There are plenty of options you can think through when you are arranging a loved one’s funeral and subsequent burial service at cemeteries in Paramus, NJ. After the funeral is ready to go, consider what you want to do at the shorter burial service. You might have someone say a few words or even do some kind of reading. What reading would be meaningful? Here are some things to consider.


Consider Religious Beliefs

If your loved one believed in God and read their Bible faithfully, it makes sense to choose a reading from scripture. There are verses about hope, love, peace, and plenty of other things they might find suitable and you see as fitting for this time. On the other hand, if they weren’t religious, you might want to steer clear of scripture readings at their burial.


Consider Their Interest/Hobbies

Most people have hobbies and interests that make them who they are. If your loved one adored certain things in their life, you may want to find a reading that fits that hobby or perhaps brings it to light. There are poems, short stories, and other such things about any topic these days. You just have to find things and make the decisions. It can take a little time and effort, but once you share it at the service, it will be worth it.


Consider The Tone

You are going to want to fit the reading to the style and tone of the overall service you are having. Most of the time, it’s sad and somber. You may not want to read something light-hearted if you want to honor your loved one’s life by mourning their death. On the other hand, if you want a casual feeling, you might read something a little more humorous that brings out a certain side of their personality and presents it to the group there honoring them.


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Look Through Common Readings

If you aren’t sure what to do, the cemetery and the funeral home can hand over common things that people often read at funerals. That might allow you to find something suitable that fits well without going too far or looking too hard. Or, it might spark an idea in you that can help you to find something unique that fits your loved one.


Check Your Loved One’s Home For Marked Pages

You likely have access to your loved one’s home and perhaps you have spent some time there already, looking through some of their things and remembering them. Maybe they have a book of poems with something marked or their Bible has some highlighting in it. That can help you to understand things they appreciated and find a reading that they definitely would have liked.

When you are working with cemeteries in Paramus, NJ, there are certain things you need to get into place to secure your loved one’s burial plot and services. But you also want to think about what to do at the service, and the professionals can always help.

When selecting a meaningful reading for a cemetery service, Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery & Mausoleum is here to provide the support and guidance you need. Our dedicated team can assist you in choosing or creating unique tributes. Reach out to us for help honoring your loved one’s memory in a truly special way.