Since 1894, Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery & Mausoleum has remained under family ownership, priding itself on offering ease and professionalism to families during their difficult times. The beautifully maintained 30-acre grounds provide a tranquil final resting place. Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery & Mausoleum provides mausoleum options for casket entombment and cremation inurnment. Outdoor and indoor crypts and niches are available crypts for caskets and niches for ashes. Our ground burial sites, including cemeteries in Saddle Brook, NJ, are available for the interment of cremated remains as well. Our caring staff is committed to delivering the understanding and respect that your family and loved ones rightly deserve. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (201) 796-1485.

Saddle Brook, NJ Cemeteries

Choosing a cemetery is a deeply personal and significant decision, and it’s one that many people prefer to plan ahead of time. Saddle Brook, offers several beautiful cemeteries, each with unique features and atmosphere. In this guide, we will explore the factors to consider when selecting cemeteries in Saddle Brook, NJ, to help you find the perfect resting place for yourself or a loved one.

  1. The Location and Accessibility

    When embarking on the journey of selecting a cemetery, the significance of the location cannot be overstated. It is often the cornerstone of your decision-making process, serving as a crucial factor that defines accessibility for you and your loved ones. The cemetery’s location should be not only convenient but also emotionally resonant, providing a place of reprieve for family and friends to visit. The proximity to your home, as well as its accessibility from major roads and highways, ensures that reaching the cemetery is a straightforward and stress-free experience, especially during emotionally challenging times.

    Adequate parking facilities can further enhance the ease of visitation, accommodating all who come to pay their respects, making it possible to gather family and friends, and ensuring that no logistical concerns overshadow the moment’s importance. Striking the perfect balance between a peaceful and accessible setting, the cemetery’s location is the foundation upon which all other considerations for the final resting place are built, making it a decision that carries profound significance in the pre-planning process.

  2. Personalization and Customization

    The canvas of a cemetery is not just a static landscape; it’s a living tapestry of memories and legacies. When contemplating your choice of a cemetery, delve into the exciting realm of personalization and customization, where you can infuse your burial plot and memorials with your unique story. Not all cemeteries offer the same level of flexibility, so it’s crucial to consider how you envision personalizing the space. Some cemeteries may have restrictions on monument styles, ranging from classic and understated to ornate and elaborate, reflecting a range of tastes and traditions. Inscriptions hold a special place in personalization, offering a space to convey meaningful messages, quotes, or even a brief biography that encapsulates a loved one’s essence. As for decorative elements, the possibilities are boundless, from religious symbols and emblems of military service to ornamental designs that speak to a person’s hobbies or passions.

  3. Pricing and Costs

    Cost is undeniably a pivotal factor when choosing the proper cemetery in Saddle Brook, NJ. It’s a consideration that transcends mere budgeting; it is about ensuring you make a decision that aligns with your financial capabilities and long-term objectives. Cemeteries come in various pricing structures, and understanding these structures is crucial in making an informed choice. Begin by requesting a comprehensive price list from your chosen cemetery, which should clarify the costs associated with burial plots, mausoleums, and additional services. Beyond the initial purchase, it’s essential to consider the long-term financial implications of your choice. Maintenance fees, for instance, play a role in preserving the beauty and tranquility of the cemetery and can impact your financial commitment over the years. Opening and closing fees are another financial aspect to explore, as they ensure the proper handling and care during the burial process.


Burial Options for Cemeteries in Saddle Brook, NJ

Cemeteries in Saddle Brook, NJ, open the door to a diverse array of burial options, allowing you to craft a significant and personalized final resting place. When it comes to traditional burials, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination and family traditions. You can opt for single burial plots, creating an individual space where a loved one finds their eternal reprieve, or consider double burial plots for couples who wish to remain together in the afterlife. The availability of family plots provides a cherished space for generations to rest side by side, fostering a sense of enduring unity within the family tree. And for those who appreciate the elegance of an above-ground burial, lawn crypts offer a private and stately choice. These crypts blend seamlessly with the landscape, preserving the natural beauty of the cemetery while providing a lasting tribute to those interred within.


Mausoleums are another compelling option within cemeteries, providing above-ground resting places that carry an air of grandeur and significance. The choice between private or shared mausoleums adds an extra layer of personalization. Private mausoleums create a sanctuary dedicated exclusively to your family, offering an intimate setting to reflect and connect with your loved ones. Shared mausoleums, on the other hand, allow you to become part of a community, sharing a magnificent structure with other families who have also chosen this path of remembrance.


Choose Our Heartfelt Cemetery

In your quest to discover the ideal resting place among the cemeteries in Saddle Brook, NJ, we trust that you will encounter a sanctuary of enduring significance for your cherished ones. Our unwavering dedication to preserving the legacies and memories of those who rest here is the cornerstone of our service. Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery & Mausoleum takes pride in offering various interment options that reflect your unique preferences and traditions. Contact us at (201) 796-1485 and let us help you through this difficult time.


Cemetery FAQs

  • Can I personalize the burial site with flowers, flags, or other items?
    • Yes, you can typically personalize a burial site with flowers, flags, or other items in many cemeteries. However, most cemeteries have specific guidelines and regulations regarding the types and placement of these decorations. To understand the rules for personalization at a particular cemetery, it’s recommended to contact the cemetery administration for their specific guidelines.
  • Are there any restrictions on the choice of coffin or casket?
    • Cemeteries often have specific requirements or guidelines for the type of coffin or casket that can be used, including details about materials, size, and construction. To ensure you adhere to their policies, it’s advisable to contact the cemetery administration for information on any cemetery restrictions regarding your choice of coffin or casket.
  • Can cremated remains be interred in a cemetery?
    • Yes, cremated remains can often be interred in a cemetery. Cemeteries typically offer various options for the interment of ashes, such as in cremation plots, niches, or columbaria. The specific choices and availability may vary by cemetery, so it’s advisable to contact the cemetery administration for more information on their offerings and guidelines.