03/07/201711:30 AM
Camacho, MarelvyMartinez Memorial03/06/201711:30 AM
Diaz, SantosMartinez Memorial03/04/201710:30 AM
Gallimore, HiltonMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/04/201710:30 AM
Greydanus, CarolynVander May Funeral Home03/04/201710:45 AM
Saulter, VetaEternity Funeral Home03/03/20171:00 PM
Van Grouw, MarinusVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home03/03/201711:30 AM
Camacho, ErnestoAlvarez Funeral Home03/02/201710:30 AM
Kobati, JebaghaMichigan Memorial03/02/20171:00 PM
Davis, JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/28/201712:45 PM
Johnson, DorisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/27/201710:00 AM
Lopez, WilliamMartinez Memorial02/27/201711:30 AM
Jackson, EugeneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/25/201710:00 AM
Gomez, AntonioBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/22/201711:15 AM
Feliciano, InesMartinez Memorial02/21/201711:30 AM
Reitsma, JosephineVander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home02/16/201712:00 PM
Johnson, DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/13/201710:00 AM
Merlino, ElizabethBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/11/201710:15 AM
Martin, JanetDavid Davis & Sons Funeral Home02/11/20179:30 AM
Decker, ThomasRiewerts Memorial Home02/11/201710:45 AM
Crosby, DavidH.T. McCall's Funeral Home02/10/20171:00 PM
Balmer, TyroneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/07/20171:00 PM
Brown, VelmaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/04/201710:00 AM
Sandoval, JuanFamily02/04/201710:30 AM
Hamilton, CarbieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/03/201712:00 PM
Fortson, MicheleOwens Funeral Home02/03/20171:45 PM
Parham, DavidUnity Funeral Chapels02/03/20172:15 PM
Sims, JeromeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/02/20171:45 PM
McGrotty, WilliamBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/01/201710:30 AM
Alexander, OllieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/31/201711:30 AM
Anderson, CoraPatricia A. Morris Funeral Chapels01/31/201712:45 PM
Everett, ShirleyThomas M. Quinn Funeral Home01/30/201712:00 PM
Brooks, EugeneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/28/201711:00 AM
Newman, LenniePerry Funeral Home01/28/201710:30 AM
Umstead, LouiseMoore's Home for Funerals01/26/20172:30 PM
Umstead, EugeneMoore's Home for Funerals01/26/20172:30 PM
Quesada, GilberthFamily01/24/201710:00 AM
Drobinski, JeanVander Plaat Funeral Home01/24/201710:45 AM
Casiano, IdaliaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/23/201710:00 AM
Anthony, IdaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home01/21/201710:30 AM
Henderson, LineldaVolk Leber Funeral Home01/20/201712:00 PM
Reid, CarsonLouis Suburban Chapel01/16/201710:30 AM
Hopple, JamesBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/12/201712:00 PM
Hall, TyhesiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/11/20179:00 AM
Johnson, GladysUnity Funeral Chapels01/09/20172:00 PM
Strauss, EdnaVan Emburgh Funeral Home01/09/201711:30 AM
Guzman, AfortunadaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home01/07/201710:00 AM
King, ElizabethVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/07/201710:00 AM
Smalls, HenriettaEternity Funeral Home01/06/201712:45 PM
Cooper, MargaretMcCall's Bronxwood Home01/06/201711:30 AM
Brandes, JessieVander Plaat Funeral Home01/06/201711:30 AM
Neumane, LuciaVander May Funeral Home01/05/201712:00 PM
Thomas, MarilynMcCall's Bronxwood Home01/04/201712:30 PM
Murray, HermanMickey's Sunset Funeral Services01/04/20171:00 PM
Steiginga, MarieVander Plaat Funeral Home01/03/20179:30 AM
Alkema, GeorgeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/31/201610:30 AM
Yankow, JessicaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/30/201611:00 AM
Southway, PeterVander May Funeral Home12/30/201611:15 AM
Bastis Jr, VictorVander Plaat Funeral Home12/30/201611:30 AM
Guy, ArleneFamily12/29/20161:00 PM
Harris, OtisMcCall's Bronxwood Home12/28/20161:30 PM
Inglese, RoccoVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/28/201611:45 AM
Coombs, LenroyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/17/20169:00 AM
Scott, EsmieMcCall's Bronxwood Home12/12/201612:00 PM
De Vries, DellaVander Plaat Funeral Home12/12/201612:15 PM
Stephens, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/10/201610:30 AM
Greco, AntoninoVan Emburgh Funeral Home12/05/201611:45 AM
Fields, JamesBenta's Funeral Home12/03/20161:00 PM
Gales, LorraineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/01/20162:00 PM
Kirkwood, ThelmaGranby's Funeral Service11/29/20161:45 PM
Pruiksma, GraceVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/29/20161:00 PM
Cuesta, NaomyConte Funeral Home11/28/20169:15 AM
Deaver, ThaisGranby's Funeral Service11/28/201610:30 AM
Lee, AntoniaGranby's Funeral Service11/28/20161:00 PM
White, HaroldGranby's Funeral Service11/26/201610:30 AM
Ruddy, LeonVander Plaat Memorial Home11/26/201611:15 AM
Marshall, ShakeyaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/25/20161:45 PM
Thompkins, DorisMickey's Sunset Funeral Home11/18/201612:45 PM
Daly, DorisNesbitt Funeral Home11/14/201610:00 AM
Melendez, ZelmaDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home11/12/201610:45 AM
Phelps, ParisMartin A. Gleason Funeral Home11/12/201611:30 AM
Tyler, RebeccaCongo Funeral Home11/11/20162:00 PM
Vermeulen, StevenStickle-Soltesz Funeral Home11/11/201612:30 PM
Van Den He-, CarolVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/11/201611:30 AM
Berlin, ArkadiyFamily11/10/201612:00 PM
Dawson, BarbaraVan Emburgh Funeral Home11/10/201610:30 AM
Ortiz, FelixDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home11/05/201610:45 AM
Granados, NorisFamily11/05/201610:30 AM
Lighty, ViolaJ. Foster Phillips Funeral Home11/05/201612:00 PM
Kuiphoff, JacobVander May Funeral Home11/03/201611:45 AM
Brown, SarahVan Emburgh Funeral Home10/31/201611:15 AM
Zelma, BrownFamily10/28/201611:30 AM
Jackson, DonellaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/27/20161:00 PM
Lopez, FranciscaFamily10/25/201610:45 AM
McCall, EulaDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home10/20/201611:00 AM
Bowman, RosettaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/17/20162:00 PM
Ferguson, VanGranby's Funeral Service10/17/201611:00 AM
Kearney, JosephineDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home10/14/2016TBA
Ward, BrendaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/13/201612:30 PM
O'Neil, JohnVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/13/201610:45 AM
Sellow, JohnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/11/20161:00 PM
Cameron, DoreeneMelendez Funeral Home10/11/201612:00 PM
Brown, ClementMickey's Sunset Funeral Home10/11/20161:15 PM
Joustra, HelenVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/01/201610:00 AM
Church Sr, ThomasBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/30/201612:45 PM
Vargas, LuzAlvarez Funeral Home09/29/201610:30 AM
Bratton, NarvellisR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home09/27/201611:00 AM
Hamlin, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/24/201610:30 AM
Laciura, JamesFamily09/24/201610:30 AM
Harris, DorothyVander Plaat-Caggiano Home09/23/20161:00 PM
Norman, WalterOwens Funeral Home09/22/20161:30 PM
Ladson, SandraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/17/20169:00 AM
Jones, AlannaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/17/20169:00 AM
Sibert, JonathanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/16/20161:00 PM
Colon, NelsonAlvarez Funeral Home09/15/201612:30 PM
Griffin , BarbaraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/15/20169:00 AM
Johnson, EricVander May Funeral Home09/15/201611:26 AM
Tighe, EthelDaniels Wilhelmina Funeral Home09/13/201612:30 PM
Green Jr, FrankCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/12/201610:00 AM
Artis, MiltonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/08/201610:00 AM
Peralta, MiguelAlvarez Funeral Home09/07/201610:45 AM
Carnevale, EsterBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/07/201611:45 AM
Van Tilburg, GeraldFamily09/03/201610:00 AM
DeGroot, CharlesBizub Parker Funeral Home09/02/201611:45 AM
Williams, HelenaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/31/201612:45 PM
Wolfe, DavidFamily08/27/201610:30 AM
Fullen, LillianFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home08/27/201610:30 AM
Brown, JacquelineFamily08/25/201612:00 PM
Pietrafesa, Margher-Browning Forshay Funeral Home08/24/201611:00 AM
Astudillo, OctavianoCommunity Funeral Home08/23/201612:15 PM
Slater, GlennFamily08/20/201610:00 AM
Patino, OmarFamily08/13/201610:00 AM
Cooper, EricCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/10/20162:00 PM
Thompson, Cassan-Unity Funeral Chapels08/10/201612:00 PM
Seegers, RobinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/09/201612:15 PM
Pannell, PhillipEternity Funeral Home08/03/20161:00 PM
Brown, MelodyUnity Funeral Chapels08/02/201611:15 AM
Lyons, VirgieOwens Funeral Home08/01/20162:30 PM
Aultmon, ElliotLouis Suburban Chapel07/29/201611:45 AM
Vega, SamuelPorta Coeli San German Home07/29/20162:00 PM
Toro, RosarioR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home07/29/201611:30 AM
Ryles, AwildaAlvarez Funeral Home07/27/201611:00 AM
Wilkes, LulaBailey's Funeral Home07/27/201611:15 AM
Hansford, IreneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/27/20161:15 PM
Wilson, LillianO.B. Davis Funeral Home07/27/2016TBA
Anderson, VirginiaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/25/20161:30 PM
Joustra, CarolynVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home07/25/201610:00 AM
Van Dyk, AnnettaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/22/201611:30 AM
McGirt, LevetonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/20/20161:15 PM
Carter, CarrieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/19/201610:00 AM
Boyd, AnthonyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/19/20161:00 PM
Ramos, SharonUnity Funeral Chapels07/18/20161:45 PM
Pipkin, GeraldineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/16/20169:00 AM
Mills, InezCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/16/201610:30 AM
Marano, EnricoBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/11/201610:45 AM
Steinkemper, Herm-Vander Plaat-Caggiano Home07/11/201611:00 AM
Gordon, IvyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/09/201610:30 AM
Rada, AlipioFamily07/09/20169:30 AM
Rada, MariaFamily07/09/20169:30 AM
Perez, LettyMartinez Memorial07/09/201610:30 AM
Russo, RosemarieVander May Funeral Home07/08/201612:00 PM
Brown, PatriciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/07/201610:00 AM
Irizzary, GladysMartinez Memorial07/07/20162:30 PM
Rodriguez, RamonaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home07/02/201610:45 AM
DiCosmo, AngelaPaul L. Gravenor Home Funerals07/01/201612:00 PM
Vander Brink, JohnBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/29/201611:30 AM
Goar, PantheaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/25/20169:00 AM
Logan, CharlesFamily06/25/201610:00 AM
Legette, RockyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/23/20161:30 PM
Cervera Sr., CastorGranby's Funeral Service06/20/20161:00 PM
Brown Jr., AlexBenta's Funeral Home06/17/201611:30 AM
Salters, JessieCushnie-Houston Funeral Home06/17/20161:15 PM
Veenstra, NicholasVander Plaat Funeral Home06/15/20169:00 AM
Seiders, ArleneVander Plaat Funeral Home06/11/201610:45 AM
Van Vliet, CorneliaFamily06/07/201610:30 AM
Hamelink, MurielBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/06/201612:00 PM
Pruiksma, BrianVander Plaat Funeral Home06/06/201611:30 AM
Borduin, SidneyVander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home06/06/201611:45 AM
Clarke, CharlesenaJohn B. Houston Funeral Home06/04/201610:00 AM
Gonzalez, GonzaloLouis Suburban Chapel06/03/201611:00 AM
Gay, AugustusMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home06/03/201611:00 AM
Newkirk, WilliamAlphonso Brown Funeral Home05/31/201610:00 AM
Castillo, HectorFamily05/31/201610:00 AM
Harrison, EdwardMartin's Home for Service05/28/201612:30 PM
Stevenson, DanaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/26/20161:00 PM
Carnero, EduardoCommunity Funeral Home05/26/201611:00 AM
Knapp, JanetVander Plaat Funeral Home05/23/201612:15 PM
Hogan, SusanBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/20/201612:15 PM
Lewis, RobertMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home05/20/201612:30 PM
Spradley, MargaretUnity Funeral Chapels05/20/201611:00 AM
Paruta, AnthonyBizub Parker Funeral Home05/19/20161:00 PM
Coley, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/14/201610:30 AM
Sosa, RaulFamily05/14/201610:00 AM
Sosa, EduardoFamily05/14/201610:00 AM
Mondelli, SadieShook Funeral Home05/14/201611:15 AM
Reeves, ArlineBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/12/20161:30 PM
Coleman, RubyOwens Funeral Home05/12/20161:30 PM
Cardosi, MarieFamily05/09/20168:00 AM
Cardosi, ReneFamily05/09/20168:00 AM
Coulouris, SuzanneFamily05/09/20168:00 AM
Kline, LoisBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/07/201610:30 AM
Shaw Sr., BenjaminCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/07/201611:30 AM
Krasnitsky, IrinaFamily05/07/201610:00 AM
Bowers, JoanFuneraria De La Pieta05/06/20161:00 PM
Montgomery, AudreyMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home05/06/20162:00 PM
Gordon, PatriciaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/05/20162:00 PM
Gordon Sr., HarmonBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/05/20162:00 PM
Burrell Jr., LouisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/03/201612:45 PM
Coleman, BerniceEternity Funeral Home05/02/201610:45 AM
Perez, MatthewMartinez Memorial04/30/201610:00 AM
Carpenter, LeonardMickey's Sunset Funeral Services04/30/201610:45 AM
Verblaauw, CorneliusVander Plaat Funeral Home04/28/201612:00 PM
Hanna, TerryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/26/20161:15 PM
Plavier, RobertFamily04/25/20161:00 PM
Thompson, MarieEternity Funeral Home04/23/201610:15 AM
Wargo, WandaFamily04/23/201610:00 AM
Burrell, DorisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/22/20162:00 PM
Henson, CatherineMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home04/22/20161:30 PM
Froehner, DaleVander May Funeral Home04/21/201611:00 AM
Baum Jr., LeonardVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/21/201611:15 AM
Sweetman Sr., EdwinVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/19/201611:15 AM
Mitchell, ArtieEast End Funeral Home04/18/20162:00 PM
Mirante, JoanM. John Scanlan Funeral Home04/16/201610:45 AM
Bennett, EvelynFamily04/15/20161:00 PM
Gonzalez, TiffanyMartinez Memorial04/14/201610:30 AM
Rogers, HildaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/13/201610:00 AM
Richardson, JamesRoy L. Gilmore Funeral Home04/13/201611:00 AM
McMullen, CharleneLawrence H. Woodward Home04/12/201611:30 AM
Jones, AliceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/11/201612:45 PM
Ibarra, ElenaMichigan Memorial04/11/201610:30 AM
Campbell, NewtonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/09/201610:45 AM
Holzberger, HerbertShaughnessey Funeral Home04/09/201610:30 AM
Price, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/08/20161:00 PM
Barrett, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/04/201610:00 AM
Presing, ConnieDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home04/04/201611:30 AM
Hughes, KimBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/01/201611:00 AM
Marrero, EvetteManke Memorial04/01/201610:00 AM
Resto, EnriqueMartinez Memorial04/01/201610:30 AM
Stewart, DorisBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/31/201611:00 AM
Jubelt, DorisVander Plaa-Caggiano Home03/30/201610:45 AM
Reguerio, JorgeColonial Funeral Home03/29/20169:00 AM
Powell, DianaAmsterdam Funeral Home03/26/201612:15 PM
Morris, CynthiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/26/201610:30 AM
Pikaard, JeanetteBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/23/201611:15 AM
Buwalda, ShirleyVander May Funeral Home03/22/201611:30 AM
Ibrahim, MaherIslamic Int'. Funeral Service03/21/20162:30 PM
Martinez, GeorginaFamily03/19/20169:30 AM
Gittens, MichaelFamily03/19/201610:00 AM
Williams, VerriaH.T. McCall's Funeral Home03/19/201610:30 AM
Wiseman, CorneliusVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/19/201610:30 AM
Hoops, DorothyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home03/19/201610:45 AM
Francaviglia, DorothyBecker Funeral Home03/17/201610:00 AM
Veenstra, KatherineVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home03/16/20169:30 AM
Howard, DwayneMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/14/201611:00 AM
Ambrogio, CarmenMoore's Home for Funerals03/11/201611:00 AM
Cost, HenryFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home03/10/20161:30 PM
Barr Sr., HeywardLouis Suburban Chapel03/10/201611:15 AM
Washington, AnnieFort Lincoln Funeral Home03/09/201610:00 AM
Melendez, ConfesorMartinez Memorial03/09/201610:30 AM
Lewis, EmmaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/08/20162:00 PM
Koodray, LindaConte Funeral Home03/05/201610:45 AM
Chavez, ManuelMartinez Memorial03/05/201610:30 AM
Chavez, AgripinaMartinez Memorial03/05/201610:30 AM
McDuffy, VanPaul Lane Funeral Home03/04/201611:30 AM
Charmant, AntoinetteClarence B. Wright Funeral Home03/02/201610:00 AM
Williams, VelmaH.T. McCall's Funeral Home03/01/20161:30 PM
Jones, ArnealUnity Funeral Chapels03/01/201612:30 PM
Chanca , InesManke Memorial02/29/201611:00 AM
Johnson, JosephH.T. McCall's Funeral Home02/27/201610:00 AM
Miller, CharlesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/24/201610:00 AM
Benjamin, DerrickCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/20/201611:30 AM
Halma, HelenVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home02/20/201610:45 AM
Brown, ReneeCaribe Funeral Home02/19/201612:30 PM
Allen, MargieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/19/201610:00 AM
Cordero, NancyFesta Funeral Home02/19/201611:00 AM
Alfano, MargaretBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/17/201611:45 AM
Pere, RifatMichigan Memorial02/15/20161:30 PM
DaRosa, JosemariMigliaccio Funeral Home02/15/20161:00 PM
Laster, MichaelH.T. McCall's Funeral Home02/13/201610:30 AM
Rawls, ErmaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/09/201612:00 PM
Alexander, CamieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/05/201610:00 AM
Parra, DaliaMartinez Memorial02/03/201610:30 AM
Van Lenten, JohnVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/29/20162:30 PM
Case, WilliamBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/28/20161:00 PM
Denson, ArethaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/28/201612:45 PM
Parrish, NormaUnity Funeral Chapels01/28/20162:00 PM
Parkes, NaomiCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/23/201610:45 AM
Kazandjian, Yerano-Alvarez Funeral Home01/21/201611:15 AM
Santos, BridgetMartinez Memorial01/21/201611:15 AM
Gordon, GeorgeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/20/201611:45 AM
Hill Jr., RobertUnity Funeral Chapels01/20/201612:15 PM
Burke, GloriaAckerman's Funeral Chapel01/16/201611:30 AM
Brown, GladysH.T. McCall's Funeral Home01/16/201610:30 AM
Lewis, ArmsterOwens Funeral Home01/16/201610:45 AM
Stanley, HazelBenta's Funeral Home01/15/20161:00 PM
Hoge, GlendaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/15/20161:00 PM
Marriott, JoyceGranby's Funeral Service01/13/201611:00 AM
Gafney, GeorginaFamily01/12/2016Private
Bradley, IdaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/11/201612:45 PM
Carter, GladysCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/09/20169:00 AM
Fairfax, GlynnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/09/201610:30 AM
Santiago, MiriamAlvarez Funeral Home01/08/201610:15 AM
Patterson, VirginiaBenta's Funeral Home01/08/201611:00 AM
Smith, BessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/08/201612:45 PM
De Vries, JohnVander Plaat Funeral Home01/08/20169:30 AM
Van Duren, LisaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/06/2016Private
Montanez, AuroraLouis Suburban Chapel01/05/201610:30 AM
Vasquez, FerminMartinez Memorial01/05/201610:30 AM
Anderson, ArthurPorta Coeli San German Home01/05/201611:00 AM
Varrecchia, NicolaConte Funeral Home01/04/201612:00 PM
Gonzalez, ErnestoAlvarez Funeral Home01/02/201610:15 AM
Verblaauw, CorneliaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/31/20152:00 PM
Nieves, DemetrioBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/28/201510:45 AM
Rosendale, RichardVander Plaat Funeral Home12/28/201512:00 PM
Blum, MarcLouis Suburban Chapel12/26/201510:30 AM
Joyner, MargaretR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home12/23/201510:30 AM
Kuiken, JennieVander Plaat Funeral Home12/23/20151:30 PM
Dixon Jr., CharlesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/22/201510:00 AM
DeNegri, RuthVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/22/201511:45 AM
Balfour, DouglasVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/22/201511:15 AM
Aboyoun Jr., AlbertVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/22/201510:45 AM
Ayscue, ThomasCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/21/201510:00 AM
Spand, MyrtleGranby's Funeral Service12/21/201512:30 PM
Thomas, AsburyH.T. McCall's Funeral Home12/21/201510:30 AM
Figueroa, JuliaMartinez Memorial12/21/201510:30 AM
Joseph, StedmanBenta's Funeral Home12/19/201510:30 AM
Alcala, MariaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/19/201511:00 AM
Hall, EgbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/19/20158:30 AM
Laboy, MariaMartinez Memorial12/19/201510:30 AM
Lee, BerthaDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home12/17/20151:30 PM
Berrios, JosefaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home12/12/201510:30 AM
DeRoo, FlorenceVander Plaat Funeral Home12/12/201510:00 AM
Lopez, OtiliaAlvarez Funeral Home12/11/201510:30 AM
Mazyck, EllaMickey's Sunset Funeral Services12/10/20151:00 PM
Salmanowitz, HaleyBecker Funeral Home12/07/201512:15 AM
Manley, GeorgeJ. Foster Phillips Funeral Home12/07/201511:15 AM
Lopez, OscarMartinez Memorial12/07/201510:30 AM
Dickson, SoniaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/05/201511:45 AM
Hoogstra, EdwardFamily12/05/201510:00 AM
Spencer, QueenFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home12/05/201510:30 AM
Aponte, VirgilioMartinez Memorial12/05/201510:30 AM
Van Wyckhouse, EdwardMoore's Home for Funerals12/05/201511:00 AM
Loines, JohnBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/02/20152:00 PM
Harris, JamesOwens Funeral Home12/01/20151:00 PM
Brown, AllanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/30/20152:30 PM
Peele, GeraldineR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home11/30/201511:30 AM
Pitt, PhyllisFamily11/27/201511:00 AM
Ortiz, ArcadioMartinez Memorial11/23/201510:30 AM
Graves, RickyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/21/201510:30 AM
Gigli, BenedictFamily11/20/20151:00 PM
Brown, SarahFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home11/20/20151:00 PM
Lumsby, JeanBenta's Funeral Home11/18/201512:30 PM
Chavez, JuliaMarrocco Memorial Chapel11/18/201511:00 AM
Ladson, FrancesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/16/201511:00 AM
Virgo, JasperCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/14/201511:30 AM
Van Wyck, JacobVander May Funeral Home11/11/201511:30 AM
Clark, RoyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/10/20151:00 PM
Johnson, KeturahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/07/201510:30 AM
Davenport, JessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/07/201510:00 AM
Jordan, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/04/20151:00 PM
Van Grouw, LeonardVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/04/201511:15 AM
Berezni, LillianMoore's Home for Funerals11/03/201511:00 AM
Gatson, CarolynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/31/20159:00 AM
Rogers, AgnesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/31/201510:45 AM
Franklin Jr., JohnUnity Funeral Chapels10/30/20151:30 PM
Rooney, PatrickVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/30/201510:45 AM
Singer, AladinMichigan Funeral Home10/29/20151:30 PM
Wright, DorothyMarcus Jaskson Funeral Home10/28/20151:45 PM
McDowell, DarleneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/24/201510:30 AM
Loges, AdaFamily10/24/201510:45 AM
Turner Jr., ClarenceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/23/20151:30 PM
Deas, AlbertaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/23/20151:00 PM
Fabbro, GiuseppeFesta Funeral Home10/23/201511:15 AM
Weaver, HelenDavid Williams Funeral Home10/22/20152:00 PM
Melendez, IreneShook Funeral Home10/22/201511:30 AM
Borst Sr., HugoVander Plaat Funeral Home10/21/201511:30 AM
Birthwright, FlorenceGranby's Funeral Service10/20/201510:30 AM
Harrison, RubyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/15/20159:00 AM
Boone, DanielHellman Memorial Chapels10/15/20151:00 PM
Fly, MaryEarl I. Jones Funeral Home10/14/201510:00 AM
Gotlieb, NancyGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home10/14/201511:00 AM
Crespo, AntonioMartinez Memorial10/14/2015TBA
Baker, RobertBradley Stow Funeral Home10/12/201511:30 AM
Watson Jr., RufusCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/12/201512:45 PM
Roman, BettyFamily10/12/20152:00 PM
Morrison, HaroldFamily10/12/201511:00 AM
Morrison, DorothyFamily10/12/201511:00 AM
Morrison, HaroldFamily10/12/201511:00 AM
Morrison, DorothyFamily10/12/201511:00 AM
Baker, RobertFamily10/12/201511:30 AM
Rodriguez, KevinMartinez Memorial10/12/201511:00 AM
Pino, KevinMartinez Memorial10/12/201511:00 AM
Sanford, MargaretThe Derrick C. Jones Funeral10/12/201510:00 AM
Calo Sr., JuanFamily10/10/20159:30 AM
Cotman, AudreyUnity Funeral Chapels10/09/20152:00 PM
McMullen, JohnLawrence Woodward Funeral Home10/08/201511:30 AM
Rodriguez, EstherBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/07/201510:00 AM
Ortiz, ReyesAlvarez Funeral Home10/06/201511:30 AM
Rapp, PaulShikany's Bonita Funeral Home10/03/201511:00 AM
Hammond, SusieBenta's Funeral Home10/01/20151:00 PM
Holland, GeorgeSerenity Funeral Service10/01/201511:30 AM
Jager, MargaretBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/30/201511:30 AM
Colon, RosaNesbitt Funeral Home09/29/20151:30 PM
Johnson, GloriaEarl I. Jones Funeral Home09/26/201510:30 AM
Williams, ThomasSantangelo Funeral Home09/26/201510:00 AM
Froelich, WinifredVander Plaat Funeral Home09/26/201510:30 AM
Pryor, MinnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/25/201510:00 AM
Stapleton, OlaJenkins Funeral Chapel09/25/201511:30 AM
Hunt, EnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/24/20152:00 PM
Paul, CorlissAmsterdam Funeral Home09/19/201511:45 AM
Bennerson, AlbertaUnity Funeral Chapels09/19/201510:30 AM
Gimmi, CarmelaVander Plaat Funeral Home09/15/201512:15 PM
Garris, FannieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/14/20151:45 PM
Ruvolo, BeatriceVan Emburgh Funeral Home09/11/20151:00 PM
Ashley, MayCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/10/201510:00 AM
Bryant, KarenUnity Funeral Chapels09/10/20151:45 PM
DeLario, AngeloBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/08/201512:15 PM
Quinn, StephenPetrik Funeral Home09/08/201510:45 AM
Sapp, PatriciaH.T. McCall's Funeral Home09/04/201512:30 PM
Brown, WilburCarl C. Burnett Funeral Home08/28/20151:45 PM
Wallace, SarahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/24/201511:00 AM
Mitchell, VirginiaFamily08/22/2015Private
Van Buren, JosephVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/22/201510:30 AM
Van Buren, ShirleyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/22/201510:30 AM
Hansford, RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/19/201510:00 AM
Cook, MaryFamily08/18/2015Private
Scott, LeroyGranby's Funeral Service08/17/20151:00 PM
Rivera, SerafinMartinez Memorial08/17/201510:30 AM
Niles, RebekahBenta's Funeral Home08/14/20152:30 PM
Niles, RebekahBenta's Funeral Home08/14/20152:30 PM
Ross, DonaldBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/14/201511:45 PM
Davis, AnnabelleSchuyler Hill Funeral Home08/12/201511:30 AM
Storozuk, JamesVander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home08/07/201511:00 AM
Blum , WilliamFamily08/06/2015Private
Blum, ElisabethFamily08/06/2015Private
Blum, MaeFamily08/06/2015Private
Gonzalez, SandraFamily08/06/2015Private
Connell, VeronicaFamily08/05/201511:30 AM
Robinson, MaryUnity Funeral Chapels08/03/201512:00 PM
Hoffman, DanielVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/03/201511:30 AM
Riggins, AnnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/01/201510:45 AM
Choi, HyunkyeongFamily08/01/20159:00 AM
Campbell, CynthiaGranby's Funeral Service08/01/201512:00 PM
Tyson, BettyR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home08/01/201510:30 AM
Gordon, MaryStroyan Funeral Home08/01/20159:30 AM
Ruiz, AlyzaDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home07/31/201512:00 PM
Voorman, RussellVander Plaat Funeral Home07/30/201511:00 AM
Ward, RoyMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home07/29/20151:30 PM
Verduin, AnitaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home07/29/201511:30 AM
Armstrong, RonaldCamelot Funeral Home07/27/20152:30 PM
Howell, ElizabethOwens Funeral Home07/23/201512:30 PM
Mulder, HenderikaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home07/23/201510:45 AM
Jones, WhyanettaFamily07/21/201512:45 PM
Jackson, CarrieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/18/201510:15 AM
Callegari, HildaMartinez Memorial07/18/201510:30 AM
Nehrings, RobertBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/17/201511:45 AM
Feggins, DorisEarl I. Jones Funeral Home07/13/201512:45 PM
Berry, FrancesLawrence H. Woodward Home07/13/20152:00 PM
Birch, ChristopherOakland Memorial Home07/13/201511:30 AM
Brzezinski, GeorgineBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/11/201510:30 AM
Brzezinski, VictorBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/11/201510:30 AM
Williams, AmandaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/08/201512:30 PM
Murphy, LottieDekalb Funeral Home07/06/201511:00 AM
Sharif, MohammedCommunity Funeral Home07/01/20152:00 PM
Lee, SuadMichigan Memorial06/29/20151:30 PM
Edwards, RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/27/20152:30 PM
Tanis, HelenOlthuis Funeral Home06/25/201512:15 PM
Opromollo, AngelinaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home06/25/201512:15 PM
Dadika, VictorVander Plaat-Caggiano Home06/22/201511:00 AM
Poindexter, WillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/20/201510:45 AM
Prommel, WilliamBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/19/201511:45 AM
McDaniel, MarieR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home06/19/201511:00 AM
Egedy, JeanetteBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/18/201512:00 PM
Tourse , ClarenceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/17/20151:00 PM
McKenzie, OlishaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/17/20159:00 AM
Rogers, WillieGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home06/17/201512:15 PM
Godden, PatriciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/15/201511:30 AM
Everett, JeanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/15/20159:00 AM
Hundt, RichardConte Funeral Home06/13/201510:00 AM
Brau, GloriaFamily06/13/201510:30 AM
Crawford, KennethGodfrey Funeral Home06/13/201510:00 AM
Bacigalupo, ThomasVander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home06/13/201510:45 AM
Alexander, MarshaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/09/201510:00 AM
Southerland, PatriciaUnity Funeral Chapel06/09/20151:15 PM
Warren, FrancineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/03/20159:00 AM
Hansome, DianeBenta's Funeral Home06/02/20151:30 PM
Dantzler, DariusCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/30/201510:30 AM
Cole, MarcellaPlinton Curry Funeral Home05/30/20159:00 AM
Ruiz, WilliamMartinez Memorial05/27/201510:30 AM
Benites, AndreaAlvarez Funeral Home05/23/201510:30 AM
Davis, AudreyGranby's Funeral Service05/22/20151:30 PM
Humes, MarieS. McMillan Funeral Home05/18/201510:30 AM
Dalton, EzraBenta's Funeral Home05/16/201510:45 AM
Bowman, MamieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/16/20159:00 AM
Harper, LarryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/15/20151:45 PM
Tucker, JoanHorne-Dannecker Funeral Home05/15/201512:30 PM
Edmondson, GwendolynUnity Funeral Chapels05/15/20151:00 PM
Doss, DorothyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home05/15/201510:45 AM
Sampson, ClariceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/09/201510:30 AM
Sirico, DaisyFesta Funeral Home05/09/20151:00 PM
Hamilton, JeanetteVander Plaat-Caggiano Home05/08/20151:45 PM
Delgado, RaulAlvarez Funeral Home05/07/201510:00 AM
Smith, RoselleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/06/201510:00 AM
Smith, JordanBenta's Funeral Home05/05/20151:00 PM
Hamm, RobertR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home05/05/201511:00 AM
Magan, RogelioAlvarez Funeral Home05/04/20151:00 PM
Barth, GertrudBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/04/201511:30 AM
Griggs, IolaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/02/20159:00 AM
Tanis, CorneliusVander Plaat Funeral Home05/02/201512:30 PM
Cortes, JoseShook Funeral Home04/30/201511:15 AM
Leenheer, MildredKimak Funeral Home04/29/201511:15 AM
Goed, GeertjeHolcombe-Fisher Funeral Home04/28/201511:00 AM
Harris, AndreaUnity Funeral Chapels04/27/20152:00 PM
Berliner, JeanBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/25/201510:45 AM
Thomas Jr., CharlesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/25/20159:00 AM
Wolf, FlorenceVander Plaat-Caggiano Home04/24/20152:45 PM
Minott, ErnestUnity Funeral Chapels04/22/201512:00 PM
Nelson, MaryBenta's Funeral Home04/21/20151:00 PM
Wiersma, AlidaVander Plaat Funeral Home04/21/201511:15 AM
Graf, CarrieVander Plaat Memorial Home04/21/201511:30 AM
Castaneda, VivianBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/20/20151:15 PM
Preston, WilhelminaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/18/201510:30 AM
Banks Jr., DonaldCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/18/201510:30 AM
Johnson, VictoriaUnity Funeral Chapels04/17/20151:30 PM
Pagan, MariaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home04/13/201511:00 AM
Nero, DarrenVander Plaat Funeral Home04/13/201510:00 AM
Bradley, SamanthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/11/20159:00 AM
Holley, MarthaBenta's Funeral Home04/10/20151:00 PM
Taverna, WalterBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/10/201512:00 PM
Reyes, JaimeR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home04/10/20152:00 PM
Muniz, MargaritaAlvarez Funeral Home04/08/201510:30 AM
Reid, RoyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/07/201510:00 AM
Shuler, RosezinerBenta's Funeral Home04/02/201512:00 PM
Page, WillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/31/20152:00 PM
Adornetto, CharlesScanlan Funeral Home03/31/201510:00 AM
Crawford, ChristineUnity Funeral Chapels03/30/20152:00 PM
Woodson, GeorgiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/28/20159:00 AM
Chequetto, AzzieBailey's Funeral Home03/27/20152:00 PM
Felder, AlzenaGranby's Funeral Service03/26/20151:30 PM
Adorno, AngelMartinez Memorial03/26/201510:45 AM
Melendez, FelicitaMartinez Memorial03/26/201510:45 AM
Gaudart, AntoinetteVander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home03/26/201510:45 AM
Muscia, RoccoShook Funeral Home03/25/201512:30 PM
Taliaferro, CarrieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/20/20152:00 PM
Tigney, ClaudeEternity Funeral Home03/20/20151:30 PM
Vermeulen, MaryannStickle-Soltesz Funeral Home03/20/201512:30 PM
Thompson, HattieGranby's Funeral Service03/19/201512:15 PM
De Jesus, JesusMartinez Memorial03/18/201510:30 AM
Bolden , YvonneRoss-Roden Funeral Services03/17/201510:45 AM
Finney, BarbaraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/16/201510:00 AM
Smith, SusieMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/13/20152:00 PM
Moreno, FannyVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/10/201511:45 AM
Butyn, EleanorVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home03/10/2015Private
Davis, BessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/07/20159:00 AM
Nunez Sr., AlbertSantangelo Funeral Home03/07/201510:30 AM
Arlotta, LydiaBecker Funeral Home03/06/201511:30 AM
Jones, GraceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/06/201512:45 PM
Egedy, EugeneBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/04/201511:30 AM
Helen, MakFamily03/02/201511:00 AM
Mak, GeorgeFamily03/02/201511:00 AM
Deleon, JuanaFirst Avenue Funeral Service02/27/201511:00 AM
Duncan Sr., PaulCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/21/201510:45 AM
Rys, KennethEvergreen Memorial Funeral Home02/21/201511:00 AM
Felix, MariaFamily02/21/20159:30 AM
Evans, RosalieVan Emburgh Funeral Home02/21/20159:00 AM
Faulkner, MiltonBenta's Funeral Home02/20/201512:30 PM
O'Hagan, MichaelFamily02/19/201510:00 AM
Klepper, EverettFamily02/18/20158:00 AM
Mariano, JohannaGaita Memorial Home02/17/20152:00 PM
Crooks, ThomasVander May Funeral Home02/17/20152:30 PM
Pitts, HomerCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/12/20151:45 PM
Ellison, MessiahDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home02/11/20151:00 PM
Pinkney, AnthonyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/07/20159:00 AM
Boyd, KingCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/07/201510:30 AM
Gibbs, BertramVander Plaat Memorial Home02/07/201510:30 AM
Barclay, WilliamBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/06/201511:15 AM
Gueits, ElisaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home02/02/20152:00 PM
Clark, AdrianDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home01/31/201510:30 AM
Van Dyke, HelenVander Plaat Funeral Home01/30/201512:45 PM
Pryor, JamesStephen J. Priola Funeral Service01/26/20151:00 PM
Jenkins, RobertBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/24/201510:45 AM
Talmadge, Kia'maniCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/24/201510:30 AM
Callioni, AngeloStickle-Soltesz Funeral Home01/19/201512:15 PM
Roetman, ElizabethBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/17/20159:15 AM
Loh, ChynnaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/17/201510:45 AM
Snyder, EllenGranby's Funeral Service01/17/201510:15 AM
Tavoletto, MaryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/16/201510:15 AM
Brown, JohnThomas C. Montera Funeral Home01/16/201512:00 PM
Ellis, FrancesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/14/20159:00 AM
West, AnnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/10/201510:45 AM
Thompson, GeorgeH.T. McCall's Funeral Home01/10/201510:30 AM
Mallqui, MariaAlvarez Funeral Home01/09/201511:45 AM
Howard, JoanUnity Funeral Chapels01/09/201512:30 PM
Rozier, LorineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/08/20151:45 PM
Hines, ClaraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/08/201510:00 AM
Vicente, SallyManke Memorial01/03/201510:30 AM
Dyson, ElnoraOwens Funeral Home01/03/201512:45 PM
Brockington Jr., ThomasBenta's Funeral Home12/31/201412:45 PM
Robinson, ElmiraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/30/20142:00 PM
Clayton, EllaNesbitt Funeral Home12/30/20141:30 PM
Daye, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/29/20142:00 PM
Reels, GeorgeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/29/20142:00 PM
Gifuni, DorothyFamily12/27/201410:30 AM
Bushoven, CorneliusVander Plaat Funeral Home12/27/201410:30 AM
White, CorneliaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/23/201412:45 PM
Reyes, ErnestoMartinez Memorial12/22/201411:15 AM
Gaffney, VincentinaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/22/201410:45 AM
Joustra, HenryVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/22/20149:30 AM
Nagelhout, JohnBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/20/201411:30 AM
Williams, EvelynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/20/20149:00 AM
Page, JimmieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/19/20142:00 PM
Nelson Sr., PeterEast End Funeral Home12/19/20141:15 PM
Williams, DexterGranby's Funeral Service12/19/201411:30 AM
Martin, CiraAlvarez Funeral Home12/18/201410:30 AM
Shortway, MaryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/18/201412:15 PM
Hammond, JameirCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/15/20142:00 PM
Correa, ErnestoFamily12/13/201410:00 AM
Boyd, JacquelynOwens Funeral Home12/12/20141:45 PM
Doering, OliveRichards Funeral Home12/12/201411:45 AM
La Barck Sr., JamesVander May Funeral Home12/12/201412:00 PM
McFalls, MichaelScanlan Funeral Home12/11/201411:30 AM
Montoya, BeatrizAlvarez Funeral Home12/10/201411:15 AM
Gordon, MaryHiggins Home for Funerals12/10/20141:00 PM
Campbell, TonyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/04/20142:00 PM
Jackson, RebeccaNesbitt Funeral Home12/04/20141:00 PM
Soto, EladiaMartinez Memorial12/03/201411:30 AM
Sanders Jr., RussellCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/01/201410:00 AM
Risher, JohnnieDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home12/01/201410:00 AM
Clark, OmarDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home11/29/201410:30 AM
Ibanez, CarmenMartinez Memorial11/29/201410:45 AM
Rosa, AnaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home11/29/201411:45 AM
Ghandour, ThereseVander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home11/29/201410:45 AM
Hinojosa, OlgaMartinez Memorial11/28/201410:30 AM
Counterman, WilbertMoore's Home for Funerals11/26/201410:00 AM
Paul, MargaretOlthius Funeral Home11/25/201411:30 AM
Talford, WilliamBennie Smith Funeral Home11/24/20141:00 PM
Alexander, JoannCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/15/201410:30 AM
Mitchell, TroyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/15/20149:00 AM
Rouse, AlexandriaBenta's Funeral Home11/14/201412:45 PM
Tmu, MeriArmstrong Funeral Home11/10/201411:00 AM
Fisher, BarbaraJ. Foster Phillips11/03/20142:00 PM
Richardson, CindyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/01/201410:45 AM
Carter, CarolynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/01/20149:00 AM
Edwards, SarahE. L. George Funeral Home11/01/201412:00 PM
Rivera, JuanitaMartinez Memorial10/30/201410:30 AM
Kenan, VirginiaTrumbo Funeral Chapel10/30/201410:30 AM
Thomas, VanderJagtScanlan Funeral Home10/28/201410:30 AM
Sanders, LuluGranby's Funeral Home10/27/20142:15 PM
Coleman, RobertOwens Funeral Service10/27/20141:15 PM
Artis, LynetteCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/23/201410:45 AM
Anderson, FelixCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/23/20142:00 PM
Plavier, ElaineBizub-Quinlan Funeral Home10/22/201411:00 AM
Graham, AgnesAllwood Funeral Home10/17/20141:15 PM
Smalls, ViolaBenta's Funeral Home10/11/201410:30 AM
Schoonajongen, AdriannaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/11/201410:30 AM
Conyers, AnnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/11/20149:00 AM
Pugh, BeatriceFairhaven Funeral Chapel10/11/201411:00 AM
Bauer, GeorgeLouis Suburban Chapel10/11/201412:00 PM
Copeland, VirginiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/10/20141:15 PM
Denman , RobertVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/09/201412:00 PM
Humphries, ElsieDavid Davis, Jr. and Sons Funeral Home10/08/20141:45 PM
Dawson, CharlesBenta's Funeral Home10/07/201412:30 PM
Gary, AundreaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/06/20149:00 AM
Nichols, PettizenaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/04/201410:30 AM
Jackson, RooseveltCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/03/20142:00 PM
Rios Jr., AndrewMartinez Memorial10/03/201411:30 AM
Bugg, NazerahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/02/20142:00 PM
Alston, JessicaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home10/02/201412:30 PM
Fullard, AgnesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/29/201410:00 AM
Sutton, JessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/29/20141:30 PM
Malda, BernardVander Plaat Funeral Home09/27/201410:30 AM
Lodges, JosephFamily09/20/20149:00 AM
Hollingsworth, MarjorieGranby's Funeral Service09/19/201412:45 PM
Dingwall, IvyCastle Hill Funeral Home09/17/201412:00 PM
Valdez, RamonScillieri Funeral Home09/17/20142:15 PM
Moore, DianaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/13/20149:00 AM
Stevens, DeborahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/13/20149:00 AM
Tanis, KennethVander Plaat Funeral Home09/13/201410:00 AM
Breeman, WalterLazear-Smith & Vander Plaat Home09/12/2014Private
Rivens, MinnieRaymond L. Frost Funeral Home09/12/20141:00 PM
Gillispie, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/09/20142:00 PM
Jones, RobertWoody Home for Services09/08/201412:30 PM
Vela, FranciscaMartinez Memorial09/06/201410:45 AM
Lovell, DavidFamily09/05/201411:00 AM
Jones, MarleneFamily09/05/201410:00 AM
Holloway, RaymondGranby's Funeral Service09/04/20141:45 PM
Rink, JohnVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home09/04/201411:00 AM
Van Grouw Jr., AlfredVander Plaat Funeral Home09/03/20141:30 PM
Isley, InezBenta's Funeral Home08/28/20142:00 PM
Leonard, MurielBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/28/201411:45 AM
Greydanus, MadelineVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/23/201411:30 AM
Mendez, OtiliaMartinez Memorial08/22/201410:30 AM
Shucai, SamihaMichigan Memorial08/22/20142:45 PM
Stroughn, HermanNesbitt Funeral Home08/21/20141:30 PM
Southway, BeatriceVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/21/201411:30 AM
Rodriguez, GloriaScillieri Funeral Home08/14/201410:15 AM
McCabe, MarnaFamily08/11/201411:00 AM
Lyttle, MamieUnity Funeral Chapels08/09/201410:30 AM
Diaz, OrlandoVander Plaat Memorial Home08/08/201411:15 AM
Fredericks, ArthurBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/07/20141:00 PM
Greendyk, HarveyFamily08/06/201411:15 AM
Huffin, RonaldCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/05/20149:00 AM
Dover, WesleyNesbitt Funeral Home08/04/201411:30 AM
Holland, JamesUnity Funeral Chapels08/04/201410:00 AM
Colcloughly, EverlineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/29/20149:00 AM
Galindo, RafaelAlvarez Funeral Home07/28/201410:30 AM
Boatwright, EdithBailey's Funeral Home07/26/20141:00 PM
Hicks, BerniceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/26/201410:30 AM
Purnell, MaryMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home07/26/201410:45 AM
Reed, JamesOwens Funeral Home07/26/201412:45 PM
Pena, BerniceArmstrong Funeral Home07/24/20141:00 PM
Bethune, RonnieRowe Lanterman Home for Funeral07/24/20142:30 PM
Williams, AudreyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/22/201412:30 PM
Osborne, GarnetRichards Funeral Home07/21/201412:15 PM
Winfield, JamesVanella's Funeral Chapel07/21/201412:15 PM
Moore, CozieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/19/201410:30 AM
Raphael, NoahGranby's Funeral Service07/19/201410:30 AM
Raphael, IeshiaGranby's Funeral Service07/19/201410:30 AM
Mendez, LizzieMartinez Memorial07/19/201410:00 AM
Rascio, JosephScillieri Funeral Home07/17/201410:00 AM
Calderaro, RitaFamily07/15/201411:00 AM
Gutierrez, BohemiaScillieri Funeral Home07/14/201412:00 PM
Martinez, AngelMartinez Memoiral07/12/201410:45 AM
Dobrzynski, AntoinetteVander Plaat-Caggiano Home07/12/201410:45 AM
Weber, JamesFeeney Funeral Home07/10/201411:30 AM
Selby, SolomonColonial Funeral Home07/05/201410:45 AM
Myers, LawrenceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/03/201410:00 AM
Caldwell, FrancesOwens Funeral Home07/01/20141:45 PM
Rolnik, HenryDay Funeral Home06/30/201411:00 AM
Nightengale, MargaretLawrence H. Woodward Home06/30/20142:00 PM
Ebrahimi, ThomasVander Plaat Funeral Home06/30/201410:45 AM
Van Heemst, JuliaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/27/201410:00 AM
Brown, DeborahUnity Funeral Chapels06/27/201412:30 PM
Artis, PatriciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/26/20141:00 PM
Smith, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/25/20141:00 PM
Brevard, RebeccaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/24/20141:30 PM
Frye, SusieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/23/20149:00 AM
Addison, DorothyUnity Funeral Chapels06/23/20142:30 PM
Cammack, AnnieBenta's Funeral Home06/21/201410:15 AM
Frierson, MildredCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/21/201410:30 AM
Paterson, MarionBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/20/201411:45 AM
Anthony, MableUnity Funeral Chapels06/20/201411:45 AM
Kuiken Jr., EdwardVander Plaat Funeral Home06/18/201411:15 AM
Chaplin, PaulUnity Funeral Chapels06/12/20142:15 PM
Henry, GraceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/11/201412:30 PM
Varrecchia, MargaretSantangelo Funeral Home06/11/201412:45 PM
Hines, JacquelineFirst Avenue Funeral Service06/10/201411:30 AM
Martignetti, LydiaVander May Funeral Home06/09/201411:15 AM
Schaper, SamuelVander Plaat Funeral Home06/06/201411:15 AM
Hardenberg, LorettaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/02/201411:15 AM
Mitchell, EmmaH.T. McCall's Funeral Home06/02/201410:00 AM
Van Slooten, DorotheaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/31/201410:45 AM
Garritano, LuigiAK Macagna Funeral Home05/28/201411:45 AM
Sanchez, MarinaScillieri Funeral Home05/28/201411:15 AM
Gardner, EstherAmsterdam Funeral Home05/24/201410:45 AM
Rowe, CharlesFamily05/23/201410:00 AM
Battle, BeatriceUnity Funeral Chapels05/23/20142:30 PM
Heykoop, RinaVander May Funeral Home05/22/201411:30 AM
Van Buiten, HesterVander Plaat Memorial Home05/22/201410:00 AM
McDonald, IreneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/17/201410:30 AM
Williams, BessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/17/201412:00 PM
Williams, LucilleMadonna Funeral Home05/16/201410:30 AM
Fox, MaryPaul Ippolito Funeral Home05/16/201412:00 PM
McCoy, DouglasCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/15/201412:45 PM
Harris, HarryVander Plaat-Caggiano Home05/13/201411:45 AM
Burrows, HenriettaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home05/09/201411:00 AM
Brown, MichelleUnity Funeral Chapels05/08/20141:30 PM
Cumberbatch, PatriciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/07/201412:15 PM
Killingsworth, BarbaraAlleva Funeral Home05/05/201412:30 PM
Coley, MaggieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/05/20141:45 PM
Wilson, NellieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/05/20149:00 AM
Alston, MelvinH.T. McCall's Funeral Home05/05/20141:00 PM
Xhudo, MichaelCommunity Funeral Home05/03/201410:30 AM
Mallory, CarrieLee O. Wood Funeral Home05/03/201410:45 AM
Herget, NormanStickle-Soltesz Funeral Home05/02/201411:00 AM
Lewis, LauraUnity Funeral Chapels05/02/201410:30 AM
Lewis, LenaJames L. Perkins Funeral Home04/29/20141:00 PM
Frierson, LutherCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/28/201410:00 AM
Rivera, IrisF. Ruggiero & Sons04/25/201412:00 PM
Allen, AnnieGranby's Funeral Home04/25/201412:00 PM
Dykhouse, JacobVander Plaat Funeral Home04/24/201412:45 PM
Wilson, PauletteCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/19/201410:30 AM
Chandler, RobertBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/16/201410:45 AM
Jenkins, EllaVolk Leber Funeral Home04/15/201410:30 AM
Kotz, LeonardLouis Suburban Chapel04/14/20141:45 PM
Hulin, PearlineR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home04/14/20141:00 PM
Gilliam, AdellFamily04/12/201410:30 AM
Brown, ConstanceOwens Funeral Home04/12/20141:00 PM
Everett, JoannBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/11/20142:45 PM
Blake, LornaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/11/201410:30 AM
Shortway, HarryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/11/201411:15 AM
Henry, ValerieEarl I. Jones Funeral Home04/11/201410:00 AM
Alcalde, IrmaMartinez Memorial04/07/201410:30 AM
Gomez, BerniceBenta's Funeral Home04/03/201410:30 AM
Cruz, SantaScillieri Funeral Home04/03/201411:15 AM
Goff, AnnabelleGranby's Funeral Home04/02/20141:30 PM
Lewis, JoanMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home04/02/201412:30 PM
Ross, GeorginaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/01/201411:45 AM
Duval, CarlWilson-Apple Funeral Home03/31/201412:15 PM
Floyd, CherylCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/29/201410:30 AM
Morgan, GloriaTrumbo Funeral Chapel03/29/201410:30 AM
Penny, EdithLewis Funeral Service03/28/201411:30 AM
Van Housen, HarrietWhitham-Kanapaux Funeral Home03/28/201410:45 AM
Van Elswyk, AbrahamVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/26/201410:30 AM
Wimberly, LucyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/25/20149:00 AM
Wimberly, FlorineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/24/201410:00 AM
Ortiz, EmilioMartinez Memorial03/22/201410:30 AM
Kuiken Jr., RichardBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/19/201411:30 AM
Pierce, ChristopherCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/18/201410:00 AM
Gee, JimmieEternity Funeral Home03/17/20141:45 PM
Thompson, JuliusUnity Funeral Chapels03/17/201411:45 AM
Van Beekum, PaulineVander Plaat Funeral Home03/17/201411:30 AM
Mitchell, DianeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/15/201410:00 AM
DeBruin, DorothyVander Plaat Funeral Home03/15/201410:30 AM
Norma, TurnerA Barrett Funeral Home03/14/20141:00 PM
Jones, LillianCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/14/20141:45 PM
Bobbitt, BruceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/11/20141:00 PM
Rozon, RafaelScillieri Funeral Home03/10/201411:15 AM
Cornish, HenryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/08/201410:00 AM
Ingram, RethaUnity Funeral Chapels03/07/20141:15 PM
Price, LeviCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/01/201410:00 AM
Vander Weide, KathrynBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/24/201412:15 AM
Greene, IrisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/24/20142:00 PM
Hynes, KirkCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/22/201410:00 AM
McQueen, AlineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/22/20149:00 AM
Nia, KarimCommunity Funeral Home02/22/201410:00 AM
Sirico, JohnFesta Funeral Home02/22/20143:00 PM
Dubowick, SophieVander Plaat-Caggiano Home02/22/201412:45 PM
Jones, AnnieWoody Home for Services02/17/20141:30 PM
Sharpe, CorrieInterboro Funeral Home02/15/201410:00 AM
Hill, RobertUnity Funeral Chapels02/14/20142:00 PM
Cauwenberghs, HenryVander May Funeral Home02/14/201411:30 AM
Salmond, DavidAloia Funeral Home02/12/201411:00 AM
Brown, NaomiUnity Funeral Chapels02/11/20141:00 PM
Mastrogiovanni, JoanBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/10/201412:00 PM
Keith, LloydCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/08/201410:30 AM
Jeske, DorisVander Plaat-Caggiano Home02/08/201410:45 AM
Buxton, JohnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/05/201412:45 PM
Pineda, JorgeMartinez Memorial02/04/201411:30 AM
Davidson, LisaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/03/20149:00 AM
Lake, MiriamBenta's Funeral Home02/01/201412:00 PM
Sims, JohnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/31/20141:45 PM
Ferrer, FernandoR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home01/31/201411:30 AM
Grant, BettyeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/30/201412:30 PM
Harris, GaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/30/201412:00 PM
Williams, BettyH.T. McCall's Funeral Home01/30/201412:00 PM
Shayland, LamontCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/27/20142:30 PM
Brown, PatriciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/25/20149:00 AM
Duignan, AnnHanley Funeral Home01/25/201410:45 AM
Thorpe, RebeccaJohn B. Houston Funeral Home01/25/201410:45 AM
Johnson, GeorgiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/24/20142:30 PM
Johnson, JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/24/20141:45 PM
Watnick, AnitaFamily01/23/20149:30 AM
Lett, MarionUnity Funeral Chapels01/23/20141:45 PM
Jacobs, JanieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/20/20149:00 AM
Manganini, MarshaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/20/201411:00 AM
Garcia, GianniMartinez Memorial01/18/201410:15 AM
Quinones, RuthMartinez Memorial01/16/201411:00 AM
Stancil, AnnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/11/20149:00 AM
Wadley, PaulineGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home01/11/201412:00 PM
Stoel, JeanetteVander Plaat Funeral Home01/11/201410:45 AM
Manley, EthelJ. Foster Phillips Funeral Home01/10/20141:30 PM
Lowery, AnnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/07/201410:00 AM
Godwin Jr., DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/04/201410:30 AM
Prommel, LenaQuinn Hopping Funeral Home01/04/201411:45 AM
Van Duren, ArthurBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/30/201311:45 AM
King, SheilaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/30/20139:00 AM
Sanders, FlorenceVander Plaat Funeral Home12/28/201312:30 PM
Jones-King, SharonOwens Funeral Home12/27/20131:15 PM
Scott, RosemaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/24/201311:45 AM
Stephens, AnnieOwens Funeral Home12/21/20131:00 PM
Holmes, VivianOwens Funeral Home12/21/20131:00 PM
Morgan, JamesTrumbo Funeral Chapel12/21/201310:30 AM
Mabry, GloriaBenta's Funeral Home12/20/20131:45 PM
Wielgus, BarbaraVander May Funeral Home12/20/201312:30 PM
Thomas, MargueriteJames L. Perkins Funeral Home12/19/20131:30 PM
Frierson, YolandaFrank R. Bell Funeral Home12/18/20131:30 PM
Barnes Jr., CharlesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/17/20139:00 AM
Canady, TahirCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/17/20132:00 PM
Kechejian, YeranuhiVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/17/201312:00 PM
Williams Sr, IsaiahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/16/201311:45 AM
Brown, JosephScarr Funeral Home12/16/201310:00 AM
Negron, JosefaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/14/201310:00 AM
Phillips, GeorgeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/10/201311:30 AM
Lageveen, AnnaDeGraff Lakehurst Funeral Home12/10/20131:00 PM
Westra, GeraldineVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/09/201310:00 AM
Ingarm, ShareeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/07/201310:00 AM
Smith, MelvinaBenta's Funeral Home12/05/20131:30 PM
Hawkins, MaryH.T. McCall's Funeral Home12/05/20131:00 PM
Perez, SantosCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/04/20132:00 PM
Nash, WilliamVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/30/201310:45 AM
Sheikh, RashidaCommunity Funeral Home11/27/20131:45 PM
Dunning, MatildaVander May Funeral Home11/27/20132:15 PM
Warren, MichelleEarl Jones Funeral Home11/25/201310:00 AM
Davis, EllenFamily11/21/201311:00 AM
Jackson, CynthiaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home11/19/20132:00 PM
Harris, CliffordAlvarez Funeral Home11/18/201310:00 AM
Hall, JadenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/09/201310:45 AM
Pryor, BookerCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/06/20139:00 AM
Molina, DamaryAlvarez Funeral Home11/05/201310:00 AM
Gordon, EllenBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/04/201312:15 PM
Mirrer, WalterBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/04/201311:15 AM
Ingram, BrendaGranby's Funeral Home11/01/20131:45 PM
Ponces, AleisakaMartinez Memorial11/01/201311:30 AM
Muhlback Sr., ErnestVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/29/201311:15 AM
Hidalgo, MariaAloia Funeral Home10/28/201312:00 PM
Rios, EddieBalsamo Funeral Home10/28/201311:45 AM
Smith, Willie MaeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/28/20132:00 PM
Jackson, MarlonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/26/201310:30 AM
McKinley, JerryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/25/201310:00 AM
Vasconcello, WilliamsMartinez Memorial10/25/201311:00 AM
Mitchell, RosamaeGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home10/23/201311:00 AM
Thomas, PeggyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/22/20131:45 PM
Orozco, SaraCommunity Funeral Home10/22/201311:30 AM
Taylor, TimothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/19/20139:00 AM
Doughty, WilhelmeniaUnity Funeral Chapels10/19/201310:30 AM
Boucarut, KnollieWoodward Funeral Home10/19/201311:00 AM
Moore, KyleBenta's Funeral Home10/15/20131:30 PM
Randolph, EssieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/14/20131:45 PM
Connelly, VeraLeber Funeral Home10/14/201312:00 PM
Merritt, VeldaAmsterdam Funeral Home10/11/201311:00 AM
Anderson Sr., ThomasBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/10/201310:45 AM
Shipman, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/10/201310:30 AM
Malikoski, AnnaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/08/201310:30 AM
Hearns, EstherCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/08/201312:00 PM
Sowma, DorisOakland Funeral Home10/08/201311:00 AM
Michalski, ShirleyVander Plaat Memorial Home10/07/201311:30 AM
Michalski Sr., CharlesVander Plaat Memorial Home10/07/201311:30 AM
Goodlett, JohnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/05/201310:30 AM
Adkins, NicoleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/05/20139:00 AM
Wattez, DavidVander Plaat Memorial Home10/05/201310:00 AM
Lynah, AnnaBarney T. McClanahan Funeral10/04/201312:30 PM
Lee, JanetGranby's Funeral Service10/04/20132:00 PM
Mears, MyraOwens Funeral Home10/04/20131:45 PM
Shortway, PeterVander Plaat Memorial Home09/28/201311:15 AM
Jenkins, RichardUnity Funeral Chapels09/25/201310:45 AM
Stokes, EdnaBenta's Funeral Home09/21/201310:30 AM
Mc Kenzie, BeronzyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/21/20139:00 PM
Fletcher, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/20/20131:00 PM
Henderson, MyrleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/20/201312:30 PM
Coyler, LenaDenis S. O'Connor Funeral Home09/19/201310:30 AM
Brown, DoloresBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/18/201311:30 AM
Kim, YoungFamily09/16/201311:00 AM
Lopez, JesusScillieri Funeral Home09/16/201310:30 AM
Cook, ElizabethCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/12/20131:30 PM
Vander Wall, ClaraBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/10/201311:45 AM
Moody, JannieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/09/20131:45 PM
Phillips, CatherineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/09/20139:00 AM
Pinand, HerthaSmith-Mccracken Funeral Home09/09/201310:00 AM
Sibilia, FrancescoBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/07/201310:30 AM
Stewart, OmarCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/07/201310:30 AM
Gadson Sr., GeorgeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/06/201310:00 AM
Young, RobertConte Funeral Home09/03/201311:00 AM
Edwards, MargaretCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/31/20139:00 AM
Anthony, RobbinOwens Funeral Home08/31/201310:45 AM
Bouma, WalterBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/30/201310:30 AM
Mc Williams, EthelBenta's Funeral Home08/28/201311:15 AM
Van Grouw, MargaretVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/28/201311:00 AM
Jackson, MildredCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/26/201310:00 AM
Corzo, RodolfoScillieri Funeral Home08/26/201310:15 AM
Way, JosephOwens Funeral Home08/24/20132:00 PM
Mitchell, RonaldOwens Funeral Home08/23/20131:30 PM
Piro, FrancisBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/22/201311:00 AM
Vandenberg, Marg-Browning Forshay Funeral Home08/21/20132:00 PM
De Ruiter, MinaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/20/20132:00 PM
Harkley, BessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/20/20139:00 AM
Otte Jr, JosephCommunity Funeral Home08/17/201310:30 AM
Pereira, GeorginaFamily08/17/201310:00 AM
Sanchez, LuzScillieri Funeral Home08/17/201310:30 AM
Shortway, JohannaVander Plaat Memorial Home08/17/201310:15 AM
Hightower, LoraCotton Funeral Home08/16/20131:00 PM
Nelson Jr., PeterEast End Funeral Home08/15/20131:30 PM
Sackett, WilliamVander May Funeral Home08/14/201311:15 AM
Nichols, TrumanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/10/201310:45 AM
Brown, MarkCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/10/201310:00 AM
Connor, CatherineFamily08/10/201310:30 AM
Shannon, RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/08/20131:00 PM
Gnade, DorothyVander Plaat Funeral Home08/07/201312:15 PM
Nicoleau, VivianJenkins Funeral Home08/06/20131:45 PM
Sims, LouisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/05/20131:45 AM
Bonner, JoiFamily08/05/201311:00 AM
Mattiex, JuneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/03/201310:45 AM
Solomon, AdamCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/01/20132:00 PM
Lett, LorraineUnity Funeral Chapels07/30/20132:00 PM
De Bel, EliasVander May Funeral Home07/30/201311:30 AM
Josey, WalterCushnie-Houston Funeral Home07/27/201310:45 AM
Boles, LediaBailey's Funeral Home07/23/20131:30 PM
Struck, StuartVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home07/23/201311:00 AM
Blacknall, BenjaminMadonna Funeral Home07/22/20132:00 PM
Williams, QueenUnity Funeral Chapels07/20/201311:30 AM
Harris Jr., MarkCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/19/20132:00 PM
Kelley, RoseCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/19/20139:00 AM
Keith, ThelmaOwens Funeral Home07/19/20132:00 PM
Allen, BettyOwens Funeral Home07/19/20132:00 PM
Santana, EsterR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home07/19/20132:00 PM
Gray, EthelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/13/201311:00 AM
Cruz, RamonMartinez Memorial07/13/201310:45 AM
Smith, DeloresCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/12/20131:45 PM
Witter, OdessaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home07/12/201311:00 AM
Starr, MyrtleUnity Funeral Chapels07/09/2013TBA
Bryan, DishaunCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/06/201310:30 AM
Hoket, FatimahCommunity Funeral Home07/01/20132:00 PM
Miller, SarahOwens Funeral Home07/01/20131:45 PM
Floyd, LauraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/28/20139:00 AM
Nauta, DorothyFamily06/28/201310:30 AM
Torres, CarmenJorge Rivera Funeral Home06/27/20131:00 PM
Henderson, DanielVolk Leber Funeral Home06/25/20131:00 PM
DeRaadt, MetaFamily06/22/20139:00 AM
DeRaadt, PleumFamily06/22/20139:00 AM
McCutcheon Jr., HerbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/21/20139:00 AM
McNeil, PauletteUnity Funeral Chapels06/21/20132:00 PM
Holloway, LonnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/20/20131:30 PM
Dipasquale, OrlandoVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home06/18/201311:15 AM
Lindsey, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/15/201310:30 AM
Tanis, DonaldVander May Funeral Home06/15/201310:30 AM
Mills, AllisonVander Plaat-Caggiano Home06/15/201310:30 AM
Moore, DavillaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/13/201310:00 AM
Williams, PatriciaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home06/13/201312:00 PM
Riley, SarahGranby's Funeral Home06/12/201311:30 AM
Oostdyk, GertrudeVander Plaat Memorial Home06/12/201312:00 PM
Coe-Mitchell, VaniaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/10/20131:30 PM
Simmons, VersertileMarion A. Daniels and Sons Home06/10/201311:00 AM
Sandoval, ElviaMartinez Memorial06/08/201310:45 AM
Parker, PecolaPaul Lane Funeral Home06/06/20131:30 PM
Thompson, ElizabethMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home06/05/20131:30 PM
Horton, EttaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/04/20139:00 AM
De Grezia, ConcettaFamily06/01/201310:45 AM
DeNully, EdmundFamily06/01/201310:30 AM
Bazeras, JuanFesta Funeral Home06/01/201310:45 AM
Mamkej, AladinMichigan Memorial05/30/20133:30 PM
Dyk, DorisVander Plaat Funeral Home05/30/20139:30 AM
De Lario Sr., MichaelBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/29/201311:00 AM
Weigers, HerminaBuma Funeral Home05/29/201311:00 AM
Brown, DaphneyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/25/201310:30 AM
Hall, BeulahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/20/20131:00 PM
Tugman, La FontCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/18/20139:00 AM
Ellis, RosaFairhaven Funeral Chapel05/18/201310:30 AM
Vandenberg, AudreyFamily05/18/201310:30 AM
James, LeonaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/17/20132:00 PM
Parks, MaryUnity Funeral Chapels05/15/20131:00 PM
Borduin, PeterVander Plaat Funeral Home05/14/20139:30 AM
Montoya, FlorenciaScillieri Funeral Home05/13/20131:00 PM
Elshout, JoanVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home05/13/201312:00 PM
Vander Wall, NicholasBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/11/201310:30 AM
Sturdivant, EddieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/11/20139:00 AM
Bethea, ChristopherCushnie-Houston Funeral Home05/11/201310:45 AM
Nunez, AlbertoAlvarez Funeral Home05/08/201311:00 AM
Kievet, RuthVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home05/08/201310:30 AM
Robinson, OdessaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/06/201310:00 AM
Ortiz , TeresaMartinez Memorial05/04/201310:30 AM
Ortiz, TeresaMartinez Memorial05/04/201310:30 AM
Vermeulen, MyrtleVander Plaat Memorial Home05/04/201311:00 AM
Bell, HowardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/03/20131:15 PM
Susko, FrancesRichards Funeral Home05/03/201311:00 AM
Velez, MariaMartinez Memorial05/01/201311:00 AM
Day, DorothyUnity Funeral Chapel05/01/20131:30 PM
Zouroum, ChukriMichigan Memorial04/27/201310:30 AM
Cook, EdwardFamily04/23/20139:15 AM
Shannon, StanleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/22/201310:00 AM
Williams, VernelleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/20/20139:00 AM
McCray, LamarCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/20/20139:30 AM
Searchwell, MaryGriffin-Peters Funeral Home04/19/201311:45 AM
Shay, SandraEternity Funeral Home04/18/20131:30 PM
Perry, DorisVolk Leber Funeral Home04/18/20131:00 PM
Harris, WillieEarl I. Jones Funeral Home04/16/201310:00 AM
Middleton, TomasenaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/15/20131:45 PM
Houtsma, MatildaFamily04/15/20132:45 PM
Porcha, ThelmaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/13/20139:00 AM
Hill, KeshawnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/13/20139:00 AM
Greene, RichardFamily04/13/201310:00 AM
Santiago, RoseliaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home04/12/2013TBA
Veger, MarinaLouis Suburban Funeral Home04/10/201311:00 AM
Nadler, HildegardFamily04/09/201310:00 AM
Coleman, Jeh-SaiCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/08/201311:15 AM
Bush, HarryVander Plaat-Caggiano Home04/08/201311:15 AM
Boggs, TennerS. McMillan Funeral Home04/05/201312:45 PM
Egedy, PeterBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/03/201310:45 AM
Primus, MarieolynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/03/201311:45 AM
Ryan, Mary AnnBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/02/201310:45 AM
Huizenga, JohnVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/02/20139:30 AM
Schouten, JohnBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/01/201311:45 AM
Williams, AugustusRaymond L. Frost Services04/01/201312:30 PM
Simmons, MyrtleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/30/201310:30 AM
Zapata, RosaFamily03/30/201310:00 AM
Edouard, MarieScillieri Funeral Home03/30/201310:00 AM
Sulton, AnnBenta's Funeral Home03/28/201311:00 AM
Clark, MicheleMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/28/201312:30 PM
Mordecai, ShirleyBenta's Funeral Home03/26/20131:00 PM
Austin, DorothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/26/20139:00 AM
Dykhouse, HaroldOlthius Funeral Home03/26/201312:15 PM
Smith, InezOwens Funeral Home03/26/20131:15 PM
Requena, ClareVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/26/201310:45 AM
Watkins, CarolynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/25/20131:30 PM
Shavuo-Goodwin, DonnaMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/25/20132:45 PM
Reade, ShirleyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/23/201310:45 AM
Hunter, DennisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/23/201311:45 AM
Hunter, BarbaraOwens Funeral Home03/22/20131:30 PM
Liles, LouizerCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/21/201310:00 AM
Floyd, EstelleFairhaven Funeral Chapel03/19/20132:30 PM
Orr, RobertVander Plaat-Cagginao Home03/19/201311:30 AM
Davis, BerniceR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home03/15/20132:00 PM
Warin, StephenGoble Funeral Home03/12/20131:00 PM
Wolfe, DenaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/08/201310:45 AM
King, DorisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/08/20131:45 PM
Fabor, MercedesScillieri Funeral Home03/07/201311:30 AM
Ackershoek, MargaretVander May Funeral Home03/05/201312:30 PM
Wagoner, JeanCochran Funeral Home03/02/201310:45 AM
Klein, RuthMoore's Funeral Home02/26/201312:15 PM
Rivera, AlbertoAlvarez Funeral Home02/25/201311:30 AM
Bucknor, TheresaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/25/201310:00 AM
Huddleston, ErnestFamily02/25/201310:00 AM
Byrd, ElishiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/23/20139:00 AM
Jones, WilliamNaughton Brothers Funeral Home02/23/201310:00 AM
Holmes, KevinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/21/201310:00 AM
Oden, LillieRoy L. Gilmore Funeral Home02/15/201312:30 PM
Canady, AllenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/13/20138:30 AM
Canady, David MCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/13/20138:30 AM
Canady , DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/13/20138:30 AM
Stevens, JanetConte Funeral Home02/12/201311:45 AM
Gomez, IsabelScillieri Funeral Home02/12/201311:00 AM
Curry, FannieUnity Funeral Chapels02/12/201311:00 AM
Dworetzky, KatherineVander Plaat-Caggiano Home02/12/201311:30 AM
Reed, PiccolaRoy L. Gilmore Funeral Home02/11/201311:45 AM
Jenkins, PearlinaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/04/201310:45 AM
Salahuddin, AmeerCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/25/2013TBA
Taylor, IvoryUnity Funeral Chapels01/25/201311:45 AM
Cooper, HermanMastapeter Funeral Home01/24/201312:30 PM
Hernandez, ValentinaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home01/24/20132:00 PM
Hayes, WilbertWoody Home for Services01/24/20131:15 PM
Nucci, AugustaD'Agostino Funeral Home01/23/201310:45 AM
Kennedy, HelenBenta's Funeral Home01/22/20131:30 PM
Harris, MaryOwens Funeral Home01/22/20131:45 PM
Clark, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/21/20131:30 PM
Galenkamp Jr., HaroldVander Plaat Funeral Home01/21/201311:45 AM
McDaniel, EssieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/19/201310:00 AM
Prince, DorothyBenta's Funeral Home01/18/20132:00 PM
Mitchell, LoQuanFamily01/18/201311:00 AM
Stamp, GlenfordVander Plaat Memorial Home01/17/201311:00 AM
Gimmi, GeorgeVander Plaat Funeral Home01/16/201312:15 PM
Suber Jr., IsaacCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/15/20139:00 AM
Lewis, BettyUnity Funeral Chapels01/14/20132:15 PM
Granger, RuthUnity Funeral Chapels01/14/20132:00 PM
McClear, ChristineScillieri Funeral Home01/12/201310:30 AM
De Lario , MaryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/11/201311:15 AM
VanDuren, DorothyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/10/201311:45 AM
Belvin, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/10/20139:00 AM
Mann, ShirleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/09/201312:00 PM
Reid, MaryFamily01/09/201311:00 AM
Negron, MiguelDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home01/08/201312:45 PM
Chestnut, ElsieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/07/20131:00 PM
De Young, JohnVander Plaat Funeral Home01/07/201311:15 AM
Bzsadogh, NakirMichigan Funeral Home01/05/201310:30 AM
Wiegers, FlorenceVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/05/201311:45 AM
Klepper, HowardDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home01/04/201311:30 AM
Jeffries, JaydenMadonna Funeral Home01/04/201312:30 PM
Wynbeek, DorothyVander Plaat Funeral Home01/04/20139:30 AM
Wynbeek, RuthVander Plaat Funeral Home01/04/20139:30 AM
Michalski Jr., CharlesVander Plaat Memorial Home01/04/20132:00 PM
Michalski Jr., CharlesVander Plaat Memorial Home01/04/20132:00 PM
Willis, JuanitaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/31/20121:00 PM
Jackson, DaisyWatson Mortuary Service12/29/201210:45 AM
Smith, SebraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/28/20129:00 AM
Jackson, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/28/201211:15 AM
Smith, SebraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/28/2012TBA
Ifill, CleopatraOwens Funeral Home12/28/20121:15 PM
De Graaf, ClaraVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/28/201212:00 PM
Cobb Jr., HoraceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/26/20121:00 PM
Dixon, RhasshanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/22/20129:00 AM
Shepperson, AnmariiCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/22/20129:00 AM
Smith, TimothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/21/201212:45 PM
Seabrooks, LauraCushnie-Houston Funeral Home12/21/20122:00 PM
Miller, SilviaFesta Funeral Home12/20/201211:45 AM
Thompson, PerlineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/19/201212:30 PM
Melnyczuk, RosalieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/18/201212:30 PM
Carter Jr., LloydCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/18/20121:00 PM
Carter, LloydCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/18/20121:00 PM
Baker, MaynardVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/18/201210:00 AM
Schotanes, AnnaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/17/201211:15 AM
Motabar, PourandokBergen Funeral Service12/15/201210:00 AM
Paul, WilliamGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home12/15/201211:45 AM
Hannibal, LeroyRiverside Memorial Chapels12/15/201212:15 PM
Avent, MarjorieCommunity Funeral Home12/14/201211:00 AM
Kelly, WilhelmiaWatson Mortuary Service12/10/20122:30 PM
Williams Jr., MichaelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/07/20129:00 AM
Berkley, MarthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/06/201212:45 PM
Gonzalez, OscarVander Plaat Memorial Home12/06/201211:15 AM
Epps, ViolaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/03/201212:30 PM
Farrell, PaulineVander Plaat-Caggiano Home12/01/201210:45 AM
Schweigert, RobertBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/30/201211:30 AM
Jones, VirginiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/30/201212:45 PM
Carballo, MariaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home11/30/20122:00 PM
Rijkse, HendrikVander May Funeral Home11/30/201211:45 AM
Stout, ArieVander Plaat Funeral Home11/29/201211:45 AM
Allgood, MarilynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/24/201210:00 AM
Grant, NormaBenta's Funeral Home11/23/20122:00 PM
Williams Jr., Aub-Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/23/201212:30 PM
Candelaria, SamuelFamily11/23/201210:00 AM
Cepeda, OlgaMartinez Memorial11/21/201211:15 AM
Hawkins, MartinHeaven's Touch Funeral Home11/20/20122:00 PM
Perfecto, ConchitaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home11/20/20122:00 PM
Jones, HelenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/19/201211:30 AM
McCarthy, CharlesVander Plaat-Caggiano Home11/19/201212:45 PM
Mc Duffie, SamCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/17/201210:00 AM
Pough, DonnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/15/20121:45 AM
Reyes, AureaScillieri Funeral Home11/15/201212:15 PM
Garris, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/13/201212:30 PM
Bouwense, LeonardVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/12/201211:00 AM
Fowlkes, MinnabellCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/10/201211:30 AM
Gutierrez, RobertoScillieri Funeral Home11/10/20121:00 PM
Solano, PedroScillieri Funeral Home11/10/201210:45 AM
Rodriguez, FrankScillieri Funeral Home11/09/201211:45 AM
Yebra, MirthaLakewood Funeral Home11/07/201211:30 AM
Mays, JessieBailey's Funeral Home11/05/201210:00 AM
McIntyre, GeorgeBenta's Funeral Home11/03/201210:45 AM
Laidlow, AnsilRivera Funeral Home11/02/201211:00 AM
Marianna, FerrucciScillieri Funeral Home11/02/2012TBA
Lodge, JoyceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/27/201210:30 AM
Williams Sr., JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/26/201210:00 AM
Abarca, FranciscoMartinez Memorial10/24/20122:00 PM
Poe, VivianUnity Funeral Chapels10/20/201210:45 AM
Battle, HerbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/19/20122:30 PM
Miller, EdytheVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/19/201210:45 AM
Martinez, IsraelMartinez Memorial10/18/201210:30 AM
Whorley, ElsieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/13/201210:30 AM
Miller, JamesFamily10/13/201210:00 AM
Mills, ArdellOwens Funeral Home10/12/201211:15 AM
Martinez, VictoriaDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home10/11/20121:30 PM
Castrianni, MarieVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/10/201211:45 AM
Baugh, CatherineRoss-Roden Funeral Services10/08/20121:30 PM
Buis, AndrewFamily10/06/20129:00 AM
DeLario, MarieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/05/20121:30 PM
Prieto, MartaScillieri Funeral Home10/05/201210:45 AM
Harris, PatriciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/02/201211:00 AM
DeVries, VandeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/29/201211:45 AM
Moezelaar, MaeVander Plaat Funeral Home09/29/201210:30 AM
Braxton, PaulBenta's Funeral Home09/27/20121:30 PM
Allain, LorettaFamily09/26/201211:00 AM
Mulder, MarieVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home09/26/201210:30 AM
Di Pasquale, HaroldVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home09/25/201212:00 PM
Roughgarden, NancyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/24/20122:00 PM
Watson, AdaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/24/20121:30 PM
Mendoza, WalterFamily09/22/201210:00 AM
Beversluis, JeanetteVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home09/20/201212:00 PM
Horton, DallasBenta's Funeral Home09/19/201211:30 AM
Moore, BrendaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home09/18/201211:30 AM
Hamm, RichardR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home09/11/201211:00 AM
Brown, PeggyMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home09/08/201211:30 AM
Cooper, EttaRaymond Frost Funeral Services09/08/201210:30 AM
James, RuthCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/31/20121:45 PM
Minnema, GertrudeBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/30/201212:15 PM
Somacarrera, Ric-Della Torre Funeral Home08/30/201211:00 AM
Schouten, LoisBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/29/201212:45 PM
Xhiku, BukuriJohn J. Fox Funeral Home08/29/201212:00 PM
Cauwenberghs, AdaVander May Funeral Home08/29/201211:30 AM
Baker, CarrieFamily08/28/201211:00 AM
Mulder, JohannaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/28/201211:15 AM
Brown, DaleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/27/201212:00 PM
Costabile, ArthurRichards Funeral Home08/27/201211:00 AM
Boer, JennieVander May Funeral Home08/27/201211:45 AM
Thornton, LeathieGranby's Funeral Service08/24/20122:00 PM
Guy, EdnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/21/201212:30 PM
Pepruzzi, CatherineFamily08/18/201210:45 AM
Beaver, MaryUnity Funeral Chapels08/16/20121:00 PM
Knolmayer, DennisDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home08/10/201211:00 AM
Johnson Jr, Jos-George H. Weldon Funeral Home08/09/201210:45 AM
Buscema, CharlesColonial Funeral Home08/06/201212:00 PM
Bogert, EdwardVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/06/201212:00 PM
Dias, PearlCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/04/201210:45 AM
King, KimmelFreeman Funeral Services08/04/201211:00 AM
Eason, GeraldineH.T. McCall's Funeral Home08/04/201210:00 AM
Pope, FatimahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/03/20122:00 PM
Saunders, MaryUnity Funeral Chapels08/03/201210:00 AM
Clark, GenevaUnity Funeral Chapels07/31/20121:30 PM
McWilliams, EthelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/28/201210:45 AM
Fraser, RitaAmsterdam Memorial Chapel07/27/201211:00 AM
Thomas, AzaleeBailey's Funeral Home07/26/20121:30 PM
Johnson, CarolCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/23/20129:00 AM
Thomas, BessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/23/20121:30 PM
Zajac, MieczyslawAloia Funeral Home07/21/20121:00 PM
Jimenez, IluminadaMartinez Memorial07/21/201210:30 AM
Green, GaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/20/20121:15 PM
Mc Kinley, MarionCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/20/20129:00 AM
Petrit, BeshiCommunity Funeral Home07/20/201211:00 AM
Weingardner, Ele-Festa Funeral Home07/19/20121:00 PM
Forman, HenryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/17/201212:45 PM
Hernandez, MariaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/16/201211:30 AM
O'Connor, JordanLouis Suburban Chapel07/16/201210:00 AM
Abrams, RosinerEarl I. Jones Funeral Home07/14/201210:30 AM
Baez, CarmeloMartinez Memorial07/14/201210:00 AM
Lee, VirginiaBenta's Funeral Home07/13/201211:00 AM
Taylor, PearlenaMarion A. Daniels Funeral Home07/13/201212:45 PM
Thomas, MildredTimothy E. Ryan Funeral Home07/13/201212:15 PM
Prince, AgnesUnity Funeral Chapels07/12/201212:45 PM
Perry , EdnaGranby's Funeral Service07/11/20122:00 PM
Van Der Have, Eliza-Miller & Van Essendelft Home07/11/201211:00 AM
Slater, EarthaMcKeon Funeral Home07/09/201211:45 AM
Mims, WillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/07/201210:00 AM
Mitchell, DonaldCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/07/20129:30 AM
Lee, RichardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/07/201210:45 AM
Patterson, LarenHeaven's Touch Funeral Home07/06/201212:15 PM
Ramos, MariaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/03/201211:45 AM
Reece, EmmalineFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home07/03/20121:15 PM
Alber, GailFerguson Funeral Home06/30/201210:45 AM
Rosa, AltagraciaAlvarez Funeral Home06/28/201210:30 AM
Smith, ShaunTrumbo Funeral Chapel06/28/201210:00 AM
Morgan, ThomasCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/27/201210:00 AM
Yancey, JulietteCartmell Funeral Service06/23/201211:00 AM
Yancey, JonCartmell Funeral Service06/23/201211:00 AM
Rizzo, CharlesConte Funeral Home06/20/201212:30 PM
Walker, FrankUnity Funeral Home06/20/201210:30 AM
Denman, RobertVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home06/19/201211:45 AM
Freeman, AaronMcKeon Funeral Home06/18/20121:30 PM
Christmann, RonaldFamily06/16/20129:00 AM
Faber, MelvaVander May Funeral Home06/16/201210:45 AM
Williams, AnnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/13/201212:00 PM
Kohn, AlvinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/12/20121:30 PM
Harris, FrendesterCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/11/201210:00 AM
McLeeven, StevenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/11/20129:00 AM
Ayers, MattieUnity Funeral Chapels06/11/201210:45 AM
Millheiser, MarjorieVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home06/09/201211:00 AM
Shalakho, KhaledMichigan Memorial06/08/20122:15 PM
Edwards, MelrosePerry Funeral Home06/08/201211:00 AM
Maheia, GastonUnity Funeral Chapel06/08/201212:00 PM
Maloney, MelissaFeeney Funeral Home06/05/20122:00 PM
Jimenez, RamonaScillieri Funeral Home06/05/201212:00 PM
Eddy, RosaFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home06/04/201210:30 AM
Thomas, BerniceJames L. Perkins Funeral Home06/01/20121:15 PM
Guzman, InocenciaMarrocco Memorial Chapel05/31/201211:15 AM
DeBruin, MarionVander Plaat Funeral Home05/31/201211:30 AM
Munsinger, MaeMoore's Funeral Home05/30/201210:00 AM
Anthony, VanessaCushnie Houston Funeral Home05/29/201212:30 PM
Harley III, EdwardNesbitt Funeral Home05/26/201210:45 AM
Jean, BellBenta's Funeral Home05/25/20121:00 PM
Riley, VivianR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home05/25/20121:00 PM
Wilson, AnthonyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/24/20122:00 PM
Tate, JermaineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/24/20129:00 AM
Hutsebaut, DavidVander Plaat Funeral Home05/22/201211:30 AM
Venhorst, LindaVander Plaat Memorial Home05/19/201212:00 PM
Wilson, BerthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/18/201211:00 AM
Meyn, FaithVander Plaat Memorial Home05/18/201210:30 AM
Dixon, GloriaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/12/20129:00 AM
Evans, JanetteFrederick Funeral Home05/12/201212:15 PM
Susan, ReiserBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/11/201212:45 PM
Brisbon, DwayneMadonna Funeral Home05/11/201210:30 AM
Garcia, EliecerMartinez Memorial05/11/201211:45 AM
Felix, JuanR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home05/08/201211:30 AM
Wedderburn, RoytonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/04/20129:00 AM
Beversluis, GerdaVander Plaat Funeral Home05/03/201211:45 AM
Albritton, DwayneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/30/20121:45 PM
Richardson, MattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/28/201210:30 AM
Waddy, RandolphCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/28/20129:00 PM
Moore, MaryEternity Funeral Service04/26/201212:00 PM
Mulder, AllanLakeview Memorial Home04/26/201210:00 AM
Williams, DoloresBenta's Funeral Home04/23/20122:00 PM
Rousseau, MamieDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home04/21/201210:30 AM
De Marsico, EvelynBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/20/201212:00 PM
Kolossov, IlyaVander Plaat Memorial Home04/13/201211:00 AM
Thomas, DellaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/10/20129:30 AM
Eagleton, CatherineUnity Funeral Chapels04/10/201211:00 AM
Farmer, BeulahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/07/201210:30 AM
Jones, ConnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/05/20121:45 AM
Hayles, BerthaGranby's Funeral Service04/05/20121:00 PM
Roye Sr, PhilipJames L. Perkins Memorial Home04/05/20121:15 PM
Stoel, AlbertVander Plaat Funeral Home04/05/201211:45 AM
Carfi, YolandaVander Plaat Funeral Home04/05/201211:00 AM
Cunningham, DanielleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/04/20129:00 AM
Waciura, WasilLakeview Memorial Home04/03/201211:00 AM
Aupperlee, AnneVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/03/201210:00 AM
Dickerson, DorothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/02/20129:00 AM
Stringfellow, MichaelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/02/201210:00 AM
Phillips, ClaireFamily03/31/201210:30 AM
Miller, GeorgeVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/30/201211:00 AM
Cancel, MiquelBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/29/201210:30 AM
Shakir, TaheeraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/26/20129:00 AM
Borst, KarenVander Plaat Funeral Home03/26/201212:15 PM
Brown, MichaelDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home03/24/201210:15 AM
De Bruin, JoanVander Plaat Funeral Home03/24/201210:45 AM
Ingram Jr., DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/23/20121:00 PM
McGuire, AlbertaDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home03/23/201210:00 AM
Pinon, ArnoldaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/23/201211:00 AM
Gaetano, MariaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/22/201211:45 AM
Young, GeorgeMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/21/201211:00 AM
Robinson Jr., CharlesUnity Funeral Chapels03/21/201212:30 PM
DeBenedictis, Virg-Vander Plaat Memorial Home03/21/201210:30 AM
Clark, DorothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/20/20129:00 AM
Bussie, LorraineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/20/201210:00 AM
Andino, JosePonce Funeral Home03/20/20121:00 PM
Allen , JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/15/201210:00 AM
Lill, ShirleyVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/15/201211:00 AM
McDuffie, Jo EllaEternity Funeral Home03/14/201212:30 PM
Boyd, MartinMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/14/20121:45 PM
Carfi, JoanBoulevard Funeral and Cremations03/13/201212:45 PM
Donikowski, EdnaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/13/20121:00 PM
Soobzokov, HoshlashoCommunity Funeral Home03/13/20121:30 PM
McCoy, ClaraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/10/201210:00 AM
Liggett, SophiaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home03/10/201210:30 AM
Crump, LucilleBenta's Funeral Home03/07/20121:30 PM
Brevard, HaniyhaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/06/20121:30 PM
Parson, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/03/20129:00 AM
Brown, MichaelGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home03/03/201210:00 AM
Lewis, IreneUnity Funeral Chapels03/02/20122:15 PM
Pikaard Sr., LeonardBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/01/201211:30 AM
Heyman, MildredCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/29/20129:00 AM
Fulmore Jr., HughCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/28/2012TBA
Lett, JohnUnity Funeral Chapels02/28/20122:00 PM
Duva, DominickBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/27/201211:30 AM
Ortiz, AntonioDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home02/27/201211:00 AM
Sanders, MarionUnity Funeral Chapels02/26/201212:00 PM
Nagelhout, ElsieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/25/201211:15 AM
Flores, JulietaCotton Funeral Service02/24/201211:45 AM
Green, JasonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/23/20122:00 PM
Francis, ViolaMcCall's Bronxwood Home02/23/201212:00 PM
Jones, IrmaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/22/20122:00 PM
Jones, HallieBenta's Funeral Home02/17/20122:00 PM
Gales Sr., LarryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/17/201212:45 PM
Roskam, GraceVander Plaat Funeral Home02/17/20129:30 AM
Brookes, SabrinaBenta's Funeral Home02/15/20122:00 PM
Steward, DianeScillieri Funeral Home02/15/201211:00 AM
Van Dam, AidaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/13/201212:00 PM
Matthews, CeliaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/11/201210:30 AM
Ingram, JosephLombardi Funeral Home02/11/20122:00 PM
Mack, WilliamCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/10/20122:00 PM
Sessing, MaryJ. Foster Funeral Home02/10/20122:00 PM
Mino, TheaBecker Funeral Home02/08/201212:15 PM
Warren, DorothyBenta's Funeral Home02/08/20121:00 PM
Littlejohn, KennethCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/07/20121:00 PM
Urevitch, HelenVander Plaat-Caggiano Home02/07/201211:30 AM
Foster, OswaldNaughton Brothers Funeral Home02/06/201211:15 AM
Sanders, ShermanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/04/20129:00 AM
Taylor , TaheemCushnie-Houston Funeral Home02/04/201212:00 PM
Adamson, DashonCushnie-Houston Funeral Home02/04/201212:00 PM
Soobzokov, SorayaCommunity Funeral Home01/30/201212:30 PM
Baker, HenriettaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/30/201210:00 AM
Jenkins, AdamCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/28/201210:30 AM
Outkina, OlgaKuabler Community Funeral Home01/27/201211:30 AM
Alford, TerrellGranby's Funeral Service01/25/20121:00 PM
Rusticus, ClaraBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/23/20121:00 PM
Richardson, CathyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/21/20129:00 AM
Cahill, MayKonopka Funeral Home01/19/201211:00 AM
Wilson, HowardUnity Funeral Chapels01/19/20121:00 PM
Best, JaneBenta's Funeral Home01/18/20121:00 PM
Cumberbatch, Mild-Amsterdam Memorial Chapel01/14/201210:00 AM
Hyatt, JacobeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/14/201210:30 AM
Fields, SandraUnity Funeral Chapels01/13/201212:00 PM
Weaver, CorneliusDirect Cremations01/11/20121:00 PM
Graham, WilliamGranby's Funeral Service01/09/201211:00 AM
Clark, MarthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/07/20129:00 AM
Carrizo, JoseScillieri Funeral Home01/06/201211:00 AM
Mireles, GeorginaMartinez Memorial01/04/201211:30 AM
Davis, EnaBailey's Funeral Home12/30/20111:30 PM
Hof, SietjeVander May Funeral Home12/29/201111:30 AM
Jacobs, JacobVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home12/28/201111:00 AM
Anglin, PeterCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/27/20111:00 PM
Vonegosh, NachrimoCommunity Funeral Home12/23/20111:00 PM
Giles, MiaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/22/201110:00 AM
Pressey, KevinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/19/20112:00 PM
Kee, EvangerGranby's Funeral Home12/19/201111:00 AM
Coltrain, ClemeteenMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home12/19/20111:00 PM
Hancock, GenevaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/16/201112:30 PM
Donnelly, EdwardBecker Funeral Home12/12/201111:15 AM
Mack, KelvinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/09/201110:00 AM
Markert, JoyceMoore's Home for Funerals12/03/201110:30 AM
Bracey, MargaretCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/02/20111:30 PM
Pearson, Rev. LamontCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/26/20119:00 AM
Brewington, WalterR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home11/26/201110:45 AM
VanNimwegen, HenryVander Plaat Memorial Home11/26/201111:30 AM
Kyak, CorneliaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/23/201111:15 AM
Gibson, LenaGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home11/23/20112:00 PM
Cordo, DorothyVander Plaat-Caggiano Home11/23/201110:00 AM
Brady, DevonCobbs Funeral Home11/22/201112:00 PM
McDowell, WillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/19/201111:30 AM
Garcia, LuzDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home11/19/201110:45 AM
Anllo, MariaScillieri Funeral Home11/18/201110:45 AM
Parker, ValerieUnity Funeral Chapels11/14/201112:00 PM
Jones Jr., WhitneyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/12/201110:30 AM
Reels, PatriciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/12/201110:00 AM
Banks, DonaldCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/12/20119:00 AM
Dowdy, JuliusOwens Funeral Home11/12/201110:45 AM
Lewis, FrancesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/11/20112:00 PM
Vander Weit, MaeVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/11/201111:00 AM
Logan Sr., DouglasCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/10/20112:00 PM
Rosendale, RichardVander Plaat Funeral Home11/09/201111:30 AM
Melendez, IrmaDe Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home11/08/201111:30 AM
Barreto, ReynaldoScillieri Funeral Home11/08/201110:30 AM
Roberson, PinkyUnity Funeral Chapels11/05/20119:30 AM
Watkins, WillieMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home11/04/20111:45 PM
Andre , PeterVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/04/201111:45 PM
McDowell, MattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/31/20119:00 AM
Washington, Caro-Heaven's Touch Funeral Services10/29/201111:45 AM
Vermeulen , FredVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/29/201111:30 AM
Smith, MargaretGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home10/28/20111:30 PM
Woodard, LeanderVolk Leber Funeral Home10/28/20111:30 PM
Molamusa, SamihaCommunity Funeral Home10/24/20112:15 PM
Kiel, CatherineFamily10/22/201110:30 AM
Mitchell, RosaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/21/20111:00 PM
Yough, CathyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/20/20112:00 PM
Mitchell, TheodoreCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/15/201110:00 AM
Rambert Jr., MosesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/15/20119:00 AM
Castillo, LuisMartinez Memorial10/15/201111:45 AM
Chavis, LillianR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home10/14/20112:00 PM
Amaya, JoshuaVander Plaat-Caggiano Home10/13/201110:00 AM
Hines, WillieSavannah Chapels10/12/20111:00 PM
Parker, WilberCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/10/20112:00 PM
Davis, MarieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/08/20119:00 AM
Brown Jr., AlfredCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/03/20112:30 PM
Brown, HeckfordCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/03/20119:00 AM
Meredith, LenaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/01/201110:45 AM
Green, WesleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/01/201110:30 AM
David, JulianUnity Funeral Chapel09/30/20111:00 PM
Lozano, IsabelBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/29/201110:45 AM
Vidal, CarmenBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/24/201110:45 AM
Ballard, EthelNesbitt Funeral Home09/24/201110:30 AM
Mills, GloriaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/23/20111:30 PM
Wall, KarenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/17/20119:00 AM
Muller, HenryFamily09/16/20111:00 PM
Muller, AlidaFamily09/16/20111:00 PM
Schoonderbeck, Do-Scanlan Funeral Home09/16/201111:00 AM
Blount, EsterCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/13/201112:15 PM
Chandler, TommieEternity Funeral Service09/13/20112:00 PM
Curry, MahagonyMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home09/09/201111:00 AM
Smart, NeilGates of Heaven Funeral Home09/08/201111:45 PM
Maldonado, SaraR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home09/08/201111:00 PM
Ogg, ArchibaldVander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home09/08/201111:45 AM
Snoop , AnnaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home09/08/201110:30 AM
Black, TorryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/06/20111:30 PM
Leary, MarvinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/02/20112:00 PM
Rowe, EuniceBenta's Funeral Home08/31/201111:30 AM
Kay, CatherineBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/31/20111:00 PM
Addison, RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/31/20112:00 PM
Mayfield, DarleneFamily08/31/201111:00 AM
Henrietta, JohnsonUnity Funeral Chapel08/31/201112:30 PM
Gaffney, ChristopherVander Plaat Colonial Home08/31/201110:45 AM
Green, HedyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/29/20112:00 PM
Geathers, EvelynR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home08/26/20112:15 PM
Ackershoek, Thom-Vander May Funeral Home08/26/201111:00 AM
Fitzgerald, JoanVander Plaat Memorial Home08/26/20111:45 PM
Rodriguez, SantosAlvarez Funeral Home08/24/201110:30 AM
Sumter, LouiseCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/22/20111:45 PM
Johnson, EssieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/20/201110:45 AM
Curry, ThelmaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/20/201110:30 AM
Amisano, JosephFamily08/20/201110:30 AM
Peralta, ClotildeScillieri Funeral Home08/20/201110:45 AM
Densel, MargieVander May Funeral Home08/20/201111:30 AM
Lawrence, AlmaCushnie-Houston Funeral Home08/19/20111:00 PM
Moscariello, LouisScillieri Funeral Home08/19/201111:00 AM
Sanders, CharlesVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/19/201111:00 AM
Garcia, MariaAlvarez Funeral Home08/16/201111:30 AM
White Jr., DarrylOrtiz Funeral Home08/15/201111:00 AM
Gayle, NevilleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/13/201110:30 AM
Cooper, BarneyCushnie-Houston Funeral Home08/12/201110:00 AM
Van Dyk Sr., Char-Vander Plaat Funeral Home08/08/201112:00 PM
Catania, EugeneDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home08/06/201111:30 AM
Burke, HazelCobbs Funeral Home08/04/20111:00 PM
Hambric, WalterGranby's Funeral Home08/04/201111:30 AM
Coleman, MaryUnity Funeral Chapel07/26/201112:30 PM
Jadusingh, NormaBenta's Funeral Home07/23/201110:45 AM
Yannarelli, GraceBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/23/201110:30 AM
Chambers, DorothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/23/201110:30 AM
Nelson, MaryBenta's Funeral Home07/21/201112:45 PM
Rienstra, RuthBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/21/201111:45 AM
Montero, KaylaScillieri Funeral Home07/21/2011TBA
Walker, JovitaBenta's Funeral Home07/19/201112:00 PM
Rossi, GuillermoScillieri Funeral Home07/19/20111:00 PM
McDuffie, LuciniaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/18/201112:45 PM
Barrett, LloydCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/16/201110:45 AM
Smith, RebeccaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/15/20111:00 PM
Hudson, MaxineGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home07/15/20111:00 PM
Tavoletto, DominickBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/13/201111:30 AM
DeJean, RoseNesbitt Funeral Home07/13/20111:00 PM
Reames, JohnnyCushnie-Houston Funeral Home07/12/201110:00 AM
Tate, RobertaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/09/201110:00 AM
Campbell, JohnCushnie-Houston Funeral Home07/09/201110:00 AM
Earl, TeresaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/07/20119:00 AM
Moncrieffe, AndreaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/02/201110:30 AM
Valentin, LuzLakeview Memorial Home07/02/201110:00 AM
Rivera, MariaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home07/02/201111:30 AM
Ramos, SalvadorMartinez Memorial07/01/201111:30 AM
Francescone, Pas-Browning Forshay Funeral Home06/30/201110:00 AM
Slater, LorraineFamily06/29/20111:00 PM
Van Wyckhouse, JohnBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/28/20111:00 PM
Brown, JimmyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/28/20112:00 PM
Hunt, WalterVander May Funeral Home06/28/20112:00 PM
Stamps, LillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/27/201112:45 PM
Gerald , JanieCushnie-Houston Funeral Home06/27/201110:00 AM
Mroz, SophieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/25/201110:45 AM
Napolitano, Jose-Vander Plaat Colonial Home06/25/201110:45 AM
Mickens, CatherineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/24/201112:15 PM
Hammer, GloriaVander Plaat Colonial Home06/24/201112:30 PM
Steele, MableBenta's Funeral Home06/23/201112:45 PM
Simmons, JaneUnity Funeral Chapel06/23/20111:30 PM
Kirby, WallaceVolk Leber Funeral Home06/23/201112:15 PM
DiPetrillo, JohnVander Plaat Funeral Home06/21/201111:15 AM
Pohlman, MargaretConte Funeral Home06/20/201111:00 AM
Sikkema, EstelleBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/18/201111:30 AM
Linney, JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/18/20119:00 AM
Hicks, NoraEarl I. Jones Funeral Home06/18/201112:45 PM
Williams Jr., DavidCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/17/20111:30 PM
Hamelink, AndrewBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/14/201111:45 AM
Robert, HarleyNesbitt Funeral Home06/11/201110:30 AM
Andrews, EllenVanella's Funeral Chapel06/10/201112:15 PM
Joseph, CarolCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/09/201110:30 AM
Perry, MichaelCommunity Funeral Home06/09/201110:30 AM
De Vogel, HerbertBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/08/201112:00 PM
Mandzi, DorisFamily06/08/20112:00 PM
Jones, SharonUnity Funeral Chapels06/07/201111:00 AM
Lighty, DaronCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/04/20119:00 AM
Greydanus, BerniceVander May Funeral Home06/04/201110:45 AM
Cleaves, TysonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/03/20111:30 PM
Trice, MarthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/03/201112:30 PM
Dello Russo, Anto-Browning Forshay Funeral Home06/01/201110:30 AM
Keys, CherylCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/01/20111:45 PM
Martin, JacquelineH.T. McCall's Funeral Home06/01/20111:00 PM
Frey, DorothyRichards Funeral Home05/27/201112:30 PM
Smith, HazelWoody Home for Services05/24/20111:45 PM
Mc Grotty, GraceScillieri Funeral Home05/20/201110:45 AM
Mc Clellon, HesterCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/17/20119:00 AM
Kuiken, NicholasVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home05/17/201111:30 AM
Herrera, RocioFamily05/14/201110:30 AM
Thompson, LillieGranby's Funeral Home05/14/20111:30 PM
O'Connor, JohnGriffin-Peters Funeral Home05/11/20111:00 PM
Heinrich, LucyCollins-Calhoun Funeral Home05/10/20111:00 PM
Meester, CorneliaVander Plaat Funeral Home05/10/201111:00 AM
McQuiller, MichaelMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home05/07/201110:30 AM
Simon, ThelmaUnity Funeral Chapels05/06/20112:00 PM
Mora, EncarnacionBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/05/201110:30 AM
Gross Jr., FredrickCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/05/201110:30 AM
Bolden, GeraldineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/04/20119:00 AM
Richardson, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/03/20119:00 AM
Johnson, GloriaFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home05/03/20112:00 PM
McDougal, LarryBenta's Funeral Home04/28/20112:00 PM
Lambert, MarseniaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/23/201110:30 AM
Barker, JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/22/20119:00 AM
Gatling, KashmirCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/18/201110:00 AM
Hulsebos, JohnVander Plaat Funeral Home04/15/20119:30 AM
Malone, JeanVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/14/20111:30 PM
Smith, AllieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/12/20119:00 AM
Faber, EllenVander May Funeral Home04/12/201112:00 PM
Reels, Lou IdaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/11/20111:45 PM
Herrioett, MyrtleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/09/20119:00 AM
Holzberger, DorisShaughnessey Funeral Home04/09/201110:30 AM
Thiessen, RobertVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home04/09/201111:30 AM
Valkema, AliceVander Plaat Funeral Home04/08/2011TBA
Ghant, OzellCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/07/20119:00 AM
Ogg, BettyVander Plaat Colonial Home04/07/201111:15 AM
Campbell, NathanielCushnie-Houston Funeral Home04/02/201110:00 AM
Wilson, GenevaEarl I. Jones Funeral Home04/02/201111:45 PM
Williams, DamionEternity Funeral Home04/02/201110:30 AM
Pickens, RoddieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/31/20111:45 PM
Meagher, ElizabethVander May Funeral Home03/31/201111:15 AM
Page, CarrieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/30/201112:45 PM
Stewart, EdithBailey's Funeral Home03/29/20111:00 PM
Brown, BernaiCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/29/201110:00 AM
Pitts, HaroldCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/26/20119:00 AM
Newby, RogerFamily03/26/20119:00 AM
Daye, VeronicaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/21/201112:00 PM
Wilkerson, JuanitaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/21/20119:00 AM
Jackson, JohnnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/18/20111:45 PM
Frazier, IreneRaymond Frost Funeral Services03/17/20111:00 PM
Hoge, CharlesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/16/20111:45 PM
Brady, AnnieCobbs Funeral Home03/15/201111:45 AM
Racicot, IreneBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/14/201111:30 AM
Drakeford, JanieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/14/20112:00 PM
Randolph, DeborahJenkins Funeral Chapel03/14/20111:30 PM
Crane, QueenieBenta's Funeral Home03/12/201110:45 AM
Gooden , RubyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/12/201110:30 AM
Bogertman, HowardBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/11/201112:30 PM
De Jongh, CatherineFamily03/11/20112:00 PM
De Jongh, GerardusFamily03/11/20112:00 PM
Sanchez, RafaelMartinez Memorial03/11/201111:00 AM
Carter, DorisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/09/20111:30 PM
Reed, TremaineUnity Funeral Chapels03/09/201110:30 AM
Youngsman, JamesBrowning Forshay Funeral Home03/07/201110:45 AM
Jones, RosaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/07/201112:30 PM
Walker, CarolynCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/05/20119:00 AM
Bailey, TyroneGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home03/04/2011TBA
King, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/02/20119:00 AM
Fusillo, CarolineBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/28/201111:00 AM
Johnson , ArcherCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/28/20112:00 PM
Vogel, JessieVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home02/28/20119:30 AM
Zarafshar, EsmailBergen Funeral Service02/26/201110:45 AM
Mayes, AlberthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/26/20119:00 AM
Wieme, JohnBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/24/20111:00 PM
Marcus, CharlesVander Plaat Funeral Home02/24/201112:15 PM
Grumet, JasonBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/23/201112:45 PM
Crowe, TheresaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/19/201110:30 AM
Hinds, DeclotaDavid Williams Funeral Home02/19/201110:30 AM
Smith, AliceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/18/201111:00 AM
Freytes, SalvatoreAlvarez Funeral Home02/17/201110:30 AM
Hall, MattieLevy and Delany Funeral Home02/17/20111:00 PM
Hanna, ViolaCushnie-Houston Funeral Home02/12/201110:00 AM
Verblaauw, JoanVander Plaat Funeral Home02/12/201110:45 AM
Hodge, DeaneEternity Funeral Home02/11/201110:30 AM
Kooistra, RobertFamily02/11/20119:00 AM
Shipp Sr. , TerranceUnity Funeral Chapel02/10/201111:30 AM
Barr, JacquelineUnity Funeral Home02/09/201111:15 AM
Rayford, RemellBailey's Funeral Home02/08/201110:30 AM
Shaw, LossieNesbitt Funeral Home02/08/20112:30 PM
Wilson, KathrineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/07/20111:45 PM
Holman, ClairVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home02/07/201111:30 AM
Wright, YvonneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/05/2011TBA
Sowma, LouisOakland Memorial Home02/04/20119:30 AM
Tipiani, RositaScillieri Funeral Home02/01/201111:00 AM
Koetsier, DavidBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/31/201111:30 AM
Bennett, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/29/201110:30 AM
James, OwenCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/28/20111:30 PM
Fletcher , GailNesbitt Funeral Home01/28/201112:00 PM
De Boer, JosephVander Plaat Memorial Home01/28/201110:45 AM
Rodriguez, JuanScillieri Funeral Home01/25/201112:00 PM
Adams, HarrisonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/24/20111:00 PM
Bethea, WayneMarcus Jackson Funeral Home01/24/201112:45 PM
Smith, RitaVolk Leber Funeral Home01/24/20111:00 PM
Williams, LucilleUnity Funeral Chapel01/21/20112:00 PM
Vogel, KennethVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/21/201110:00 AM
Baidiaa, TehapismCommunity Funeral Home01/20/201112:30 PM
Geldmaker, DorothyOlthius Funeral Home01/15/201110:30 AM
Quintero, FrancescaScillieri Funeral Home01/15/201110:30 AM
Vanden Berg, NellyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/13/201112:00 PM
Mitchell, EdwardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/10/201110:00 AM
De Jesus, WilliamMartinez Memorial01/08/201110:45 AM
Grimes, JohnBenta's Funeral Home01/07/20111:30 PM
Moore, MarieMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home01/07/20111:30 PM
Thorton Jr., TolliverOwens Funeral Home01/07/201111:45 AM
Heykoop, ArieVander May Funeral Home01/07/201111:30 AM
Southway, RobertVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home01/06/201111:30 AM
Velasco, JesusScillieri Funeral Home01/05/201110:30 AM
Reynoso, LynetteBenta's Funeral Home01/04/20112:00 PM
Austin, JuliaDonnelly and Purcell Funeral01/03/201111:00 AM
Sikkema, IreneFamily01/03/20119:00 AM
Gee, SeliciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/31/20101:45 PM
Van Nimweg-, AnnaVander Plaat Memorial Home12/29/201011:30 AM
Foote, WilliamGranby's Funeral Home12/28/201012:30 PM
Vander Hoop, Doro-Moore's Funeral Home12/24/201010:45 AM
Anthony, MableCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/22/20102:00 PM
Ortiz, PedroAlvarez Funeral Home12/21/201011:15 AM
Downey, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/18/201010:00 AM
Perry, GertrudeEarl Jones Funeral Home12/18/201010:00 AM
Johnson, AddieVolk Leber Funeral Home12/18/201011:00 AM
Newton, GwedlynFamily12/15/201012:00 PM
Stapleton, EugeneJenkins Funeral Home12/13/20101:30 PM
Quintano, EarthaBenta's Funeral Home12/11/201010:30 AM
Morgan, KaveyiahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/11/201010:30 AM
Romero, GilbertoFamily12/11/201010:15 AM
Vargas, SantiagoOrtiz Funeral Home12/11/201010:30 AM
Pinder, AlmaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/10/20101:45 PM
Jacobus, EsterCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/09/201012:45 PM
Heyman, AudreyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/06/20101:45 PM
Morton, VivianUnity Funeral Chapels12/06/201012:15 PM
Addison, VivianUnity Funeral Home12/06/201012:15 PM
Brooks, EsieBailey's Funeral Home12/04/201010:30 AM
Pittman, UndeanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/27/201010:30 AM
Heykoop III, ArieVander May Funeral Home11/27/201010:55 AM
De Vries, TimothyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/24/201011:00 AM
Rivera, JudithOrtiz Funeral Home11/24/201011:00 AM
Perez, JorgeMartinez Memorial11/23/201010:30 AM
Alford, KennethCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/22/20109:00 AM
Alford , KennethCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/22/20109:00 AM
Lattimore, SavonnaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/20/20109:00 AM
Padmos, RuthKugler Funeral Home11/19/20102:00 PM
Yanez, ClaudiaBizub-Quinlan Funeral Home11/16/201012:30 PM
Battiste, RonaldCotton Funeral Service11/15/201011:30 AM
Hoge, LoisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/11/20101:45 PM
Walker, JanetOwens Funeral Home11/08/20102:00 PM
DeHaan, NeilVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/06/201012:00 PM
Johnson, CatherineFamily11/04/201010:00 AM
Johnson, CatherineFamily11/04/201010:00 AM
Rhodes, VirginiaUnity Funeral Chapel11/04/201012:00 PM
DeGraff, AdriannaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/03/201011:45 AM
Wise, SeritaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/01/201012:00 PM
Keeling, DoloresCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/01/201010:00 AM
Harris, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/01/201010:30 AM
Collado, NievesScillieri Funeral Home10/28/201011:15 AM
Pope, CorneliaMadonna Funeral Home10/25/20101:30 PM
Tyler, LindaFamily10/23/201010:30 AM
Johnson, Jr., War-Owens Funeral Home10/23/201010:45 AM
Hayes, LuellaOwens Funeral Home10/23/201011:45 AM
Larson, CherylVander Plaat Memorial Home10/23/201011:00 AM
Smart, LennoxBenta's Funeral Home10/22/20101:30 PM
David, LawrenceLevy and Delany Funeral Home10/22/201012:30 PM
Stewart, RosellaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/21/201010:00 AM
Mickens, PeggyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/20/20109:00 AM
Manley, RenardBenta's Funeral Home10/18/20101:00 PM
Woodhouse, BlanchCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/18/201012:30 PM
Acevedo, EvelynAlvarez Funeral Home10/13/201010:00 AM
Jubelt, HansVander Plaat Colonial Home10/11/201010:30 AM
Ball , JamesVander Plaat Colonial Home10/11/201012:30 PM
Anthony , DanielCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/09/201010:00 AM
Wilson, CarrieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/09/20109:00 AM
Ruitenberg, WilmaScanlan Funeral Home10/08/20101:15 PM
Williams, LenaTerry Funeral Home10/06/201011:00 AM
Kuiper, HendrikVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/06/201012:15 PM
Morgan Sr., RobertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/04/20101:45 PM
Aupperlee, JohnVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/04/201010:00 AM
Alexander, PatriciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/02/20109:00 AM
Gerasimenko, LidiaDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home10/02/201010:45 AM
Vogel, PeterFamily09/23/201011:00 PM
Santiago, JoseMartinez Memorial09/23/201011:00 AM
Racks, AlbertJames H. Willie Funeral Home09/21/20101:30 PM
Parker, AnnieJohn H. Joyce Funeral Home09/20/20101:30 PM
Cook, AnnieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/16/20102:00 PM
Weaver, WendellUnity Funeral Chapel09/14/201012:00 PM
Foster, RoderickRoss-Roden Funeral Home09/09/20101:30 PM
Pietrafesa, Frances-Browning Forshay Funeral Home09/07/201010:45 AM
Heath, LucilleGriffin-Peters Funeral Home09/07/201012:00 PM
Carr, MarthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/04/201010:45 AM
Hibbert, JulianCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/04/201010:30 AM
Peterson, Gwendol-Granby's Funeral Home09/04/201010:45 AM
Graves, ConstanceFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home08/31/20102:00 PM
Howard, MildredUnity Funeral Home08/31/201010:30 AM
Birch, JamesBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/30/201011:45 AM
Henley, JonesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/30/201011:00 AM
Dennison, TrevorCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/27/201012:45 PM
Simpson, KevinMcKeon Funeral Home08/27/20101:30 PM
Foster, DeniseRoss-Roden Funeral Services08/27/20101:30 PM
Ward, KelvinCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/23/20102:00 PM
Halma, RaymondVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial08/19/201010:30 AM
Hudley, WillieEternity Funeral Home08/18/201011:45 AM
Okma, JeanetteVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial08/16/201011:15 AM
Gibbs, VeronicaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/14/201010:45 AM
Gibbs, VeronicaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/14/201010:45 AM
King , UlyssesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/14/20109:00 PM
Mickens, BerniceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/13/20101:00 PM
Joseph, ThelmaVolk Leber Funeral Home08/13/2010TBA
De Graff, EleanorFamily08/12/20102:00 PM
De Graff, EleanorFamily08/12/20102:00 PM
Low-A-Chee, VioletCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/10/201012:00 PM
Resier, EvelynMoore's Funeral Home08/10/201010:45 AM
Meighan, JosephStrivers Row Funeral Home08/05/201011:00 AM
Farraye, LouisBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/28/201011:45 AM
Boyer, LatieaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/24/20109:00 AM
Hargrove, RuthGranby's Funeral Home07/24/201010:30 AM
Gould, LindaOwens Funeral Home07/23/20101:30 PM
Godfrey, MildredMarcus Jackson Funeral Home07/21/201011:30 AM
Raiford, AndrewBenta's Funeral Home07/20/20101:00 PM
Rosser, GloriaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/15/201012:45 PM
Smith, GenevaUnity Funeral Home07/15/20102:00 PM
Grado, JosephVander Plaat Colonial Funeral Home07/14/201011:00 AM
Cook, TimothyMadonna Funeral Home07/12/201010:00 AM
Johnson, Betty JeanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/08/201012:30 PM
Wispelwey, ElsieVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial07/08/201012:00 PM
Hamrick, DarrellCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/07/201011:30 AM
Eelman, DorothyVander Plaat Memorial Home07/07/201011:00 AM
Grosser, WilliamBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/03/201010:30 AM
Langhrer, FlorenceBrowning Forshay Funeral Home07/02/201011:45 AM
Williams, ApostleCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/02/20102:00 PM
Robinson, SharonJermiah C. Gaffney's Funeral Home07/02/20102:30 PM
Costas, FrancesFamily06/26/201011:00 AM
Hardaway, JuliaUnity Funeral Chapel06/21/20102:15 PM
Fields, PaulCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/18/20101:15 PM
Foster, GertrudeVander Plaat Funeral Home06/18/20101:00 PM
Jordan, MarthaFrank R. Bell Funeral Home06/17/201012:30 PM
Barile, AntoninetteBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/16/201011:15 AM
Weber, PaulBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/15/201012:30 PM
Oliver, CarolCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/15/20109:30 AM
Thomas, ErnestBenta's Funeral Home06/12/201010:45 AM
Reid, EgbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/12/201010:30 AM
Tanis, DeloresBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/11/201011:15 PM
Lamar, BerthaPaul Lane Funeral Home06/11/201012:30 PM
Hasell, DeneenTrumbo Funeral Chapel06/08/201010:30 AM
Tate, NancyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/02/20109:00 AM
De Maria, RosalieConte Funeral Home06/02/201011:30 AM
Williams, SuzanneFeeney Funeral Home05/29/201010:30 AM
Heerschap, Marga-Vander Plaat Funeral Home05/29/201010:00 AM
Hogerhaus, DorisBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/28/201011:15 AM
Collins, ElsieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/28/20109:30 AM
Alston, ThelmaCotton Funeral Home05/21/20102:30 PM
Myrick, FreddieGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home05/20/201011:00 AM
Muphy, SammieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/15/201010:30 AM
Murphy, SammieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/15/2010TBA
Nauta, JohnFamily05/15/201010:30 AM
Nauta, JohnFamily05/15/201010:30 AM
Nauta, JohnFamily05/15/201010:30 AM
Nauta, JohnFamily05/15/201010:30 AM
Jones, EuniceUnity Funeral Home05/15/201010:45 AM
Jones, EuniceUnity Funeral Home05/15/201010:45 AM
Spruell, WilliamBalsamo Funeral Home05/14/201011:30 AM
Naim, MarilynnM. John Scanlan Funeral Home05/14/201012:15 PM
Campbel-, DamionCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/08/201012:00 PM
Robinson, JeanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/08/201010:30 AM
McCrary, DaVonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/07/20101:30 PM
Fulse, GeraldineRalston, Lippincott, Hasbrouck, Ingrassia05/06/20101:15 PM
Poole, WillieCushnie-Houston Funeral Home04/21/20101:00 PM
Patterson, FloydLa Paz Funeral Home04/20/20101:00 PM
Davis, WalterFamily04/16/201011:30 AM
Judd, TroyMarcus Jackson Funeral Home04/16/201011:00 AM
Maloney, WilliamFamily04/12/201011:30 AM
Oliver, NinaWoodward Funeral Home04/12/201010:45 AM
Gillespie, LeoCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/10/201010:30 AM
Smith, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/10/20109:00 AM
Smith Sr., EdwardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/10/20109:30 AM
White, KevinFamily04/10/201011:00 AM
Winslow, DavidBenta's Funeral Home04/09/20102:00 PM
Knolmayer, MichaelDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home04/09/201011:00 AM
Smith, Kam-RinEarl I. Jones Funeral Home04/09/20101:45 PM
St. John , IrvingSteven Legall Home04/09/20102:00 PM
Dreistadt, ArthurVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial04/08/201012:00 PM
Frierson, RobertMartinez Memorial04/07/201010:30 AM
Brown Jr., AbrahamCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/02/20101:30 PM
Bayon, EdwinSantangelo Funeral Home03/30/201010:00 AM
Vander Ploe, Jr. , T-Family03/29/201011:00 AM
Parkes, VincentCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/27/201010:45 AM
Jones, SamuelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/27/201010:30 AM
Garrison, JohnFamily03/27/201010:00 AM
Southerland, LorettaBailey's Funeral Home03/26/201012:00 PM
Phillips, BrenanGranby's Funeral Home03/26/201011:00 AM
Miller, KatieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/20/20109:00 AM
Sapp, TinyH.T. McCall's Funeral Home03/20/201010:30 AM
McRae, MarkCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/19/20101:45 PM
Ramos, DeliaMartinez Memorial03/19/201010:30 AM
Lewis, LorraineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/16/20102:00 PM
Anderson, MamieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/16/20109:00 AM
Duncan, WandaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/13/201010:30 AM
Gibson, KathleenOwens Funeral Home03/12/201011:45 AM
Davis , BeatriceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/11/20109:00 PM
Miller, RubyOwens Funeral Home03/09/20101:45 PM
Farrar, Easter MaeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/08/20109:30 AM
Cooper, RonaldNesbitt Funeral Home03/08/201011:45 AM
Warnett, BerthaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home03/08/201011:00 AM
Evans, MichaelCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/06/201010:45 AM
Green, CurtisOwens Funeral Home03/06/201010:30 AM
Robinson, GoldieBenta's Funeral Home03/05/20101:00 PM
Osorio, AliciaMcCall's Bronxwood Home03/04/20101:30 PM
Wyche, BegoniaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/03/20109:00 AM
Artis, TrinityCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/01/20101:30 PM
McAndrews, PatrickFeeney Funeral Home03/01/201011:15 AM
Tomasi, EvelynBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/27/201010:45 AM
Van Putten, TheresaBenta's Funeral Home02/26/20101:30 PM
Bell, LouiseBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/25/201011:45 AM
Stevens, JabrilAloia Funeral Home02/24/201010:00 AM
Jackson, JuliaBenta's Funeral Home02/23/20101:00 PM
Norton, CliffordBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/22/20101:00 PM
Simpson, LindaEternity Funeral Home02/22/201012:30 PM
Bell, GeorgeFamily02/20/201010:00 AM
Murphy, CarverLee O. Wood Funeral Home02/19/20102:00 PM
Gore, EstelleOwens Funeral Home02/19/20101:45 PM
Mumero, CandidoThomas C. Montera Inc.02/19/201011:15 PM
Kilgore, DonaldUnity Funeral Chapel02/19/201012:00 PM
Ayala, JeremiahMartinez Memorial02/17/20101:30 PM
Shayland, FadoraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/16/20101:30 PM
Lebert, LuthanMoore's Funeral Home02/13/201010:30 AM
Thomas, HelenBenta's Funeral Home02/12/20102:00 PM
Gallagher, Georg-Scillieri Funeral Home02/12/201010:00 AM
Roman, LouisDeLuccia-Lozito Funeral Home02/10/201011:30 AM
Croughan, MatthewVander Plaat Colonial Home02/10/201010:45 AM
Cuccinelli, Josep-DeLuccia Lozito Funeral Home02/09/201011:15 AM
Anderson, AliceMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home02/06/201011:00 AM
Gaff, FrankVan Emburgh Funeral Home02/06/201011:00 AM
Wimberly, EdwardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/05/20102:00 PM
Guevares, AristarcoFamily02/05/201012:00 PM
Van Lenten, Katha-Family02/04/20102:30 PM
Van Lenten, RobertFamily02/04/20102:30 PM
Shaw, JannieJ. Foster Phillips Funeral Home02/04/20101:00 PM
Durand, HortensiaMartinez Memorial02/04/201011:00 AM
Verblaauw, PeterVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial02/04/20102:00 PM
Mondesire, Gwend-McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home02/03/201012:15 PM
Strother, DarcellUnity Funeral Home02/02/201012:15 PM
King, TunisBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/01/201011:45 AM
Merlino, RoccoBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/01/201010:45 AM
Ryan, MichaelAloia Funeral Home01/29/201011:30 AM
Carthee, AnnieGranby's Funeral Home01/29/20101:30 PM
Lee, KjellFamily01/22/2010TBA
McDowell, BerniceCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/19/20102:00 PM
Evans, GladysBrowning Forshay Funeral Home01/18/201011:00 AM
Knight, LouisMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home01/12/20102:00 PM
Hart, LouisFamily01/09/20109:00 AM
Bacon, SandraFlorence E. Browne Funeral Home01/09/201010:45 AM
McDuffie, IdaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/07/20101:15 PM
Lovett, TommyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/05/20101:30 PM
Madison, CharlesOwens Funeral Home01/05/20102:00 PM
Wimberly, LewisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/04/201012:30 PM
Moore, ShirleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/02/201010:30 AM
Barnes, ReneeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/31/20099:00 AM
Galenkamp, BettyVander Plaat Funeral Home12/31/200911:30 AM
LaCout, JuanitaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/30/20099:00 AM
Vanderway, PatriciaMoore's Funeral Home12/30/200910:45 AM
Hanke, DalmaciaBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/29/200912:00 PM
Matterson, LeethaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/26/200910:45 AM
De Vitus, MarieStellato Funeral Home12/23/200911:30 AM
King, HerbertUnity Funeral Chapel12/22/200911:45 AM
Borges, BernardaScillieri Funeral Home12/19/200910:30 AM
Sluis, AnneVander Plaat Funeral Home12/19/200910:15 AM
Mercier, ElizabethVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial12/19/20099:30 AM
Singletary, EdwardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/18/20091:45 PM
Slade, MaryUnity Funeral Chapel12/18/200912:00 AM
Lodema , DorothyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial12/17/200911:15 AM
Simtkins, NancyWilliam G. Miller Funeral Home12/17/20091:00 PM
Barrueco, RuebenLakeview Memorial Home12/14/2009TBA
Grant, WinfordCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/12/200910:45 AM
Calderon, EstebanCushnie-Houston Funeral Home12/12/200910:45 AM
Herrera, LucilaMartinez Funeraria Latina12/12/2009TBA
Lisa, FredericksCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/11/20092:00 PM
Scott, IdaCushnie-Houston Funeral Home12/11/200910:00 AM
Utkin, VictorFamily12/11/200911:00 AM
Andres, ElmaFamily12/11/20099:30 AM
Gilabert, MicheleFamily12/11/20099:30 AM
Andres, WalterFamily12/11/20099:30 AM
Dean , DorothyBrunswick Memorial Home12/10/200910:45 AM
Serio, RobertVander Plaat Memorial Home12/09/200910:45 AM
Coppolino, Carama-Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial12/09/200911:45 AM
Johnson, CurtisCushnie-Houston Funeral Home12/08/200910:00 AM
Johnson, HerbertCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/07/20091:30 PM
McFarlene, AltonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/05/200910:45 AM
Jackson, OraleeUnity Funeral Home12/04/20092:30 PM
Powers, ArthurBenta's Funeral Home12/02/20091:30 PM
Dennis, HowardBenta's Funeral Home12/02/20091:30 PM
Jenkins, JohnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/28/200910:30 AM
Verduin, JennieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/27/20091:00 PM
Van Dyk, BarneyVander Plaat Funeral Home11/27/200912:30 PM
Mimms, HenriettaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/23/200910:00 AM
Bengu, MegiBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/21/200910:00 AM
Ortega, LucinaScillieri Funeral Home11/19/200911:00 AM
Di Pasquale, BennyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home11/18/200911:15 AM
Musayev, Dhavan-Wein & Wein Funeral Chapel11/18/200912:30 PM
Johnson, GeneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/14/20099:00 AM
Coney, LucyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/07/200910:30 AM
Truesdale, RobertR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home11/07/200910:30 AM
Rogers, PatriciaBell Funeral Home11/06/20091:00 PM
Buitrago, GloriaFamily11/06/20099:00 AM
King, KarinMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home11/06/20092:00 PM
Crawford, HenryVander Plaat Colonial Home11/06/200911:15 AM
Wise, WilliamCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home11/05/20099:00 AM
Szkola, MichaelLouis Suburban Chapel11/05/200911:00 AM
Smith, SandraBrowning Forshay Funeral Home11/03/20099:30 AM
Mahony, JudithLevandoski Funeral Home10/31/200911:00 AM
Seifert, RudolphBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/30/200911:00 AM
Turner, FrancesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/30/20092:00 PM
Gonzalez, HermanRivera Funeral Home10/30/20092:00 PM
Baldwin, SchnitaUnity Funeral Home10/29/20092:30 PM
Kersten, PieternellaVander May Funeral Home10/28/200911:30 AM
Garrett, MarieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/26/200911:00 AM
Lebert, MarciaMoore's Funeral Home10/24/200910:30 AM
Mazone, EliseGranby's Funeral Home10/23/200912:30 PM
Butler, DaisyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/22/20092:30 PM
Van Beekum, JohnVander Plaat Funeral Home10/22/200911:15 AM
Witte, EvertBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/21/200911:30 AM
DeBernardo, Patri-Becker Funeral Home10/19/200911:30 AM
Goar, LarryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/19/200911:30 AM
Copper, MattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/19/200911:30 AM
Puglisi, PhilipVander May Funeral Home10/19/20091:00 PM
Greene, JaunitaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/17/20099:45 AM
Smith, JarveyHenry W. Payne Funeral Home10/16/200912:30 PM
Mak, RuthFamily10/15/200911:30 AM
Marroquim, MiguelScillieri Funeral Home10/14/20091:30 PM
Kielmer, LucilleBrowning Forshay Funeral Home10/12/200910:30 AM
Williams, RichardOwens Funeral Home10/12/20092:15 AM
Valbuena, EdiliaBizub-Quinlan Funeral Home10/10/200910:30 AM
Green, PhyllisCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/10/200911:00 AM
Lugo, ZenonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/10/200910:45 AM
Antonicelki, Eliza-Becker Funeral Home10/08/200911:30 AM
Intveld, EdnaOakland Funeral Home10/07/200911:15 AM
Mateo, RuthWoody Funeral Home10/07/200912:00 PM
Lees, HerbertVander May Funeral Home10/05/20091:00 PM
Wilborn, FrankCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/03/20099:00 AM
Gitters, SydneyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/03/200910:30 AM
Brown, KeshawnCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/03/200910:30 AM
Bolling, AlbertGranby's Funeral Home10/03/200910:00 AM
Weigel, HarryVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home10/03/200910:45 AM
Tourse, BlannieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/02/200912:45 PM
Watson Sr., LeroyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home10/02/20091:30 PM
Nelson, RosalindGriffin-Peters Funeral Home10/01/200912:30 PM
Meny, JanetteVander Plaat Colonial Home10/01/20091:00 PM
Romero, ElsaMartinez Funeraria Latina09/29/200910:30 AM
Tanis, RobertVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial09/29/200911:15 AM
Holland, AliceFamily09/25/200911:30 AM
Arroyo, JuanitaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home09/23/200911:00 AM
Stroughn, LaTanyaOrtiz Funeral Home09/22/200911:00 AM
Bernal, JesseScillieri09/19/200910:30 AM
Jefferson, MattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/17/200911:45 AM
Dueltgen, DennisFesta Funeral Home09/17/200911:30 AM
Reed, RobertPorta Coeli San German Funeral09/16/200911:30 AM
Hargrove, DavidOwens Funeral Home09/15/20091:45 PM
Bailly Sr., JulioScillieri Funeral Home09/15/200910:30 AM
De Biaso, AnthonyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home09/14/200911:30 AM
Reed, MattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/12/200910:30 AM
Lighty Jr, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home09/08/20092:00 PM
Coleman, EvelynBarone Funeral Home09/03/200911:00 AM
Gunn, RobertUnity Funeral Chapel09/01/20091:45 PM
Napolitano, FrankVander Plaat Colonial Funeral Home08/31/200911:45 AM
Burt, LindaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/29/200910:45 AM
Cornell, LucyOwens Funeral Home08/29/200910:45 AM
Haffaney, EdwardUnity Funeral Chapel08/29/200910:45 AM
Letizia, BelleVander Plaat Colonial Funeral Home08/29/200911:00 AM
Cattell, GertrudeVander Plaat-Vermeulen Home08/29/200911:00 AM
Johnson Jr., DerrickJames L. Perkins Memorial Chapel08/27/20092:00 PM
Davis, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/26/20099:30 AM
Spalink, JennieVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial08/24/20099:30 AM
Bysterbusch, RyanVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial08/24/200911:45 AM
Bohannon, ElizabethCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/21/200910:00 AM
Kendrick Jr. , HenryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/19/20099:00 AM
De Hann, NellieBrowning Forshay Funeral Home08/15/200910:30 AM
Taylor, JuanitaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/15/200910:45 AM
Vander Meulen, Ja-Vander Plaat Funeral Home08/15/200911:00 AM
Washington, HenryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/13/20099:30 AM
Durlacher, DorisClayton and McGirr Funeral Home08/12/200911:00 AM
Austin, JamesTrumbo Funeral Home08/12/200911:00 AM
Hintz, RichardVander May Funeral Home08/12/200912:00 PM
Warner, MaudieVolk Leber Funeral Home08/11/200911:30 AM
Cristi, LorraineBoulevard Funeral Home08/05/200912:30 PM
Estelle, HarleyNesbitt Funeral Home08/05/200912:45 PM
Cooper, DorothyJeremiah Gaffney Funeral Home08/04/200911:30 PM
Hall, BerylBenta's Funeral Home08/03/20091:00 PM
Clark, RosalindUnity Funeral Chapel08/03/20091:15 PM
Stancil, BenjaminCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home08/01/20099:00 AM
Prommel, PeterAnderson and Campbell Funeral07/28/200911:00 AM
Britt, EllaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/24/200912:45 PM
Miller, HeleneGeorge H. Weldon Funeral Home07/23/200912:30 PM
Thomas, BostonMadonna Funeral Home07/23/20092:15 PM
Potts, BelindaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/22/20091:45 PM
Alexander, JessieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/22/20099:00 AM
Grant, LouisWoodside Funeral Home07/22/200912:30 PM
Padilla, MargaritaScillieri Funeral Home07/21/20091:00 PM
Torres, AngelinoMarrocco Memorial Chapel07/20/200911:00 AM
Santana, TeodoroFamily07/18/200910:00 AM
Adil, TaubaCarnelia Olsten Funeral Home07/15/200912:00 PM
Pinnick, ElizahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/14/20092:00 PM
Adams, JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/14/200910:00 AM
Adams, DorothyUnity Funeral Chapel07/13/20091:30 PM
Haroun, BachirCommunity Funeral Home07/11/200911:00 AM
Jenkins, EloiseBailey's Funeral Home07/10/200911:00 AM
Boyer, HattieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/10/200912:45 PM
Santiago, MarianoLouis Suburban Funeral Home07/09/200912:45 PM
Hardy, JuanitaUnity Funeral Home07/09/200910:45 AM
Davenport, Margar-Newkirk Funeral Home07/08/200911:30 AM
Phillips, HazelKer-Westlund Funeral Home07/07/20091:00 PM
Hampton, OteliaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/06/20091:30 PM
Giovanetti, CarlosLouis Suburban Chapel07/06/200911:45 AM
Oden, JasonCrowes Funeral Home07/03/20091:30 PM
Hermans, NicholasFrench and Rising Funeral Home07/03/200910:00 AM
Gasper, JohnMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home07/03/20091:45 PM
Harris, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home07/01/20099:30 AM
Johnson, FloraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral HOme06/29/200912:45 PM
Stocks, ZhaneMartinez Funeraria Latina06/29/200910:45 AM
Burford, BerniceMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home06/29/20091:00 PM
Mallett, LugeniaUnity Funeral Home06/29/200910:45 AM
Haigler, GeraldineBenta's Funeral Home06/27/200910:00 AM
Dobbs, VincentCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/27/200910:45 AM
Fasolo, IreneVander Plaat Funeral Home06/25/200911:00 AM
Harrison, LaurieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/24/20091:30 PM
Fontalvo, GabrielDella Torre Funeral Home06/24/200911:00 AM
Dixon, RaymondMarion A. Daniels Funeral Home06/24/20092:15 PM
De Vogel, KevinVander Plaat Funeral Home06/24/200912:15 PM
Barber, RoseVander Plaat Colonial Home06/22/200911:30 AM
Kon, MaryBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/19/200910:00 AM
Jackson, HymanCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/19/200912:00 PM
Sanchez, AngelScillieri Funeral Home06/19/200911:30 AM
Steenstra, TanettaVander May Funeral Home06/19/200910:30 AM
Williams, JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/18/20099:00 AM
Slaughter, MiltonEarl I. Jones Funeral Home06/18/20092:30 PM
Tyson, MarieOwens Funeral Home06/18/200910:45 AM
Kelly, GeorgePerry Funeral Home06/18/200912:30 PM
Wolf, AlfredVander Plaat Colonial Home06/18/20092:15 PM
Gonzalez, DarlenyMartinez Funeraria Latina06/17/200911:00 AM
Vroegindewey, Mar-Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial06/17/200911:00 AM
Oliver, RuthBenta's Funeral Home06/16/20092:00 PM
Grant, TwannaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/15/20092:30 PM
Pickett, RoseCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/12/200910:30 AM
Wright, DorothyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/12/20091:45 PM
Keller, ChristineTrumbo Funeral Chapel06/12/200912:45 PM
Reid, BerthaNesbitt Funeral Home06/09/200912:45 PM
Williams, PhillipBenta's Funeral Home06/08/200911:30 AM
Roseborough, Cone-Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/08/200912:30 PM
Fassbender, Hedw-Family06/06/200910:30 AM
Gillestie, Kim-AdeseBenta's Funeral Home06/05/200912:30 PM
Hall, WayneBrowning Forshay Funeral Home06/04/200911:15 AM
Kuiken, EdwardVander May Funeral Home06/04/200911:15 AM
Doot, LucilleVander Plaat Funeral Home06/04/200911:30 AM
Page, ChristineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home06/03/200910:00 AM
Spence, EdwardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/30/20099:30 AM
McClam, DebraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/30/20099:00 AM
Cantie, GraceElizabeth B. Smith Funeral05/29/200912:30 PM
Wilson, DeniseUntiy Funeral Chapel05/29/200912:45 PM
Melnyczuk, OttoBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/28/200912:00 PM
Hintz, EdwardFamily05/27/200911:00 AM
Praileau, WilliamMicheal J. Grant Funeral Home05/27/20091:30 PM
Emelo, JoelynVander Plaat Colonial Funeral Home05/27/20092:30 PM
Logan, Charles H.Family05/23/200911:00 AM
Logan, BeatriceFamily05/23/200911:00 AM
Murray, TiaraVolk Leber Funeral Home05/23/200910:45 AM
Sincavage, StanleyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/22/200910:30 AM
Outlaw, AustinUnity Funeral Chapel05/22/200911:00 AM
Lewis, LeslieVolk Leber Funeral Home05/22/200911:45 AM
Young, EstreanaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/18/200910:00 AM
Stewart, RosellaUnity Funeral Home05/18/20092:30 PM
Johnson, WillieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/16/200910:30 AM
Smith, BarbaraCobbs Funeral Home05/16/20092:00 PM
den Hollander, JonVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial05/16/200911:00 AM
Coley, TimothyeeEarl I. Jones Funeral Home05/15/20099:00 AM
Llwellyn, DaisyBarone Funeral Home05/13/200911:15 AM
Visci, MichaelBrowning Forshay Funeral Home05/13/200912:45 PM
Houston, LeonCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/13/20099:00 AM
Secora, JosephineOlthius Funeral Home05/13/200911:45 AM
Earle, LevoraOwens Funeral Home05/12/200911:00 AM
Butler, AugustaVander Plaat Memorial Home05/12/200912:00 PM
Hinton, SallieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/09/20099:00 AM
Green, BrendaOwens Funeral Home05/08/200911:00 AM
Gonzalez, JessyAmsterdam Memorial Chapel05/05/200911:00 AM
Smith, AllieCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/05/20091:45 PM
Nelson, EleanoraGranby's Funeral Home05/05/200911:00 AM
Martinez, JorgeDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home05/04/200911:00 AM
Kelly, AndrewCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/02/200910:30 AM
Shipp, LauraCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home05/02/20099:00 AM
Porter, HowardChilds Funeral Home05/01/200910:30 AM
Coleman, PhilipGriffin-Peters Funeral Home05/01/200910:45 AM
Schlachman, JuneBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/30/200910:45 AM
Farraye, JoanBrowning Forshay Funeral Home04/29/200911:15 AM
Edwards, SilasUnity Funeral Home04/29/20092:00 PM
Brantley, DockMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home04/28/200912:45 PM
Valencia, GlenD'Agostino Funeral Home04/27/200911:15 AM
Scott, HarryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/25/200910:30 AM
Schoonderbeck, Ja-Scanlan Funeral Home04/24/200911:15 AM
Green, Estelle T.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/23/20099:00 AM
Stroughn, LeonardAlphonso Brown Corporation04/22/20091:15 PM
Brown, AnitaRoy L. Gilmore Funeral Home04/22/200911:30 AM
Nesbitt, DoloresBenta's Funeral Home04/21/200911:00 AM
Meima, NancyVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial04/20/20099:00 AM
Giuliana, AmeliaScilleri Funeral Home04/18/200910:45 AM
Franklin, Ka'MauriCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/17/200911:45 AM
Escobales, VictorMartinez Funeraria Latina04/15/200911:15 AM
Walton Sr., AndreCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/11/20099:00 AM
Robertson, GerardCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/11/200910:30 AM
Del Rio, AdrianFamily04/11/200910:30 AM
Francis, George G.Family04/11/200910:00 AM
Miller, HelenVander Plaat Funeral Home04/11/200911:00 AM
Mosley, KeshondaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/10/20092:00 PM
Ivy, AliciaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/09/20099:00 AM
Van Haste, GenevaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial04/09/200910:30 AM
Wiltshire, HildoraCobbs Funeral Home04/07/200912:00 PM
Lacuira, JoanFamily04/07/200911:00 AM
Sass, PanthieVander Plaat Memorial Home04/07/20091:00 PM
Montford, VerdelyiaBenta's Funeral Home04/06/20091:00 PM
Crosby, JadaR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home04/06/200911:00 AM
Koukos, ChristosVander Plaat Funeral Home04/06/200912:15 PM
Brown, SpencerCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/04/200910:00 AM
Brown, MargaretCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home04/04/200910:00 AM
Currie, MarionCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/31/20099:30 AM
McNamara, JamesFamily03/31/200911:00 AM
Garrison, JamarCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/30/20099:00 AM
Rodriguez, MaribelAlvarez Funeral Home03/27/20091:15 PM
James, CarlisleBailey's Funeral Home03/27/200912:30 AM
Wall, CurtisBenta's Funeral Home03/27/200911:00 AM
Heyman, Mary G.Eternity Funeral Home03/27/200911:30 AM
Dickey, NathanFamily03/27/200911:00 AM
Abel, Johanna M.Petrik Funeral Home03/26/200911:00 AM
Cunningham, LeslieNesbitt Funeral Home03/25/20091:45 PM
Lewis, JenniferFrank R. Bell Funeral Home03/24/200912:30 PM
McDonald, GloriaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/21/200910:45 AM
Bonner, EugeneCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/21/200910:00 AM
Nordskog, AnneScillieri Funeral Home03/19/200911:00 AM
Growney, MinnieVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial03/19/20091:00 PM
Hill, Rev. WilliamCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/18/200910:00 AM
Rietveld, CorneliusVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial03/17/200911:00 AM
Boyd, MarieH.T. McCall's Funeral Home03/14/200910:15 AM
Newman, MargaretNesbitt Funeral Home03/14/200910:45 AM
De Roo, HildaVander Plaat Funeral Home03/12/200911:00 PM
Braithwaite, EthnieBenta's Funeral Home03/09/200911:30 AM
Weigers, Henry E.Buma Funeral Home03/09/20092:00 PM
Jacobs, Clady MaeCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/07/200910:30 AM
Parker, NathanielR.G. Ortiz Funeral Home03/07/200910:55 AM
Scott, FrancesMcCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home03/06/200911:30 AM
Bailey, JenniferBenta's Funeral Home03/04/20091:30 PM
Lewis, RonchellaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home03/04/200910:00 AM
Guzman, Elias S.Martinez's Funeraria Latina03/04/200910:00 AM
Youngsman, JohnVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial03/02/200911:45 AM
DeJong, GarretBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/28/20099:45 AM
Farrell III, William P.Vander Plaat Colonial Funeral Home02/27/200910:45 AM
Johnson, LenwardDavid Davis Jr. and Sons Home02/26/200910:30 AM
Carr, JaunitaUnity Funeral Chapel02/26/20091:45 PM
Reitsma, HildaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial02/26/200910:45 AM
Rivas, JulianahFesta Funeral Home02/25/200910:15 AM
Hook, SophiaVander May Funeral Home02/21/200911:00 AM
Dicks, DatrellCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/20/20091:30 PM
Riley, GloriaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/20/20091:45 PM
Muus, GertrudeVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial02/20/20092:45 PM
Nywening, MargaretBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/18/200912:45 PM
Bynum, BerthaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/18/20091:30 PM
Brisby, JuliaLee O. Wood Funeral Home02/18/20091:15 PM
DeGraff, Mary G.Barnes Funeral Home02/17/200911:00 AM
Grier, EvaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/17/20092:00 PM
Israel, William L.Eternity Funeral Service02/17/20092:45 AM
Samuels, GermettCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/14/200910:30 AM
Veal Sr., HaroldCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/14/20099:00 AM
Shannon, SarahCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/13/20099:30 AM
Baldwin, MaryCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/13/20099:00 AM
Ackershoek, Leona-Vander May Funeral Home02/13/200912:15 PM
Albright, BlancheFesta Funeral Home02/12/200910:30 AM
Hogerhaus, SidneyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home02/09/200911:30 AM
Dixon, TalmanEternity Funeral Service02/09/20091:15 PM
Barrow, DoloresGranby's Funeral Service02/09/20092:00 PM
Elzinga, AliceVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial02/09/200911:00 AM
Sneed, Edna M.Granby's Funeral Service02/07/200911:00 AM
McKienzie, RobertLaGarde Funeral Home02/06/20093:00 PM
Greydanus, SamuelVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial02/05/200911:45 AM
Blackwell, StanleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home02/03/20099:30 AM
Matulewicz, RobertDella Torre Funeral Home02/02/200910:45 AM
Medina, AneurisMartinez's Funeraria Latina02/02/200911:30 AM
McClurkin, Richar-Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/31/20099:00 AM
Ten Kate, JamesVander Plaat Funeral Home01/29/200911:30 AM
Gower, Glenn D.Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial01/28/200911:00 AM
Dixon-Llano, CarolCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/26/20099:00 AM
Capwell, Milton A.Vander Plaat Colonial Home01/26/200912:30 AM
Cingale, FrancesAllwood Funeral Home01/21/200912:15 PM
Chalas, CruzMartinez's Funeraria Latina01/21/200910:45 AM
Smith, GeraldineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/17/20099:00 AM
Reaves, AliceUnity Funeral Chapel01/16/20091:30 PM
Mena, MariaAlvarez Funeral Home01/12/200911:30 AM
Motley, Jr., JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/10/200910:45 AM
Balek, MaryD'Agostino Funeral Home01/09/200910:30 AM
Hiers, LaVerneGranby's Funeral Service01/09/20091:30 PM
Carlisle, SadieBailey's Funeral Home01/08/20091:30 PM
Roberson, JosephCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/08/20091:30 PM
Barbieri, MarianVander Plaat Colonial Home01/08/200912:30 PM
Franklin, MaxineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/05/20091:30 PM
Jones, CatherineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/03/20099:00 AM
Suggs, FrancesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home01/03/20099:00 AM
Stewart, KatherineUnity Funeral Home01/03/200910:45 AM
Lachner, OlgaMoore's Funeral Home01/02/200910:00 AM
Foy Jr., WebsterUnity Funeral Home01/02/200912:00 PM
Vogel, MaeVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial01/02/200912:30 AM
Sellers, LucyBailey's Funeral Home12/31/200811:30 AM
Hand, EllaCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/31/20089:00 AM
Nelson, RoniUnity Funeral Home12/31/200812:45 PM
Long, ElradoCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/30/20082:30 PM
Blanco, ElvisMartinez's Funeraria Latina12/30/200810:00 AM
Williams, MarionBragg Funeral Home12/29/20082:00 PM
Wilson, LeroyBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/27/200810:00 AM
Driscoll, JuneVander Plaat Colonial Memorial12/24/200810:30 AM
Firerson, Ethel L.Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/23/200811:45 AM
Morgan, AnneFamily12/23/200811:30 AM
Saunders, DudleyCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/22/20082:00 PM
Ivy Sr., Rev. JamesCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/22/20089:30 AM
Johnson, EvelynTrumbo Funeral Chapel12/20/200810:00 AM
Zuidema, Robert J.Vander Plaat Memorial Home12/19/200811:45 AM
Patrick, FlorenceAmsterdam Memorial Home12/18/20081:30 PM
Morgan, CatherineMack Memorial Home12/18/200811:45 AM
Williams, MichaelUnity Funeral Chapel12/18/200811:00 AM
Tamboer, CorneliaVander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial12/17/200810:45 AM
Pendlebury, RogerBrowning Forshay Funeral Home12/16/200812:15 PM
Williams, CarolineCarnie P. Bragg Funeral Home12/15/200811:30 AM
Livi, IreneD'Agostino Funeral Home01/09/200810:30 AM
Cottrol, RobertBenta's Funeral Home12/16/20021:15 PM
Vander Plaat, JanetVander Plaat Memorial Home
George, BennettCarnie P. Bragg Funeral HomeTBATBA
Brown, MichaelDavid Davis Jr. and Sons HomeTBATBA
Morales, WilfredoFamilyTBATBA
Garrison, JohnFamilyTBA10:00 AM
Stemmle, FrederickZaagman Memorial ChapelTBATBA