Discover the serenity of Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery & Mausoleum, your destination for cemeteries in Township of Washington, NJ. Our tranquil grounds in the heart of the Township of Washington provide a place of solace and remembrance, where you can find comfort and peace as you pay tribute to your loved ones. With a deep commitment to preserving the memories of those who have passed, our cemetery and mausoleum offer a range of burial options and services designed to honor the unique lives of each individual.

Township Of Washington, NJ Cemeteries

A Place of Comfort and Remembrance

Our infant and child Cemeteries are carefully designed to be places of comfort, peace, and remembrance. These serene grounds offer a tranquil environment where families can find solace and connect with their little angels. We understand that the loss of a child is a unique and deeply emotional experience, and our cemeteries are thoughtfully created to provide a safe space for parents, family members, and friends to come together and remember the precious lives that have touched their hearts.

A Symbol of Love and Compassion

Each section of our infant and child cemeteries symbolizes love, compassion, and support. The surroundings are adorned with gardens, memorial benches, and other thoughtful features that add to the overall atmosphere of tenderness and care. We believe that every child, no matter how brief their time with us, deserves a special place where their memory can be cherished.

Dedicated Services and Support

At the infant and child cemeteries in the Township of Washington, NJ, we offer dedicated services to assist grieving families during difficult times. Our compassionate staff is here to help you with the burial arrangements and provide support for memorial services, allowing you to focus on the healing process. We understand that each family’s needs are unique, and we are committed to accommodating your wishes and preferences.

Honoring Precious Lives

Our infant and child cemeteries serve as a place of remembrance for those who left us in their earliest days or childhood. These sacred grounds offer families a lasting connection to their young loved ones, a place to visit and reflect, and an opportunity to keep their memories alive.

In the Township of Washington, NJ, our infant and child cemeteries stand as a testament to the enduring love and commitment we hold for the youngest members of our community. We are here to provide comfort, support, and a lasting tribute to the lives that have touched our hearts so profoundly.

Thoughtful Pre-Need Planning for Infant and Child Cemeteries


Thoughtful Pre-Need Planning for Infant and Child Cemeteries in Township of Washington, NJ

The loss of a child is a challenging experience, and the emotional toll it takes on families is immeasurable. During these difficult times, pre-need planning for infant and child cemeteries can be a thoughtful and compassionate way to ease the burden on grieving families. By addressing these important decisions in advance, you can provide comfort and peace of mind during an emotionally tumultuous period.


Why Pre-Need Planning Matters

  1. Emotional Relief: Pre-need planning allows parents and families to make important decisions about their child’s final resting place without the added stress of making those choices during a time of grief. This can provide immense emotional relief and help in the healing process.
  2. Financial Planning: Funerals and burials can come with significant costs. By planning, you can lock in current prices, potentially saving money and avoiding future financial stress during a challenging time.
  3. Personalization: Pre-need planning enables you to make choices that truly reflect your child’s unique personality and the family’s wishes. This can include selecting the burial site, memorial markers, and other personal touches that honor your child’s memory.


Steps for Thoughtful Pre-Need Planning

  1. Research and Visit: Research infant and child cemeteries in your area. Visit the sites to get a sense of the atmosphere and options available. It’s crucial to choose a place that resonates with you and your family’s values.
  2. Meet with a Counselor: Speak with a cemetery counselor who specializes in infant and child pre-need planning. They can guide you through the process, explain your options, and answer any questions.
  3. Select a Burial Option: You must decide between options such as traditional burial, mausoleum entombment, or cremation. Each family’s choice will be unique, so select the option that aligns with your values and preferences.
  4. Choose Personalization: Discuss how you’d like to personalize the resting place. This can include selecting a specific location, choosing a memorial marker, or considering additional features like flowers and benches.
  5. Review and Document: Carefully review all the decisions you’ve made and ensure they are documented. Keep copies of the documentation with your vital records and share the information with trusted family members or an attorney.
  6. Communicate Your Wishes: It’s essential to share your pre-need plan with your family and loved ones, so they know your wishes. This will help ensure your decisions are respected when the time comes.


Final Thoughts

Pre-need planning for infant and child cemeteries is a thoughtful and caring way to provide peace and comfort to your family during a tough time. By addressing these important decisions in advance, you can make the grieving process more manageable, both emotionally and financially. Your child’s memory will be honored with a beautiful and meaningful resting place, chosen with love and consideration. Feel free to contact us at (201) 796-1485.