Rules & Regulations

  • No balloons
  • No artificial flowers/decorations
  • No plantings in flush marker sections
  • No vigil/eternal lights
  • No glass anywhere
  • Bicycles and mopeds are not permitted
  • Pets are not permitted
  • Picnics are not permitted
  • Rubbish Boxes are provided and all garbage should be placed in them
  • Fences, edgings, mulch and decorative stone are not permitted
  • Unsightly flowers will be removed by the Cemetery
  • Unsightly objects placed on graves which may be detrimental to the Cemetery appearance will be removed without notice
  • Trees and shrubs are not permitted on lots
  • Flowers and plants, where permitted, are only permitted 12” in front of marker
  • Winter grave covers permitted from Thanksgiving until January 2nd
  • Monument work must be approved by the Cemetery and installed on foundations built by Cemetery
  • Lots are sold for burial of human dead only
  • 24 hours notice should be given to the Cemetery Office for interments
  • After the death of a lot owner, ownership of the plot depends on the New Jersey Law or a Will
  • Perpetual care funds are for the general care of the Cemetery and not to be used for cleaning off markers


  • Flowers permitted in designated areas only.
  • Funeral flowers are permitted; will be removed 24 hours after inurnment.
  • Flags permitted in designated flower area.
  • Sandblasted inscriptions must uniform in type and style, arranged through cemetery at niche owners expense.
  • No symbols or ornamentation permitted on niche front.
  • Niches for human cremains only.
  • Written consent required for inurnment from niche owner or heir-at-law.
  • Twenty-four hour notice should be given for inurnment.
  • Cemetery is not liable for loss or damage due to theft, vandalism or acts of nature.

Flat/Flush Marker Sites

  • Fresh cut flowers must be placed in flower cones in front of markers
  • No bushes or other plantings in ground
  • No dirt in flower cones
  • No artificial flowers
  • No mulch or stones
  • No fences

Slant Marker and Monument Sites

  • Place flowers in front of marker, up to 12″ in front of stone
  • Seasonal flowers only
  • No permanent plantings or bushes
  • No plantings next to or in between markers
  • No mulch or stones
  • No fences

Info for Funeral Directors

  • All Burial Site Owners must sign for an interment.
  • As a Funeral Director you are signing as a witness, the Lot Owner of a Burial Site is in your presence or you have written notarized permission from the Lot Owner.
  • If there is only one Burial Site Owner and they are being interred, then another family member may sign. However, future interment may only be opened according by Will. If there is no Will, according to New Jersey Estate Law.
  • A Confirmation Form must be signed and faxed to our Office for an Interment Order to be placed. NO Interment Order will be processed without a signed
    Confirmation Form.
  • No personal Checks or Credit Card