With a heritage dating back to 1894, Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery & Mausoleum remains a family-owned establishment. Our commitment lies in providing families with ease and professionalism during trying times. The impeccably groomed 30-acre grounds serve as a serene final resting place. Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery & Mausoleum offers mausoleum options for casket entombment and cremation inurnment. Choose from outdoor and indoor crypts and niches. Crypts for caskets, niches for ashes. Our ground burial sites are also available for the interment of cremated remains. If you’re looking for cemeteries in Paterson, NJ, our devoted team is here to extend the understanding and reverence your family and loved ones deserve. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at (201) 796-1485.

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Why Pre-Need Planning Matters:

  1. Relieve Your Loved Ones: The passing of a loved one is an emotionally taxing experience that can be further compounded by the burdens of making critical decisions during a period of grief and loss. Pre-need planning allows you to alleviate this emotional weight from your family’s shoulders. By making well-considered choices about your final resting place in advance, you provide your family with a clear roadmap, sparing them from the added stress and uncertainty that often accompanies such decisions in mourning. It’s a compassionate act that allows your loved ones to focus on the healing process and find solace in their memories rather than grappling with complex choices. In doing so, you ensure that the period following your passing is marked by support, comfort, and the opportunity for your family to come together and celebrate your life rather than being burdened with practical matters. Pre-need planning becomes an enduring gift of love and consideration, offering your family the peace of mind they deserve during a challenging time.
  1. Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored: Pre-need planning empowers you to weave the tapestry of your legacy by expressing your preferences in intricate detail. Whether it’s the choice between a traditional in-ground burial or an above-ground mausoleum resting place, the type of memorial service that resonates with your beliefs and values, or the personalized touches that reflect your personality and passions, pre-need planning offers a canvas that you use to create a detailed image ofyour final arrangements. This level of detail ensures that your final wishes are heard and upheld with the utmost care and precision. It provides you with the assurance that your life’s story, values, and unique spirit will be celebrated, honored, and preserved as you intended. It’s a legacy of love and consideration that extends far beyond your passing, resonating through the memories of those who hold you dear. By taking these thoughtful steps, you offer your loved ones the enduring gift of clarity, allowing them to find solace in knowing they have carried out your final wishes with precision and love. Pre-need planning is profound love that transcends time, ensuring that your legacy lives on in the most meaningful and heartfelt way.
  1. Financial Considerations: While pre-need planning is deeply rooted in the desire to make emotional decisions easier for your loved ones, it also carries practical financial benefits. One of the most compelling advantages is the ability to lock in the cost of cemetery services in Paterson, NJ, at today’s prices. As we all know, over time, costs tend to rise, and this holds for cemetery services as well. By pre-funding your arrangements, you not only shield your family from potential future price increases but also secure the services you desire at a fixed cost. This act of financial prudence can potentially lead to substantial savings in the long run, making pre-need planning a fiscally responsible choice. It not only relieves your family from the emotional burden of making costly decisions during their time of grief but also ensures that they are not faced with unexpected financial stress. In this way, pre-need planning becomes a comprehensive act of love and consideration, safeguarding your loved one’s emotional and financial well-being in a time of need. It’s a forward-thinking decision demonstrating your commitment to their welfare, providing them with peace of mind and a stable financial foundation as they navigate the challenging period following your passing.


Steps in the Pre-need Planning Process for Cemeteries in Paterson, NJ:

  1. Choose Your Cemetery: The first step in pre-need planning is selecting the cemetery that resonates with your values, traditions, and preferences. You can access a range of cemeteries in Paterson, NJ, each offering unique features and atmospheres. Consider factors like location, type of cemetery (traditional, green, or cremation), and the services they provide.
  2. Select Your Burial Type: Decide whether you prefer traditional in-ground burial, above-ground burial in a mausoleum, or interment in a cremation garden. Personal, religious, or cultural considerations may influence your choice.
  3. Plan Memorial Services: Determine the type of memorial or funeral service you desire. This includes selecting whether you want a religious or non-religious ceremony, specific readings, music, and other elements that reflect your beliefs and values.
  4. Personalize Your Memorial Space: Explore the options for personalizing your burial plot or niche. This can include choosing the style of headstone or marker, inscriptions, and decorative elements that reflect your personality, hobbies, or interests.
  5. Legal and Financial Considerations: Ensure all legal aspects are addressed, including the purchase of a burial plot and the completion of necessary documentation. Discuss financial considerations, including pre-funding options and payment plans.
  6. Discuss Your Wishes: Openly communicate your pre-need plan with your family members. Ensure they are aware of your decisions and have access to the relevant documents. This transparency can prevent misunderstandings and disputes in the future.


As you explore the thoughtful path of pre-need planning for cemeteries in Paterson, NJ, we invite you to consider Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery & Mausoleum as your partner in this important journey. Our commitment to preserving your memories, accommodating your unique preferences, and providing compassionate service is a testament to our dedication to your family. With us, you can secure a tranquil and meaningful resting place that reflects your wishes and values. Whether you seek solace or a place of contemplation, we stand ready to assist you with care and respect. To begin this journey of preparation, please get in touch with us at (201) 796-1485.


Cemetery FAQs

  • Is the cemetery open to the public, and are there any entrance fees?
    • Cemeteries often vary in their public access policies. Many cemeteries are open to the public, allowing visitors to pay their respects or explore the grounds. Whether there are entrance fees, visiting hours, or any specific restrictions can differ from one cemetery to another, so it’s recommended to contact the cemetery administration or check their website for details on public access and any associated fees.
  • Can I pre-purchase a mausoleum space in advance?
    • Yes, you can often pre-purchase a mausoleum space in advance at many cemeteries. This allows you to secure a preferred location for your final resting place and make arrangements for the future. To do so, you should contact the cemetery’s administration to inquire about the process, available options, and associated costs.
  • How long does it take to have a headstone installed on a grave?
    • The time it takes to have a headstone installed on a grave can vary depending on factors such as the cemetery’s policies, the type of headstone chosen, and the workload of the monument company. Typically, the process can take several weeks to a few months. It’s advisable to inquire with the cemetery or monument provider for a more precise estimate based on your specific requirements.